bedroom designs

bedroom designs
  • Practical Bunk Beds Designs for Kids

    Practical Bunk Beds Designs for Kids

    Just because you have a small apartment, doesn’t mean your children can’t get the desirable comfort. With using bunk beds in your kids’ small bedroom, they will find the comfort that they aspire to. Here, we show you some tips you should know before buying bunk beds and you will learn more about practical bunk beds designs for your kids, scroll down to figure out them: First of all, you ought to determine your purpose of using a bunk bed. The age of the person who will sleep on the bunk bed is very important. Likewise, consider some other aspects such as material that you are going to use while building the bed. Why do you should opt for bunk bed with storage? Indeed, bunk bed with storage is practical yet comfortable. Bunk bed with storage will save a lot space and help you in storing many things under it.…

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  • White Bedroom interior Design Ideas

    Want a bedroom that’s bright, light and fresh? Go all-white as white is the most versatile neutral shade that you can think of. A bedroom is a place where you need to feel relaxing. White color can help you to achieve the desired comfort. Keep in mind, white wooden flooring can serve greatly as a base of your white theme. If you decided to buy new white furniture for your bedroom to give a fresh feel to it, then you should take care of the quality of the furniture. Remember white furniture tends to get dirty more easily and requires regular maintenance. If you are looking for cheap furniture in a good quality, opt for veneer furniture. Why white color is a popular choice in many homes? Simply, white color will brighten up any room. It is easy to notice if there is dirt or dust in white colored bedroom.…

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  • Beautiful Modern Swedish Bedroom Designs

    Beautiful Modern Swedish Bedroom Designs

    The pale colors are in common use in Swedish interiors as Sweden has a long winter and short summer so Swedish interiors feature pale creams and ivory colors to maximize light. In a Swedish room design, you can paint the walls in whites and light grays. To get a modern Swedish bedroom, then you need to paint the walls white or another pastel shade, and attach white or pastel moldings around the room where the ceiling meets the wall. Keep in mind; the most popular colors for a Swedish-style interior are white and blue. To add a touch of warmth to your room, combine gold and red together and paint your room walls. To give your room a modern Swedish look, then you should opt for wooden floor. You can also use a large white or light blue area rug. When it comes to Swedish furniture styles, then there are…

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  • Creative Teen Dorm Room Storage and Design Ideas

    Creative Teen Dorm Room Storage and Design Ideas

    Don’t leave your teen’s bedroom looks dull, you have many choices to decorate it. Teen’s bedroom reflects his lifestyle so this room has to be as unique as other rooms. With the right planning and a little creativity, you can create a wonderful dorm space for your teen. Try to think like a teen and think vertical to get extra space within your teenager’s room, use under the bed storage, shelving a foot from the ceiling, or a lofted bed. You can also use flat box storage under the bed or under the bed drawers can to store clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. Adding a long shelf or even one that stretches around the corner of the room is a great idea to get more space. Try to make your teenager’s room a multipurpose area. Maximize the closet by purchasing a shoe rack to store all shoes that your teenager…

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  • Modern Black and White Bedroom Design Ideas

    Modern Black and White Bedroom Design Ideas

    When you use black and white color for your interior design, then you can create an awesome space as their contrast makes rooms more beautiful and rather interesting. Here are some modern black and white bedroom ideas, scroll down to explore them: To give your bedroom a modern yet classy feel, paint one wall in black and white horizontal stripes. To give your bedroom a modern and classy look, then you should opt for polished black/white hardwood flooring or black/white ceramic tiles flooring. If you opt for white flooring, go for a black carpet on it. When you intend to buy new furniture, then the furniture should be simple and classy and if you want to give your bedroom a complete modern look, avoid designs and carvings on the furniture. The best furniture for a modern room is Italian furniture. It’s better for you to opt for both, completely black…

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  • Black White Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas

    Black White Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas

    Using black and white as a bedroom color scheme is both audacious and practical. Vintage black and white bedroom will add beauty to the entire home. If you want to combine gold classic theme, along with the ultra modern combination of black and white, just read the following ideas: To grant your room, an 18th century French feel, then you should use classy toile print fabrics on your room walls. Low ceilings should be a matte white to allow them to visually recede. For flooring, plain white base with black polka dots on it will create amazing look to your vintage bedroom. If you want to give your bedroom a vintage feel, then you should go for antique wood furniture having a metallic touch to it and try to opt for a pretty chandelier. A lot of arc designs in your bedroom will enhance the vintage feeling. To add a…

