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  • bathroom decoration ideas

    Bathroom Decoration Ideas, Shower, Sink, Toilet

    Bathroom is not considered just a utility these days. It looks more and more like retreats and spas in your own home. For example, the master bathroom or today may include a toilet, bidet, two sinks, separate tub and shower, whirlpool or spa and perhaps more. Some bathrooms may even include exercise equipments, see-through fireplaces, mini-refrigerators, saunas and even flat panel televisions that can be mounted on walls or ceiling. In a contemporary bathroom decor, you see stainless steel sink, medicine chest, bathtub, shower walls, faucets and spigots, and they are available in a wide variety of shapes and materials. In a contemporary bathroom decor, you see also corner shelves, corner shower with shower caddy, hanging towel bars, medicine cabinets with mirrors and washbasins in regular round, square or rectangular shapes. As for bathroom light fixtures, they range from simple to funky. They are also in all colors, shapes and…

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  • Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Designing a new bathroom is very important whether you are renovating or re-designing it, so take your time and make your search so you will be satisfied with the results. There are so many things you should consider while designing your bathroom. A great place to start your research is to focus on the overall look and atmosphere that you want to create in your bathroom. Another thing you should consider is plumbing as it can be expensive if you need to move plumbing from one side of the house to another. What you should also consider while designing your bathroom is whether you want a separate bath tub from shower, or do you need to put the shower over the tub? There are many types and sizes of bath tubs that you can choose from, such as vintage look claw foot bath or modern stand-alone tubs. Storage is also…

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  • Home Decorating Ideas for Bathroom

    Home Decorating Ideas for Bathroom

    If you wish to give your bathroom a whole new look, it is not necessary that you have to do a major and expensive decorating job. It can be done by simply changing towels and soap dishes and other small items. It can be done by changing a few simple fixtures that doesn’t have to be that expensive or that time-consuming. A new paint job to your bathroom can make a world of difference. Paint can be applied in a number of methods and styles producing a multitude of style alternatives to match the decor of any bathroom remodel or makeover. Paint is not expensive and you can even do it yourself. You can add functional accessories to your bathroom like a lighted makeup mirror, in that way you not only get a new mirror, but also a new light. Another wonderful bathroom decor item that you can use is…

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  • kid bathroom decorating ideas

    Kids’ Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Decorating kids’ bathroom is sure different from decorating any other room in your home. While any other room in your home may have a refined and sophisticated decorating scheme, kids’ bathroom is a place for more creative or playful themes. Moreover, kids tend to start and end their day in the bathroom, so make it a place that your kids will start and end their day with a smile. Kids’ bathroom should also be functional and it should be easy for your kids to keep it tidy. Among the themes that you can choose from is a beach-themed bathroom. Go Caribbean style, paint the walls with lime green, mango orange or sunshine yellow, and paint the ceiling a brilliant sky blue. Use a shower curtain printed with shells, waves, sea horses or surfboards. Add starfish, coral, shells, river rocks and driftwood on a floating shelf or open cabinet. You can…

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  • Ideas for Bathroom Interior Design

    Ideas for Bathroom Interior Design

    When decorating your house, the bathroom can be somewhat neglected. However, the bathroom is a very important room. It is your personal retreat. The bathroom is where you start and end your day. So, a comfortable bath can provide a fresh start to your day and a relaxation at the end of it. Moreover, the bathroom is often visited by guests. So, a beautiful and well-decorated bathroom can make a good impression on your guests. Whether you are updating your existing bathroom or adding a new one, there are a few things you should consider. First, you should think about who will be the primary user of the bathroom, as a child’s bathroom is going to be different from an adult couple’s master bathroom or a handicapped person’s bathroom for example. Second, you should think about what is the style design you prefer. The colors and materials you choose will…

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  • interior design bathroom ideas

