bathroom ideas

bathroom ideas
  • 5 Luxurious and Unique Bathtub Design Ideas

    5 Luxurious and Unique Bathtub Design Ideas

    Your bathtub is the place where you get rid of the stress and burdens of life after a long day spent outside your lovely home. Such bathtub should be designed to match the décor and color of your home giving you the utmost level of relaxation at the same time. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to get your dream bathtub. The unique and luxurious magic carpet bathtub will give you an interesting bathing experience because it includes dips and grooves to fit exactly your body and let you lay back and stretch your arms comfortably. The foldable bathtub will let you fold it down when it is not used. When you need that bathtub, it will extend according to the amount of money poured into it to save your space and water as it is made of foam rubber. The transforming bathtub will enable you to enjoy…

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  • Cool Sensor Soap Pump for your Kitchen and Bathroom

    Cool Sensor Soap Dispensers for your Kitchen and Bathroom

    The stylish, smart, and sleek automatic soap dispensers are the best choice for your kitchen and bathroom as they will preserve the hygiene of your place. All of what you need to operate such a pump is to wave your hands and it will react to such a motion producing a controlled amount of soap. To know more information about this cool machine, try to read the full article. There are different types, designs, and colors of the sensor soup dispenser to match any home décor in addition to the bathrooms of different establishments and restaurants. For example, you can find liquid and foam soup dispensers according to the type of soup you will use. You can choose the model of that dispenser according to the place you will put your dispenser in. the in-counter, stand alone, and wall mounted models will be perfect for your kitchen while the built-in…

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  • The Importance of the Shower Curtains and having a Beautiful, Homey Bathroom

    The Importance of the Shower Curtains and having a Beautiful, Homey Bathroom

    Every single house consists of a bedroom, kitchen and the bathroom. Each person spends a lot of time in the bathroom in a daily basis. So you should have a beautiful bathroom so, decor it and convert it to be your oasis. Bathrooms are usually glum and dark; I will give some ideas to brighten them. Renewing your bathroom with new baths, sinks, mirrors and tiles will make a huge change. New linens and decorations are the easiest way. Every shower must be private so it will need a curtain so replace it and it will change a lot in the look of your bathroom. The highest demanded curtains are fabric shower curtains. They come in a huge number of styles so you will be able to find one that will be suitable for your decor. Vinyl and plastic curtains are unhealthy they build mold over the time as they…

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  • How to Choose your Luxury Shower Curtain

    How to Choose your Luxury Shower Curtain?

    The bathroom is considered a very special and personal place at home. This means that it should be decorated well like other rooms to feel relax and luxurious. To decorate your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you should use expensive or different accessories; the shower curtain is very important piece to bring amazing look in your bathroom. When you choose your luxury shower curtain, you should decide if you want a curtain that matches with your bathroom or you want a new theme for the whole bathroom. Then take care about the curtain length and width to cover your shower zone. Then set your budget to buy your needs in good price. Luxury shower curtains are made of different materials. The basic materials are cotton, silk and vinyl. The silk shower curtains give extra luxury and elegance. The cotton one is best to use and clean while the ones made from…

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  • How to Decorate a Modern Asian Bathroom

    How to Decorate a Modern Asian Bathroom

    The modern Asian bathroom may have a cold Zen atmosphere or a natural look and both of them will provide you the needed relaxation and comfort. Your decoration will depend on the size and location of your bathroom to create a balanced look and functional place at the same time. You can give your modern Asian bathroom a natural look using a glass shower area with a magical rain showerhead coming from a skylight or a window in the ceiling. To give the place an outdoor look, you can place natural rock on the floor of the shower area with a few tropical plants beside the area. Such plants can decorate the shelves, the mirror, the shower wall, and even the floor according to the size of your bathroom. If you need more privacy in your Asian bathroom, you can replace the glass with a white shower curtain and ark…

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  • Amazing Ideas for Designing Modern Bathrooms

    Amazing Ideas for Designing Modern Bathrooms

    Designing the bathroom isn’t any less important than designing any other room in your house. There are many modern designing ideas and tips that you can use to design or remodel your bathroom. The most important thing you need to consider when you design your modern bathroom is to make it comfortable and functional. The most used materials in designing modern bathrooms are wood, stone, glass, and ceramic. You are free to choose the material that fits your needs and design. Ok, let’s start choosing the main parts first. There are two major types of sinks, the standalone sink and the raised sink. You will find them in many shapes like, round, curved and square. The modern high back and the hanged toilets are the most common toilet types; you will find them in many shapes like, circular and square. You have variety of options when it comes to the…

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  • Modern Bathroom – How to Create the Simple Elegance of a Modern Bathroom

    Modern Bathroom – How to Create the Simple Elegance of a Modern Bathroom

    The landscape of a modern bathroom is typically dominated by clean lines, uncluttered spaces, neutral colors, and natural materials. However, when you begin designing your bathroom in a modern theme, it gets a little difficult if you don’t know how to apply your preferences and ideas of elegance to that famous style. Hopefully, these following tips will help you in espousing some unique ideas. More often than not, colors are what make the first impression in a bathroom and what actually set the wished-for mood. To enhance a modern elegant feel, work with only two color schemes and avoid using too many colors. You can mix white with any other color to promote spaciousness, tranquility, and peace, especially in a small bathroom. So, light aqua, soft green, wooden elements, and blue are always welcomed with white or any other neutral tone of a bright color. Whilst it isn’t advisable that…

