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Bedroom Theme – Inspirations to create your own travel adventure Bedroom Theme

Do you want to create your dream bedroom, you desire to feel the adventure sense and get attractive bedroom look. You can achieve this by decorating your bedroom with travel theme which makes you fly through places and era.

There are many travel themed bedroom styles; they vary according to the different personal taste. If you admired of ancient era, you can choose between different ancient themed bedrooms like ancient Egyptian style, Greek style, Asian style etc. you should be creative to decorate your unique travel themed bedroom as you wish.

The ancient Egyptian bedroom is characterized by gold colored bed surrounded with netting and pyramid’s shaped furniture, the common colors for wall or furniture are gold, black, blue, orange, red or green. This theme has a variety of accessories like papyrus framed artwork, curtains with ancient drawing, the lamp shaped with Egyptian symbols, etc.

While the Greek themed bedroom is beautiful and comfortable style, the colors are natural like white and azure with angelic drawing, the furniture can be rustic or simple wood with vibrant colors and the mosaic tile is preferred.
Some others prefer coastal theme; it is an attractive theme with a brilliant look as well. The coastal theme is a nautical theme, it depends on beach pattern and designs, furniture can be white with shades of sea colors. The furniture can be accessorized with seashell, sea star shapes and put lamps around mirrors to reflect the sea shades.

There also is the Moroccan travel themed bedroom which makes you feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere and enjoy the romanticism of Moroccan life. The Moroccan theme is famous for its colors with desert shades and warm tone. This theme makes your bedroom as heaven with soft flowing canopies and romantic accessories like candle holders, and beaded curtains.
Finally you choose the travel themed bedroom according to you favorite style and mood. Be creative and unique to decorate your bedroom as it is own paradise.
Inspirations to create your own travel adventure bedroom

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