Awesome kitchen styles

The kitchen is the hub of any home so we offer you in this article some awesome kitchen styles and some inspirational tips for kitchen design and trends as well. If you love a modern look, opt for Art Deco design as this design is distinguished with high-gloss finish.

For an elegant looking kitchen, opt for retro design. Retro design has bespoke touches, such as decorative hinges, handles and knobs.

Why do you should opt for a modular kitchen interior design? Simply, a modular kitchen interior design is durable and can last for long time. A modular kitchen interior design is also easy to clean and maintain. Keep in mind; you can repair these kitchen units easily and at minimal cost. You can install and dismantle these units easily. These units can also be shifted from one home to another with ease. Here are some awesome kitchen styles:

Cottage style kitchen design ideas:

Rustic wooden furniture, stone walls and rough surfaces are the basic characteristics of cottage kitchen style.

To get the cottage feel, paint your kitchen walls in colors, such as burnt orange, a little maroon or burgundy. To create the cottage look, then you need to opt for maple or pine furniture.

Tuscan style kitchen design ideas :

To get a warm rustic mood, then you need to go in for the brilliant Tuscan style of kitchen. To get the desirable Tuscan kitchen, use earthy colors, such as hues of yellow, olive green, mellow shades of gold, burnt orange and burgundy. Try to make your walls textured with rough plastering or by adding builder’s sand to the paint.

To enhance the rustic feeling, opt for granite or marble counter tops. Don’t forget to use wooden flooring and a tinge of terracotta on the walls to create a warm effect. Central chandeliers are ideal for Tuscan kitchen.

French Kitchen style design ideas:

To get a French kitchen style, then you should get some French antiques, such as a clock or a wall hanging. Wooden or marble countertops are perfect for the French Kitchen design. Glassware and large windows with wooden panes will beautify your French kitchen.

Painting your kitchen walls in fresh pastel shades will make it seem larger. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about awesome kitchen styles.

Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles Awesome kitchen styles
Awesome kitchen styles

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