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  • Bathroom Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Fashion

    Bathroom Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Fashion

    There are myriad options when it comes to choosing your bathroom paint color. While all those countless color combinations available in the market today are highly in-demand, there’s no way to guarantee their popularity for more than a couple of years. Some colors go in and out of style and others are reliably timeless no matter what. To avoid indecisiveness and eliminate the need for constant renovation in the future, you should choose colors that are known to remain in-style the longest. Neutral light colors and white fixtures are virtually your best solution. Go for off-white, ivory, beige, light tan, red, or mint green as a dominant color in your bathroom. Not only do these colors stay popular the longest, but also they lend your bathroom a larger, airier, and more relaxing and soothing look. Another advantage of using neutral colors, especially white, is that they can be beautifully combined…

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  • Change the Look of your Bathroom – Different Colors

    Change the Look of your Bathroom – Different Colors

    Three steps that will change the look of your bathroom, How often do you think of renewing your bathroom? The reason for such a question is the fact that we always leave our furniture and decorations till they collapse and this make our job an ultra hard one in means of effort and cost. It is maintenance and refreshment that most keep things together with the same elegance they had the day you bought them. Ten years ago when my mother decided that she will redecorate our house just after I got engaged, everybody wondered why! They told her that the house was still as good as new and everyone wondered how she did it. After I pursued the career of interior design I finally got it! She always told me that it was about the simple things and indeed it is. For instance, refreshing your bathroom is doable in…

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  • Cottage Bathroom Curtain Ideas – Home Decor

    Cottage Bathroom Curtain Ideas – Home Decor

    The elegance and simplicity of the cottage style curtain will let you seriously consider incorporating such a curtain to your home decor even if you haven’t cottage styled home decor. You will need first to try this curtain in your bathroom, and when you like the idea; you will incorporate the curtain to every room in your home. Here are some ideas about the types of your cottage bathroom curtain to find the suitable one for your home and budget. There are several designs for your cottage bathroom window and shower curtains that will satisfy your personal aspirations.Any lightweight fabric curtain, with clip style rings, that will ensure an ample light enter the place will perfectly match your cottage bathroom. If you wish, you can get a floral or gingham printed curtain with soft colors and attach a cottage shower curtain using iron poles with rectangular shower rails on every…

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  • Bathroom Makeover – 5 Tools by Each you can do

    Bathroom Makeover – 5 Tools by Each you can do

    Your bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms and if it wasn’t an inviting place, it would definitely affect the way you feel about your whole house. Also, if you’ve designed it perfectly when you first moved in, the style may’ve already gone out of fashion or maybe your preferences have altered. Either way, you might need a bathroom remodel at some point, and while a total renovation costs a lot of money, there’re other cost effective ways to rejuvenate the place. Shower Baths: By replacing your bathtub with a shower bath, you’ll add a glamorous look while saving a huge amount of water and energy. They also come with an endless designs and features. Some even come with lighting, radio, music, and multi-spray setting in them. In order to narrow the choices down, opt for a combo shower unit with complete glass enclosures to maximize the space beautifully.…

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  • Modular Bathroom Furniture – The Ultimate Space Saver

    Modular Bathroom Furniture – The Ultimate Space Saver

    Most of default styles and designs of bathroom aren’t particularly crafted to maximize space. You’d know if you have a compact bathroom when clutter takes over the whole space no matter how hard you try organizing that chaos. Here’s a thing you should know though, the famous war with clutter is never caused by limited spaces. It has never been but a result of a flawed design. Modular bathroom furniture are formatted to bring all bathroom essentials together in a well-organized set of units – including the vanity unit with inclusive basin, the WC unit, plus any required cabinets or storage units. That way you can turn a space which was once stuffed and cramped into a free-moving spacious one. Aside from the fact that everything – including cosmetics, shampoo, and any other toiletries – would be effortlessly organized and kept away, modular furniture also brings an outstanding harmonic look…

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  • Fill Out your Bathroom with Victorian Style

    Fill Out your Bathroom with Victorian Style

    Victorian style typically features opulent regality and majestic luxury. Even though it focuses on intricate details and elegance, it manages to create a space where comfort and functionality are paramount. In fact, after ten years, a Victorian bathroom is guaranteed to still look as good as the day it was first fixed. One of the greatest approaches today is combining both contemporary and Victorian styles in one bathroom. If you don’t want to miss out on electronic gadgets and sleek items of the contemporary world, while still keeping the charm and warmth of the Victorian style, then this approach is ideal for you. In order to mix best of both styles subtly, you should define specific parts with specific styles. For example, you could go for a Victorian pedestal sink and a classic porcelain claw-footed tub alongside a sleek walk-in shower with LED tiny lights and waterfall taps. As for…

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  • Bathroom Lighting Design – Lighting Fixtures

