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Bedroom colors and moods – main color

Most of us have no idea about the great influence and psychological value of colors on our moods and our thoughts. So define what mood you want to create and which colors will help in achieving that mood or let your fabric be your guide because fabric

, carpeting, furniture, and tile are available in a more limited range of colors than paint is so it is so much better to choose them first and then decide on your paint color.

Let’s know more about some room colors

Red has a great effect in bedroom when you are with your beloved one, as red stirs up excitement, particularly at night because red raises blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. Red in living room draws people together and stimulates conversation. But if you are alone in your room, it is better not to choose it.

Crimson is one of the colors you have to avoid as the main color of a room because it can irritate some people and raising the feelings of rage and hostility.

Yellow is a good choice for places where happy color is energizing and uplifting like kitchens and bathrooms. Yellow can feel expansive and welcoming in small spaces. However, don’t choose yellow as the main color of your room because yellow room makes some lose their tempers and it is the most fatiguing on the eyes.

Blue is considered calming and relaxing so it is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Consider warmer blues, such as periwinkle, or bright blues, such as cerulean or turquoise in the rooms where people gather. But avoid dark blue as it has the opposite effect. Dark blue evokes feelings of sadness.

Green is suited to almost any room in the house because it is the most restful color for the eye

, combining the refreshing quality of blue and cheerfulness of yellow.

Purple is associated with luxury and creativity. The lighter versions of purple bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does but without the risk of feeling of chilly.

Orange is an energetic color; it evokes excitement and enthusiasm so this color will be great for an exercise room.

Neutral’s (black, gray, white, and brown) virtue lies in their flexibility. Experts maintain that every room needs a touch of black to ground the color scheme and give it depth but it is better to use black in small doses.

Ceiling and Walls

The white color is the best choice for ceiling because when ceilings are lighter than the walls feel higher, while those that are darker feel lower. As for walls, dark walls make a room seem smaller, but light walls make a room seem larger.

Bedroom colors and moods - main color
main colors
Bedroom colors and moods - main color
Bedroom colors and moods - main color
Bedroom colors and moods - main color
165 Bedroom colors and moods – main color

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