Which bunk bed do you need? princess – twins..

If you have a young twin or a teenager and a young kid and you want to renovate their room, I bet you are having a headache about it. Your kids do not like sharing a room, let alone sharing a bed, and a lot of quarrels take place over this.

No need to worry anymore, with the right tips you will be able to make the right choice regarding the most irritating problem for you which is the bed. Bunk beds come in different shapes, styles and sizes but which to choose? Well, this depends on the gender and the age of your kids.

For young girl twins, a bunk princess bed will be a perfect choice for them, they will love it because they will be able to live their fairytale in vivid colours. There is a variety of princess bed designs in the market and you have to decide how much cuteness you are ready to take in and merge with your overall decoration of the girls’ room.

For your young boy twins, bunk beds come in more masculine designs for our little gentlemen. You will find race car beds and spiderman beds and other endless options. Involve your kids in the choice process and let them live the adventure.

So what if you have two kids, one is a toddler and the other is a teenager? A good choice in this case will be a futon bunk bed, the good thing about them is that the lower bunk is convertible into a sofa. The young kid can have the upper bed if he is not under six, it will give him the feeling of a tree house.

The teenager will be able to have the lower bed as a private space that he can convert into a sofa if he invited some friends or even to listen to music. A loft bunk bed with a desk could work perfectly in this case as well.

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