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Choose a fabulous table lamp for your living room

For sure the living room is the core of your home. It is the place where all the family and friends gather, it is also where you all can read, watch TV or even have chats together. Thus the most essential element to care about when decorating your living room is the lighting. The right light accessories is the best way to enhance the great mood and the coziness inside the room.

One of the great accessories is the table lamp which serves well as functional and decorative item. These table lamps are available in wide range of sizes, colors shapes and styles. But you need to consider some tips before buying the right table lamp for you to highlight your unique fabulous taste.

First as number one principle of decoration, you have to fit the table lamp with your whole living room decor. The best thing about the table lamps is that they are available also to match all décors from antique to contemporary. After deciding your table lamp style, you have to take care about the size for the room and the table base. If you have a large room so you need a large table lamp and vice verse.

The next thing to consider is the height to spread well the light and never bother you or your guests. You need to place the table perfectly between the sofa and chairs then measure the height of the table and the right height of the lamp shades is that the bottom of the lamp base in the middle of the one seating face, in order to never distract or annoy the persons. That’s also the best position to reflect your stylish and fabulous taste.

The last feature to consider is the shape and the color; the table lamps have various shapes and colors from the bright colors to dark ones. Be innovative and use different shades not the normal ones to add your personality. But contrast the light shades with the table and the room colors.
fabulous table lamp for your living room

Choose a fabulous table lamp for your living room

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