    Interior bathroom Taps & Faucets

    The old interior designs for bathroom were based on color and quality of the ceramics as it is responsible for decorative look of the bathroom . But nowadays ceramics and marble are not the only thing that give an elegant look , there are multiple stuffs which can add a magnificent look to your bathroom like taps and faucets . In this article you will discover how taps and faucets can change the look totally . Designers have developed the faucets from the traditional style to modern , creative one in order to be glorious and match to individual ‘s taste and decor .They also used the modern techniques to make the faucets more practical and cheerful at the same time . For example , the Pfister faucets that characterize by its long slime shape that ends with wide filter . That filter allow passage of strong and clean water…

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  • Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Bathroom may not be the most important part of the house but it’s a necessity to design and decorate your bathroom in a good style. The best interior design ideas come from research and understanding what exactly you want in your bathroom. It all depends on how you want your bathroom to look like when it is renewed. There are useful ideas for bathroom interior design in this article.  Bathroom Floor: There are diverse options available but marble and ceramic are still the favorites. The floor determines the simplicity or luxury of your bathroom. Bathroom Walls: You can choose from various colors and style options to apply your personal style. It is important to match the colors of paint with the floor. The paints should be designed to be splashed with water everyday. Bathroom Lighting and Electrical: You need to think about bathroom electricity when you plan a new interior…

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  • Victorian Bathroom Curtain Ideas

    Victorian Bathroom Curtain Ideas

    Your bathroom is the most private place that you need to spend enjoying moments there. The Victorian style will ensure you an enjoying and comfortable moments with the needed privacy. Both of the window and shower curtains for such a place need to be chosen carefully to get a harmonious Victorian bathroom. Your Victorian bathroom will need a high degree of privacy and comfort. That’s why you should pick up a metallic or dark colored curtain such as hunter green, chocolate brown, or mauve with floral patterns. This curtain along with its valancescan be trimmed with lace or fringe and gathered with embroidered tiebacks to reflect the Victorian idea. You can decorate your pull-down shades or blinds with lace curtains to give your bathroom more privacy. The roller blind will give your bathroom the needed privacy and enhance the Victorian style of the room. It is rolled on a special…

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  • European Bathroom Design

    European Bathroom Design – European design

    Europe is prominent for producing the latest stylish trends for all sorts of designs. Seekers of elegant style choose European design even in their bathrooms. You might regard bathrooms as places of utility where design is irrelevant but as other rooms any residences, bathroom design need to be carefully thought of prior to implementation. If you are interested to know more about European bathroom design, continue reading… The first thing that distinguishes the design of European bathrooms is that the toilet room is usually separate from the bathroom. This helps to maintain hygiene and also allows someone to use the bathroom while another is using the toilet without waiting for one another. Bathroom furniture in European design can be odd to several persons. For instance, the bidet is very common in European bathrooms while it is unseen in most American bathrooms. Another European touch for your bathroom design is the…

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  • Orange Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Orange Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    The color orange is a bright color with a pleasant and cheerful character. The color orange makes the atmosphere fun as well as attractive and comfortable. It makes anyone feels good inside. However, orange is a color that you don’t see often or you might not consider when planning on re-decorating your bathroom, but it really is quite a lovely color. Orange might not be the first color you think of for bathrooms, but if you want to bring in some warmth, fun and a little bit of the unexpected, you should go for it. However, designing your bathroom in an orange color theme can be somewhat challenging. Moreover, you need to have respect for this color in order for it to work. However, if you are a fan of this color but are unsure about how it will look in bathroom, start with small pieces and work your way…

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  • small bathroom interior design ideas

    Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Before updating your bathroom there are many considerations involved in your planning. Despite the idea that updating your bathroom is easy because you have your toilet, tub, and your sink. The truth is that, decorating a bathroom is more difficult than it seems if you actually care for interior design ideas. Make your plan and focuses on the overall look that you want to create. Small ideas for updating the bathroom design: • New Lighting: Renewing lighting adds a brilliant touch to your new bathroom. Mix different types of lighting such as simple ceiling light, lighting in the shower and create a night light. • Determine whether you want small changes or a total makeover: If you decide to just make small changes, this will cost you less money than the other choice. • Faucets: faucet, which seems like an artistic design is an affordable addition that will keep your…

