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Take the most advantages of your open plan living room

Over the recent years and with the bad economic climate, the people homes become so narrow. So that they may feel so limited in their narrow apartment but with a wise decoration they can take the most of their open areas.

The one of the most important areas at home is the living room where you need to feel comfortable and enjoyable. The open plan living room is not difficult to be decorated anymore as practical and stylish place. With simple few tips, you can make the most of your living room in an elegant functional way.

First of all, you have to decide what you need your living room to be for; is it just for gathering with the family? Or it is supposed to be a multi-purpose place. After this decision, you need to set the color scheme for your living wall and items. The bright light colors are preferable for the wall like light blue or green. Then the ceiling has to be brighter than the basic colors of the wall or maybe you go for the white ceiling if you have moldings.

The next step is to divide your area as the functions you need. You may use your living as a place to relax, watch TV, and chat with family and also to study or read. So you may opt for a practical and elegant divider. You may use flooding doors, curtains or may go for curved corners to separate areas from each other. You may install open display shelves as extra storages for decorative items and reading books. The room dividers use well the areas which make you feel that the room is larger.

Then the furniture you have to pick functional items and yet elegant as a convertible sofa, chairs and placed them in a circular shape. Whatever you pick, be sure of its functionality and you really need. Then the lights and accents, the lights with neutral shades are perfect to brighten up the place. The accents could be simple like art wall picture. In the end you are just supposed to have a cozy and warm living room.
advantages of your open plan living room

Take the most advantages of your open plan living room

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