Chill out in your own kitchen retreat with a coastal design

A kitchen is the core of everyone home where it is considered the second family place after the living room. Because the kitchen is where the family reunite, the food gathering parties held and the place where you spend almost a long time of your day there. Therefore, why don’t you bring a retreat inside the kitchen to feel happy, comfortable and warm?

What about consider a kitchen remodeling? There is nothing comparing a beach relaxation, you may consider a coastal kitchen design to get your dream chill out kitchen. So you need to set your plan for applying this amazing style in your kitchen.

The first thing to consider is your kitchen colors, you need to use some paint shades which you can find actually in the beach like sandy yellow, bright blue, white or even greenish blue, etc. choose two of them and paint one wall with a bright color with another dark shade as an example use a bold sandy yellow with a dark shade of blue.

Then, you have to select the proper cabinets with a durable and cool designed cabinet; you may go for a wooden cabinet painted in white to fit the wall colors. Don’t even worry about the cost, it is slightly handy. The next item to consider is to have a centerpiece maybe a table is good enough.

You can keep your old table for your family reunion and repaint it with a brown shade or golden one then keep the chairs around it with fabric cushions in beach patterns like fishes or lighthouse or even a simple one in blue yellow colored design.

The key feature for this coastal beach theme is the light fixtures which will enhance the overall look. Use a basic light ceiling with wall sconces and under cabinet lights fixtures to have a comfortable and warm feeling. Then, you can add simple accessories like candles on the table and artwork pictures with beach, fishes, shells or any coastal designs.

With few simple touches, you can change your kitchen look into a dream beach look and without spending too much either.
your own kitchen retreat with a coastal design

Chill out in your own kitchen retreat with a coastal design

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