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  • Interesting Artistic Details to Enhance the Sophisticated Look of Your Bedroom and Bathroom by Regina Sturrock

    Interesting Artistic Details to Enhance the Sophisticated Look of Your Bedroom and Bathroom by Regina Sturrock

    The large furniture pieces and heavily ornamented accessories are no longer stylish options, but the decorative details can make the difference. If you love the clean, simple, and timeless spaces, Regina Sturrock’s bedroom and bathroom decorative ideas will certainly inspire you. Your bedroom needs a sense of richness sand comfort to help you spend the nicest hours in your day. For this, Regina Sturrock decorates a French-inspired bedroom and a spa bathroom using a strange combination of neutral colors, warm wood floor, and rich fabrics and textures to let the homeowner spend restful times in such a sanctuary. Regina and her team use a combination of rustic decorative details such as distressed wooden furniture, pale blue accent color, and walnut floor to decorate such an airy southern bedroom. Even if you love the sleek and minimal look, you can create a touch of sophistication placing the bed under a window…

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  • High-End Floor and Wall Tile Options for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Inspired from Porcelanosa Designs

    High-End Floor and Wall Tile Options for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Inspired from Porcelanosa Designs

    When you design or remodel your kitchen and bathroom, the wall and floor tiles can be a confusing choice with their limitless designs and colors. If you need a help to define the perfect tile choice for kitchen and bathroom, Porcelanosa team members are here to help you. The hydraulic tiles are unique and timeless options that will certainly impress you with their secrets. For example, the hydraulic wall tiles with lively floral tapestries or carpet style flooring will provide your traditional kitchen an artistic and look, while the tiles with circular patterns, geometric sequences, and outlines of stars with warm and neutral colors will blend with your modern or eclectic kitchen and bathroom. According to the size of your kitchen and bathroom and the area you need to cover, you can choose large format tiles or mosaic tiles. The mosaic tiles are perfect options for the accent walls, backsplashes,…

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  • Interesting Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Beginners by the Gilmans

    Interesting Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Beginners by the Gilmans

    Your bathroom is a smaller home within your large house, as it is the main space of relaxation and comfort. You will need to remodel this part of your home regularly to maintain the relaxation of both of your body and soul. When you remodel your bathroom, the key tip is to plan well for everything and purchase durable and trendy fixtures. Gilmans’ team members recommend the dramatic bathroom wall tiles with innovative patterns and materials along with big slab countertops such as quartz or patterned granite countertops. In your small bathroom, it will be a helpful idea to use lots of white with black countertops or cabinets` according to the effect you need to create. Gilmans’ team members appreciate the great effect of artificial light installing LED lighting fixtures inside the cabinets, closets, and drawers, under cabinets and countertops, above cabinets, and around the mirrors. You can add one…

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    Are you about to remodel your modern bathroom or design a new one? This is somehow hard task that can break the bank, but the result will satisfy you, especially if can your time and choose the right materials, colors, and capabilities for the place. Your bathroom amenities are exposed to humid and wet environment, thus need to be made of water and mildew resistant materials. For example, you can choose laminate, thermofoil, or veneer wooden vanity with an easy to clean top such as quartz, laminate, granite, recycled glass, lava, or porcelain countertop. Accordingly, you can choose the sink material, as you can find ceramic, porcelain, metal, Corian, and quartz sinks with different shapes such as pedestal, console, drop-in, vessel, wall-mounted, under-mount, or double sinks. The bathtub can be single or double-ended bath, roll top, freestanding, whirlpool, corner, or shower bathtub. Your modern bathroom will be more effective and…

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  • Creative Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Considerations by Katheryn W Cowles

    Creative Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Considerations by Katheryn W Cowles