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  • Dreamy Dressing Room Designs

    Dreamy Dressing Room Designs

    Of all the rooms in your home, your dressing room is definitely one of the most important. We produce you some rules that might help you to make your dressing room functional, attractive and easy to use. Smart closet design will make life easier so consider adding clothing hampers and space for your dry cleaning to your closet design. To make the most of your storage, use two hanging rods to allow space to hang shirts, jackets, pants and skirts. If the door of your reach-in closet is a swinging door, then you can use the back of the door as a place for a hanging hamper, tie rack or jewelry organizer. Keep in mind that a small walk-in closet should be at least 6-by-6 feet. To keep your shoes tidy, then you should incorporate racks or bins in your closet. To invest your time properly, try to label baskets,…

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  • Ideas for Wall Sticker Designs for Teenage Girls

    Ideas for Wall Sticker Designs for Teenage Girls

    If you are looking for way that is fast fashion for your teenage girl’s bedroom, hence using wall stickers are such a great option as you can apply them in less than an hour and you can remove them without scratching the wall. To make the look of your teenage girl’s bedroom a bit more exciting, apply a wall sticker of white trees or branches with purple birds on one wall. If your daughter is a bit miserable, then you should apply red poppies on a plain white wall of her room. To develop your teenager’s mind, choose a meaningful quote and get that made into a wall quote. Ask your teenage girl for her interests and try to get a wall sticker design that goes with your teenager’s interests. To ignite your teenage girl’s creativity, let her design her own vinyl wall sticker. To wow your teenage girl, place…

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  • Cool Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

    Cool Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

    Your dainty darling is nothing less than a princess. Right so for a teen aged girl her bedroom is her personal retreat and a place where she can do her activities. Therefore, a teenage girl’s bedroom should be kept inviting and cool. We produce you cool bedroom designs for teenage girls, scroll down to explore them: First thing to consider before decorating your girl’s bedroom is her taste. You should ask your girl what theme she would want her bedroom decor to revolve around. If you want to surprise your girl, then here are the most popular girls’ bedroom decor themes: princess, ballerina, superheroes, ocean, cartoon, vehicle, fairy, and Alice in wonderland. Colors will surely affect your girl mood so you should choose colors carefully. Keep in mind that pink, purple, sunshine yellow and all the pastel shades are popular for interior painting colors for a girl’s bedroom. If your…

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  • Natural Headboard Designs for a Soft Bedroom Ambience

    Natural Headboard Designs for a Soft Bedroom Ambience

    The bedroom of your home is a place where you can relax and be yourself so the bedroom should be kept soothing and calming. Adding a headboard to your bed will provide a comfortable and secure backing to your bed upon which to lean and relax. Wooden headboard is a familiar choice due to its natural properties as wood is a durable material. To create a soft ambiance in your bedroom, opt for leather headboard as it is also a good choice. To turn your bedroom into a cozy and inviting one, then you should use a queen sized bed with a modern design and a great headboard. Making a headboard for your bed can do wonders but you should opt for a headboard design that matches the style of your bed and also the decor of your bedroom. If you have a queen bed and want to spice up…

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  • Vivid Small Bedroom Designs

    Vivid Small Bedroom Designs

    The bedroom is the place where you can relieve your body and clear your mind from a busy day. The bedroom should be always a calm and inviting place. In this article we produce some ideas that will create a serene atmosphere that you so crave to have in your bedroom, scroll down to explore them: Colors have a great effect on the look of any room so if you decided to paint your bedroom, then you should go with grey, beige, pastel in order to create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. Try to do away bright colors as they will not help you to relax. On the other hand, if your bedroom is big enough, then you can make it cozier and smaller by using dark and warm shades. When it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture, try to avoid having huge dressing tables, huge wooden wardrobes and…

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  • Perfect Dressing Room Designs Ideas

