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Christmas decor for the Bedroom

Do the Christmas celebrations have to end when the family gathering gets dispersed for sleep? Not, of course. Guess who is knocking at the door of your bedroom. It is Santa Clause coming to give you the Christmas gift: he will help you to extend the celebration atmosphere to the bedrooms. Now, you will see how Santa Clause will leave a touch on every item in the bedroom, whether it is your room, your children’s room, or your guests’ room.

A small change in the bedding will convey the atmosphere of celebration. You can get bedspreads in lively colors, like the rich cranberry, bright red, and pine green, and Christmas prints. If you like, you may get a quilt of the same theme. Moreover, you can get some red and white throws against a green bedspread and frame the headboard with a string of white lights.

Even if you have a platform without a headboard, give it a beautiful one with the bright white lights of Christmas. Also, you can use the Christmas plant, poinsettia, for small accessories to your curtains. Make a beautiful red and green poinsettia ring and fasten it to the ribbon tie of the curtain.

White lights to frame your curtains will complement the Christmas palette: white, red, and green. If your window is bare, you can tailor it a curtain out of Christmas items. Decorate the panel with strands of snowflakes and frame the window with a red and green wreath.

After this, you can add the Christmas shapes everywhere in the room. First, get some wall art to tell “merry Christmas”. You can get a full-screen wall mural displaying Santa Clause riding the sleigh which is driven by the reindeer. Or, hang a smaller mural of just a starry night with the shining moon above a table before your bed. Then, put all the Christmas shapes you like on the table, such as a Christmas tree, snowman, candy cane, reindeer, etc. Thus, you give an integrated Christmas look by blending the wall murals with Christmas shapes. In addition, you can hang the Christmas stockings on the curtain rod or just on a rope over your window. It will also be a great idea if you get a Santa Clause doll singing jingle bells to lull you into quiet sleeping with happy dreams at night.

Christmas decor for the Bedroom
Christmas décor for the Bedroom

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