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4 Tips For Designing Your House The Japanese Way

More and more people adopt the Japanese style of decoration and furnishing in their houses. It is not really that strange considering how Japanese design looks and how much peaceful it makes you feel. Not only does Japanese style look better but it also tranquilizes your senses and lifts your stress. There are some things you can do to give your house a Japanese look. Here are some of them:

1- Use bright colors. Paint your walls with light neutral colors. Bright colors make your room look spacious and give it that needed touch to establish a Japanese style. Yellow, white and their shades are the most common colors used in a Japanese room.

2- Use a futon instead of beds. Futons are a type of mattress that can be folded and put away when you do not need them. They are easy to clean and air, they save space, and they – regarding our concern- give a realistic feeling of Japanese decor. They are also healthy (scientists have proved that using futons for sleep reduces back problems).

3- Simplicity is the key, so go for simple designs and avoid complicated patterns. Japenese furniture does not have extravagant decorations or bold flowery colors. So avoid those if you are opting for a Japanese look. The less details the better.

4- Light is your friend, so use whatever tools you could afford to get as much light as possible. The most evident tool you have is windows. Another tool is sheer light colored curtains. Colors are also a handy tool because light colors reflect natural light.

5- Lines are a prominent features of Japanese design. Didn’t you notice how Japanese sliding doors have crossed lines? They also use tatami mattresses instead of carpets. They are small mattresses put beside each others to cover the floor thus providing your floor with many lines.

Japanese style is gorgeous and relaxing. Decorating your house in Japanese style will make your rooms more simple and spacious. Your guests will love the new design and you will enjoy the air of tranquility in your family.


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