    Perfect Dressing Room Designs Ideas

    People who need privacy along with mirrors, here are the solution, it’s the dressing room. The dressing room expresses a fashion, celebrity and lifestyle series showcasing the various inspirations. Here, we produce you some ideas for a perfect dressing room design: scroll down to figure out them A well-designed dressing room is a must to promote one’s positive morale. Keep in mind that the more space the more comfort you will find as space is required for an open closet, dressing table, full-length mirror and dressing bench with storage drawers. For a comfortable and practical dressing room, you should place dressing tables rest against a wide wall and cover the wall above the tables with mirrors. Likewise, upholster the furniture in fabrics that blend with the surrounding color or theme of your dressing room. For the perfect dressing room, opt for a pretty dressing table and try to add a…

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  • Master Bedroom Design Tips

    Master Bedroom Design Tips

    The master bedroom is the most fascinating area in a house which every visitor wishes to look at. Why not make this room one of the most inspirational corners of your house that celebrates your personal style while offering a soothing retreat at the end of the day. Just follow the next tips. These tips will make your master bedroom full of life and cheerful. Colors have a huge impact on the master bedroom, when choosing the colors for the walls of your master bedroom, go for colors that motivate love, peace and tranquility such as rose, beige, gold, baby pink, royal blue. Since the master bedroom is a truly unique area, then you should get furniture and decorative pieces that are unique and one of their kinds in the market. To add an elegant touch to your master bedroom, use paintings of quaint provincial life and get small artifacts…

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  • Furniture for Small bedroom – interior design ideas

    Furniture for Small bedroom – interior design ideas

    At the end of a busy, stressful and feverish day, nothing is better than having a tranquil and serene bedroom to relax in. With the next instructions, you can gain enough knowledge about how to make your small bedroom more stylish and calm. Considerations to decorate your small bedroom with an ideal design, Furniture for your small bedroom: The best way to buy furniture that fits your bedroom is to measure the space first. To save more space, opt for tall and slim furniture with few details and a simple design. Likewise, opt for a queen-sized bed instead of a king-sized one and use space-saving cabinets. If you have a small bedroom, it’s better for you to get small pieces of furniture so as not to clutter your bedroom. Try to get storage containers as they are a great substitute for small pieces of furniture. You can hide the containers…

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  • Amazing Childern's Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

    Amazing Childern’s Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

    Our children comprise the most important parts of our lives and we want only the best for them. That is why we must refer to an interior designer as fine as Pamela Jaffke to design a perfectly amazing bedroom for our children. Pamela’s passion for art started since her childhood when she spent hours drawing pictures. Destiny and her persistence toward doing what she loves, lead her to be a prominent interior designer with about 25 years of experience. A mother of her own children, Pamela is capable of relating to you as a parent and your child’s needs when it comes to bedroom interior design. Not only did Pamela complete a four year program at UCLA’s School of Interior & Environmental Design, she’s also a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a CCIDC certified interior designer in California. Being a client of Pamela gives…

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  • Modern Kids Bedrooms by Jennifer and Joanna

    Modern Kids Bedrooms by Jennifer and Joanna

    With about 17 years experience in interior design and the launch of J & J Design Group, Jennifer and Joanna represent an iconic interior designing team. Jennifer and Joanna both graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design which makes them professional designers. Being a mother of her own two boys, Jennifer’s love of bringing in elements of nature, she’s capable with the help of Joanna’s creativity to make stunning modern kids bedroom designs. Over here Jack’s nursery can be noticed with its stylish interior design. The horizontally striped wall behind the crib stands as an awesome focal point with Jack’s name fixed on it. Horizontal strips have the ability of giving the room extra dimensions and widening it visually. Introducing green in the bedding, carpet and chair throw pillow brings a relieving sense of balance to the baby and anyone who comes to visit. The…

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  • children s bedroom interior design

    Children’s bedroom interior design – good colors

    When designing your children’s bed room, it’s important to save space and to keep up beauty and colorful decorations as well. The room should be bright, ventilated and colorful; our choice is to use sleek pieces of furniture, corner wardrobes, or sliding ones with conventional doors, long sleek shelves and low cots, right blend of colors, using the walls and decor to enrich room with a spacious interior scene. We keep the room organized to provide your kids with the right space for play area within their rooms. The most important factor to consider is the kids’ likes and comforts that will be a smart approach. Important hints to follow: • A Dash of Color Adding bright colors like yellow, red and green will be a good idea and when you select your colors be sure they are water based to make cleaning easier and you can also use the…

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