    Bathroom Lighting Design – Lighting Fixtures

    Your bathroom is the place where you spend several minutes or hours daily to relief your body and mind. Lighting this bathroom properly will enhance its mood and function to let you enjoy every minute spent there. You can add task lighting fixtures above the functional areas such as your shower, bathtub, and vanity. Your shower area includes a continuous water flaw; so, your recessed lighting fixtures will need to be resistant to humidity and water. It will be a great idea if you can install a dimmer to the shower light in order to avoid eyestrain at the morning and to let you see what you are doing at the same time. You may install the dimmer switch to provide you different levels of lights according to your mood. If you have a separate bathtub, you will need to install a recessed fixture above it to keep you enjoyed…

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  • African Safari Bathroom Curtain Ideas

    African Safari Bathroom Curtain Ideas

    Designing an African safari bathroom indicates that you have an adventurous nature. This style can be enhanced using your bathroom fixtures and accessories and completed by the matching curtain. This curtain’s fabric and color should go with the safari style adding more beauty and function to your bathroom. When you look at your African safari bathroom curtain, the color will be the first noticeable element.The natural, organic, and earth tones such as taupe, khaki, pale gold, red ochre, earth green and tan colors with giraffe, cheetah, leopard, alligator, or zebra spots will set the safari style in your bathroom in a subtle and tasteful way. However, if you need a bright bathroom, don’t be afraid to use a yellow curtain that will resemble the African desert sand. Such a curtain will block a little amount of light to keep your bathroom airy and sunny. The fabric of your bathroom safari…

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  • Ideas To Enhance The Modern Design In Your Bathroom

    Ideas To Enhance The Modern Design In Your Bathroom

    Bathroom are often used by the family members or sometimes visited by guests , so giving the bathroom a modern design will allow you pamper yourself and show off of your bathroom design in front of your guests . Sleek Stainless steel and glass contribute in creating a modern look for your bathroom . creating a modern look also depend on other elements such as wall tiles , lighting fixtures and accessories . Most importantly to match all the elements properly in a way to compliment one another and not clash . The Shower Curtain is an essential element that influence the overall look for the bathroom , Shower curtains that enhance the modern look can be found easily in a wide variety of colors and textures . get a solid color textured Shower Curtain to complete your modern look of your bathroom or a bold design ,Pop art patterns…

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  • Tips on How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

    Tips on How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

    It can be quit a challenge to decorate your small bathroom , But it is possible with all the recent fashion trends in the interior designing , some decorative items can be used in a small bathroom that give the illusion that your bathroom is actually much larger than it is . The most important step in order to make your small bathroom look larger is to make the wisest use of all the space you have in your bathroom , Determine your needs and make the most use you can do of all the space you have even if it is quit small . Avoid having a tub in your bathroom installing shower stalls with glass doors will be much wiser in order to make the space in your bathroom look larger, Shower stalls don’t usually take as much space as the bath tube and it is still a…

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  • Different Materials For Bathroom Shower Curtains

    Different Materials For Bathroom Shower Curtains

    If you are bored of your current ordinary look of your bathroom but you don’t have the time or effort to renew it then adding a few decorative elements can transform your ordinary bathroom into a fancy elegant bathroom . Modern Bathroom Curtains can simply do wonders in order to renew the general feeling of your bathroom which break that boredom that’s created after long years of use . The patterns and colors for Modern Bathroom Curtains are like an ocean too much to choose from , some have floral patterns while other express a special drawing or theme , and others have different natural scenes . some others have beautiful colorful layers that make the bathroom look liveable , too much choices to choose from but you are sure to find something that catch your interest and succeed to give a new appeal to your bathroom . Determining the…

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  • Curtain Bathroom – The Right Shower Curtain For Your Bathroom

    Curtain Bathroom – The Right Shower Curtain For Your Bathroom

    Get rid of your old plain ordinary shower curtains if you are one of the seekers of difference and perfection , your shower curtains can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom , your bathroom curtains will reflect your taste and preferences . The material of your shower curtains can make your bathroom unique and special according to which material gain your interest the most , obviously the pattern and color of the shower curtain for your bathroom are very important factors to consider , but also the material and texture of the shower curtain are essential in drawing the final result , thicker material and textured materials will add warmth and richness to your bathroom and will make it look luxurious and royal . the texture of your shower curtains can either blend with your bathroom and enhance the beauty of it or contrast…

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  • Designing A Modern Bathroom – New Look

    Designing A Modern Bathroom – New Look

    A well thought about bathroom design transform that small room in your house into a royal room that feels stunning every time you go in there ,an intelligent choice for all materials , colors , lights , and design make your bathroom a spectacular and an elegant room that retreats you every time you visit it. Imagine that you can transform your bathroom from a typical bathroom into a spa , imagine that you can pamper and revive your soul in your own house , the contemporary modern designed bathrooms are meant to be super relaxing to assure the house owner that all his needs will be fulfilled in the best way unlike the classic bathrooms that are not ergonomic and only serve its purpose of washing up and showering in a very traditional way . A bigger bathroom will be much easier to be designed in a way that…

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