    Your bathroom remodel needs excellent materials, designs, and professionals in addition to the right decisions from the first moment to create fabulous and high-functional spaces. This article will help you take such right decisions and save your money. When you intend to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, the first decision to take is the professional who will handle the work. If you have the perfect DIY skills, you can handle the project and consult a professional whenever you need a help. However, Katheryn Cowles think that such a remodeling project needs years of experience to find the suitable components and flooring and install them without mistakes. Thus, it would be better to hire a professional from the start and save your money. Moreover, the professional will help you interpret your vision and guide you to the perfect choices starting from the plumbing to the colors and furnishings. If you are…

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  • Feature of Your Dream Master Bathroom by Lee Kimball

    Feature of Your Dream Master Bathroom by Lee Kimball

    At your bathroom design or remodel, you should achieve most of your wish list elements within your budget limit. If you are still confused, Lee Kimball will help you define the suitable designs and materials for your bathroom and your taste at the same time. To create a personal retreat, your bathroom should be eco-friendly, highly functional, glamorous, and durable. If your bathroom is too small, the mirrored wall, corner shelves, and skylights should be at the top of your wish list to provide the place a spacious and clean look. The dual and waterfall showerheads are the best alternatives to the bathtub, yet you can install a Japanese soaking tub in your small bathroom and a sauna in your large space. You can keep the airy and luxurious look of your dream bathroom installing sneaky storage spaces such as organized pullout shelves along an unused wall or even under…

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  • Add Five Star Features to Your Bedroom and Bathroom with the Help of Emily Stewart

    Add Five Star Features to Your Bedroom and Bathroom with the Help of Emily Stewart

    Creating a peaceful look in the personal rooms such as your bedroom and bathroom can turn your home into your favorite retreat. To create such a peaceful look, Emily Stewart of Montgomery Roth Interior Design team will help you inspire the applicable features of five-star hotels and apply them in your coming bedroom and bathroom remodel. Sleeping in a dramatic and cozy space is helps you sleep deeply and enhance your mood every morning, but the open space feel is an ideal touch to add five star hotel features to your bedroom. The large and wide windows, glass sliding walls, large balconies, and single floor option in the whole space can easily blend the indoor and outdoor features in your lovely bedroom. You can apply the same idea in your bathroom installing glass doors and mirrors along with glossy surfaces like such an Apogee bathroom. The modern technology can blend…

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  • Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Decorative Inspirations by Candace Nordquist

    Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Decorative Inspirations by Candace Nordquist

    If you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen and bathroom, you may need to remodel them or add new decorative elements. Just make sure the new remodel or addition will include what will make you happy and comfortable. Candace Nordquist’s designs will help you find exactly what you need. Do you love nature and like to spend most of your time outdoors? Do you think you can bring natural elements into your bathroom? Actually, you can install glass and mirrored surfaces to reflect the natural light coming from the window and use natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal to bring the organic beauty into the place. Candace Nordquist and her team use a similar idea designing an indoor Japanese onsen bathroom with a hot water bathtub, sheet-like walls, long fresh plants, neutral colors, secret hidden door, and porcelain tiles with hardwood look. To avoid moisture in your…

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  • Create an Interior Spa Bathroom and Enjoy Your Time with the Tips of Claire Ownby

    Create an Interior Spa Bathroom and Enjoy Your Time with the Tips of Claire Ownby

    Whenever you need pampering, you are disappointed because of the time and money needed for such a task. If this is your status, you should design a spa bathroom in your home to enjoy and relax whenever you need. Relaxing in your bathroom needs a balanced and harmonized combination of soft light, relaxing scents, clean surrounding, and calming sounds. Claire and her team think that the indirect lighting can bring an elegant aesthetic to your indoor spa bathroom, especially if it has a cove ceiling. If you haven’t, you can install faux crown molding near the ceiling and install the needed cabinets or island to create the same fascinating effect on budget and keep the clean look of the place. One of the distinctive elements used by Claire’s team in the spa bathroom designs is the Himalayan salt walls, as they can create a perfect spa environment purifying the air…

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