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Can you buy Prescription Drugs From an Online Pharmacy?

There are tons of online pharmacies offering different kinds of prescription and non- prescription drugs to consumers. Buying non-prescription drugs from an online pharmacy is not such a big deal. Prescription drug, on the other hand, is a different ball game entirely. Prescription drugs are most times sensitive and getting them from the wrong source can be very detrimental to the health of the user. Therefore, it is very critical to be very careful when ordering them from an online pharmacy.

The States of Online Drugs Stores

According to a survey by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, a very high percentage of prescription drugs sold online are counterfeit, unapproved or substandard. Another study shows that one out of four medical doctors has at one time treated patients for bad reactions to drugs purchased from online pharmacies. There is no doubt that there are many great and legal online pharmacies like Meds4sure. However, consumers must also know that there are more rogues pretending to be medical professionals online.

Is it Appropriate to purchase Prescription Drugs from Online Pharmacy?

The answer to the question about whether it is appropriate to purchase prescription drugs from e-pharmacy is dependent on a lot of factors. Ordering drugs from online pharmacies and getting them shipped to you might be an appropriate thing to do if the right procedure is followed. There are many legal procedures that are operative in the medical field and online health stores are not exempted from the procedures. These procedures entail what you must fulfill as the patient and what the online pharmacy must also fulfill. Any bridge by any of the parties might bring about unpleasant circumstances. If you are sure that both you and the online pharmacy can fulfill the terms of the legal requirements for dispensing prescription drugs, you can go ahead to make your purchase.

Requirements for purchasing Prescription Drugs from Online Pharmacy

There are many e-pharmacies that go about advertising that they sell drugs without prescriptions. All you need to do on such sites is to provide the name of the drug and it will be dispatched to you. If you see such an advert, you need to ignore them. Buying drugs from such online pharmacies is very dangerous. You might want to take a step back and consider it. How can a medical professional dispense drug to a patient without a prescription? How would they know that the drug you are requesting for is the right drug for your health issues? If you take a little time to ponder on these questions, you will agree that you really need to avoid such sites.

The most important prerequisite for buying a prescription drug from an online pharmacy is to have a genuine prescription to present to the pharmacy. According to the federal law of the United State of America, before a prescription drug is dispensed, a pharmacy must be able to prove that the buyer has a connection with the doctor that prescribed a drug. Any pharmacy that sells you a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription is illegal. In addition, when a doctor gives you a prescription without seeing you in person and conducting a proper diagnosis you can bet that it is a violating the law.

There are some online pharmacies that request you fill a questionnaire to be able to make a proper diagnosis and prescribe drugs for you. According to the law, this is legal. Before you get a prescription, it is crucial to see a doctor in person. Any other thing apart from this is illegal and can earn the patient as well as the pharmacist a jail term.

Getting Prescription Drugs from a Foreign Online Pharmacy

It is unlawful for a citizen of America to order any drug from a foreign pharmacy. This law is applicable to both conventional and online pharmacies. In other words, it is legal to go online to order prescription drugs from an online pharmacy located outside of the US. It is important to note that in some cases, this law may be waived. If you want to know more about the laws that guide the purchase of drugs from foreign pharmacies, you should check the Food and Drug Administration guide.

How to know if an Online Pharmacy is genuine and legal

There are cases where the best option available to you is to purchase your prescription drug from an online pharmacy. In cases like this, what do you do? Well, you have to go ahead and make the purchase. However, there are some important requirements that the e-pharmacy must meet before you can consider it legal.

License held by the online Pharmacy: This is a very important requirement that an online pharmacy must meet. You need to be sure that the pharmacy is licensed in its state of operation. A licensed pharmacy will not want to jeopardize its license by acting against the FDA rules. So, you can trust such online pharmacy to do only the right thing. In case the pharmacy is located in a foreign country, you need to exercise caution. Read more about what you need to know when buying prescription drugs from a foreign pharmacy.

Does the online pharmacy request for your prescription?A legal pharmacy knows the importance of asking for a prescription from customers before dispensing drugs. If the online pharmacy is not asking for a prescription, then you need to stop dealing with the site. To buy a prescription drug online or otherwise, you need to provide a real doctor’s prescription.

Is there an option to have a telephone discussion with a professional pharmacist?If you are buying a drug from a pharmacy, you should be able to discuss further on your prescription with a medical professional. It is important that you speak with a pharmacist at the online pharmacy even if you do not have anything serious to ask. The point is to confirm that there is a real pharmacist in the company.

Having taken all the precautions mentioned above, you can go ahead to order your prescription drug from an online pharmacy.

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