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5 Key Considerations When Decorating Your Vacation Property

2020 has been a full-on year, with a global pandemic, political and economic uncertainty, natural disasters, stay-at-home orders, and more. As such, you might be hanging out for the time when you can escape to your vacation home or, perhaps, buy such a property. If so, you want the home to give the right vibe for its purpose and make you breathe more and relax as soon as you enter. Here are five key considerations for you as you decorate the place to feel like the perfect spot to escape to.

1 Design Based on Usage

Think about how you’ll use your vacation property, so you can design it to suit your usage. For example, is this a place that only you and your family and close friends will use, or do you plan to rent it out to people part or all of the year? If you’ll rent the home for periods to those you don’t know, steer clear of decorating with too many personal touches. Potentially choose less expensive products, too. When goods will get a lot of wear and tear from other people, it’s common to opt for more middle-of-the-range goods that can be replaced more often, as needed. Do note, though, that if you want to advertise the property as a luxury vacation rental and charge high rent to match, you can afford to go higher-end with your décor.

2 Consider The Property’s Location

Another consideration as you think about how to set up your property is where it’s located. A home’s area affects the look and the feel you likely want to go for when fitting it out. For example, if you own a place near the beach, you may want to decorate with a light color palette that features shades of blues and greens, sand tones, or even a lot of white. On the other hand, if your property sits in the mountains where it snows a lot and the temperature drops, you’ll probably be more interested in designing with darker, moodier tones that convey a sense of coziness. For instance, you may want to choose wood paneling and wooden furniture, deep paint colors, and soft, thick, warming fabrics.

3 Keep the Home Casual

Unless you have a specific reason to dress up your vacation home in a formal way, the likelihood is that you’ll want to keep the décor relaxed and casual. After all, a holiday spot is where you and others go to chill out, feel at home, and not have to worry about lots of upkeep or the chance of breakages.

When designing the fit-out, avoid hard-to-clean furniture, fixtures, and fittings, or fragile pieces. Make the home as user-friendly as possible, with hard-wearing flooring and solid, quality décor. This consideration is particularly vital if you know that young children or pets will be staying at the house often, or if you will be letting it out to those you don’t know (and whose care you can’t be sure of).

4 Make Sure You Have Comfy Mattresses

When on vacation, a crucial element of a memorable stay is resting and recuperating well. To make this outcome more likely, set up your property with comfy mattresses in every bedroom, so a deep night’s sleep is possible.

Whether you and your family and friends will be using these products or strangers you rent the place out to will be, you need a new sustainable mattress made from breathable materials in every space to guarantee rest. Invest in quality mattresses for any sofa beds in the home, too. Plus, increase comfort by adding plush mattress protectors throughout.

5 Decorate the Home with Some Little Luxuries

Lastly, pay attention to all the little extras you add to your vacation property. Every place, including those only used part-time, warrant being filled with luxuries that turn a property into a welcoming home. Help everyone who stays to feel spoiled and like they’re escaping from “normal” life by adding indulgent extras such as plush towels, quality bed linen, aromatic candles and diffusers, and pretty accent pillows and area rugs. Bring in your preferred soaps and other toiletries, coffee beans and machines and other kitchen necessities, and fresh flowers, etc. Also, decorate the home with artwork that adds more flair to each room and has meaning or suits the property’s location.

There’s no point owning a vacation house if you’re not going to kit it out with everything you need to want to go there, time after time. Consider all the above factors when decorating, and you’re sure to create somewhere you won’t want to leave.

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