bathroom ideas

bathroom ideas
  • Decorating You Small Bathroom Intelligently

    Decorating You Small Bathroom Intelligently

    If it happen to be that you don’t have the benefit of a big bathrooms which is the case for most home owners , most bathroom are designed to be very small , the space specified for bathrooms mainly is planed enough to just serve its purpose which become a real challenge while redesigning your bathroom , if you follow the bellow tips it will be easy for you make use of all the space while having you favorite items , you can actually make your bathroom look way larger by following some tricky ways. Use mirrors to make your small bathroom look larger , most home owners only use a little mirror on top of their sink , instead you can use mirrors as you bathroom wall art work, install different shapes of mirrors on different parts of the walls to reflect light and make the space look larger…

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  • Types of Bathroom Taps and the Right one for you!

    Types of Bathroom Taps and the Right one for you!

    Decorating your house can be tricky unless you follow a vision that you have put beforehand. You can get ideas from interior design experts, the internet, and of course your family and friends. The most important thing is to put a piece of your heart and mind in every single room. One of the things you might want to consider giving more attention is your bathroom and particularly the bathroom taps. You have no idea how elegant and classy your bathroom will look when your taps are consistent with the overall look of your bathroom. It will not only add to it but it will also make your bathroom look special. There are multiple types for bathroom taps that you can find in the market, but only the right one will complement the theme of the bathroom. Your choice can be affected by a number of things like the theme…

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  • Have an Inspirational Asian Bathroom!

    Have an Inspirational Asian Bathroom!

    If you are about to renovate your bathroom and you want a brand new idea and theme for your bathroom then this article is for you. If you are about to renovate any other room in your house then this article will definitely inspire you. If you are not about to renovate anything in your house then this article does not aim to change your mind, however, it will give you information, amusement and who knows it can be a reason for you to rethink things. Bathrooms are becoming more and more innovative by the time especially the Asian ones as they offer ornament, detail and warmth. You know, my dear reader, as a designer I have this crazy idea about bathrooms is that they are the most relaxing place ever in your home and no, not for the reason you just thought.The cleaning process we undergo each day take…

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  • Tips for a Perfect Bathroom – Bathroom Workbook

    7 Tips for a Perfect Bathroom – Bathroom Workbook

    Following are our top tips for designing and maintaining the elegance of, “the most trafficked room in your house” in the best possible manner. The Lavatory: One of the most common mistakes is placing the toilet near the bathroom door, thus making it the first thing to see when you enter and making it visible from adjacent rooms. Try placing it in the corner of the opposite end of your door for a more appealing look. Storage Solutions: Install custom storage cabinets to avoid clutter in your bathroom. They will give your bathroom a grand look, especially if they accentuate the mood you’ve chosen. They will also help you keep all your toiletries and cleaning supplies hidden and safe. The Shower Tub: In order to make the right choice when it comes to the tub, pick out a material that is durable enough and easily cleaned like acrylic. There are…

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  • How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Curtains

    How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Curtains

    As far as we know, curtains are what usually make the overall look in the bathroom. They are the first thing your eyes notice when entering the bathroom, and that’s why they are the perfect focal point you can get to build other decorations and accessories around. Also, if you chose a neutral color for walls and floors, then you’d be having a great opportunity in changing your bathroom style every now and then, by simply installing new set of curtains. Choosing you bathroom curtains depends partially on what style you have in mind. Styles range from classic to eclectic, but even if you decided on a specific style, there are other things you should consider before purchasing a curtain though. Firstly, you should determine the color of your curtains according to both the size of your bathroom and its dominant color. Avoid dark heavy fabrics, especially in a small…

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  • 5 Big Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

    5 Big Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

    Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your old one, these following ideas will help you utilize the available space perfectly and turn your bathroom into a relaxing cozy, yet spacious, retreat without pulling down any walls. Idea #1 The theory of not using dark colors in small spaces isn’t entirely right. Some of your favorite dark hues will actually make your small bathroom look larger. It’s all about the right type of textures and materials and as long as you have enough natural light, dark granite tiles will add a matchless visual elegance. Consider Moroccan tiles as well; with their durability and diversity in shapes, sizes, prints, and colors, they will add a virtual royal atmosphere. Idea #2 If you don’t feel like breaking the rules just yet, then you should go for white colors unhesitatingly. White tiles, including marble and granite, will lend spacious, tranquil and peaceful…

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  • The Different Designs of the Shower Curtains

    The Different Designs of the Shower Curtains

    The shower curtain is an essential part of your bathroom that could be used for functional and decorative purposes. This kind of curtains can easily alter the look of your bathroom along with matching hooks and towels. That’s because shower curtains come with different designs, styles, colors, and materials. The traditional shower curtains consist of one shower enclosure that allows soup stain. These curtains are developed greatly these days, to the extent that you can find any imaginable type of shower curtains or you can customize one to fit your bathroom. The modern curtains can be installed to the ceiling and can be attached to an aluminum or iron rods, using easy to installed rods. You can find anti-bacterial shower curtains or treatments. The frameless door is another modern kind of shower curtains made of durable glass and have viewing panels. The different patterns of the shower curtains will suit…

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  • Perfect Contemporary Bathroom ideas

    Perfect Contemporary Bathroom ideas

    Bright, Clean and Relaxing,A hot shower in an elegant bathroom can be more than enough to relieve the stress after a hectic day. That may explain why a perfect bathroom is on the wish list of many people. If you have the same wish, and you need to design a contemporary relaxing bathroom, then have a look at these inspiring ideas. Tile Design: You can easily be amazed by the wide variety of ceramic or porcelain tile designs. Large tiles are wonderful. Using the same tiles for walls and floor really enhances a unified and lofty look. You may also consider a light reflective flooring to give that sense of purity and cleanliness as well as create illusion of space. If you want that glamorous look, tiles with texture are also perfect. Colors: When it comes to color in contemporary bathrooms, you have many options. Colorful tiles are one option.…

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  • Durable and Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

    Durable and Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

    Bathroom’s floor needs more consideration than any other floor at your home because it is exposed to constant water flow. This means that it can easily generate insects and bacteria in any small crack. In addition, it is a place where you can easily slip. So, you will need to give more attention to the selection and installation of your bathroom tile. The round tiles are suitable for your bathroom because they are easy to clean and have many designs and patterns. You can choose the white and black round tiles embroidered by dots, flowers, or any pattern according to your home and bathroom design. The round tiles could be made of porcelain or ceramic materials. However, the ideal material to be used to your bathroom’s floor is the natural stone. It is durable, easy to install and maintain and has the ability to stand heavy loads. In addition, you…

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  • Designing Bathroom on a Budget

    Designing Bathroom on a Budget

    Considering bathroom as a traditional and neglected piece of your home, because of its expensive costs, becomes a past. Here are few tips to remodel the look of bathroom’s tiles, walls, hardware fixtures, ceiling, and lighting according to your budget. Only some creativity and well-considered plans would turn your bath to a brand-new room. The first place to look at in designing bathroom on a budget is bathroom’s tiles. You could fix the broken and cracked tiles using grout. But if you have a wooden floor, varnish may be the best solution to have a brand-new floor.It would be better if you are able to replace the linoleum with vinyl. Sometimes, changing the color of the floor gives a new life to the whole place. Mostly, repainting the walls doesn’t need much more effort. To paint a bathroom on a budget, you just need to clean the wall from any…

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