• Outstanding Ideas to Incorporate Dark and Bold Colors in Your Home Décor with Duet Design Group

    Outstanding Ideas to Incorporate Dark and Bold Colors in Your Home Décor with Duet Design Group

    When you intend to provide your home a deep and sophisticated look, the dark or bold colors will be certainly your best choice. Yet, you should use a right amount of such colors in the right spots to avoid creating a depressing look in the place. Here are a few ideas inspired from the projects of Devon Tobin and Duet Design team to help you use such colors creatively. In your large traditional home, you can paint an accent wall black with white trim molding and window frames in addition to colorful furniture and accessories to provide the place a timeless and sophisticated look. You can use patterned wallpaper with light and rich colors, black bookcase frames, dark fabrics, or bold colored accessories or chandeliers to provide your home a touch of elegance and sophistication. If you have a small spaced room or need to create a fresh, yet sophisticated…

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  • How to Coordinate the Colors of Your Kitchen by Dream Kitchens

    How to Coordinate the Colors of Your Kitchen by Dream Kitchens

    Are you going to decorate your new kitchen or remodel your existing one? The tips to choose your traditional or modern kitchen colors inspired from the projects of Dream Kitchen team members will certainly fascinate you. To define the perfect colors for your kitchen, you should define the mood you need to create such as such as relaxing, airy, energetic, timeless, dramatic, or luxurious. After you define your favorite color pallet, you can choose your cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, floor, and appliances. The dark colored cabinets with light natural stone countertops and warm-colored wooden floor or natural earth tone tiles will provide your kitchen a dramatic and warm feel. The neutral colored appliances such as stainless steel refrigerators, white or black ovens, and black induction cooktops will match any mood and style and provide the place an ultimate function. If you need to provide the place a pop of color, the…

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  • cheerful-and-inviting-color-options-for-your-modern-home-inspired-from-the-projects-of-jac-interiors

    Cheerful and Inviting Color Options for Your Modern Home Inspired from the Projects of JAC Interiors

    The cheerful and happy family members are defined mainly by their choice of their home interior and exterior colors. However, you should use such cheerful carefully to protect your eyes from eye-glare. The cheerful colors and patterns used by JAC Interiors will certainly inspire you to choose the perfect colors for your home. If you think the turquoise or light blue colors are perfect only for your kids’ rooms, you should change your concepts. The fresh blue furniture with white or yellow accents and a large source of natural light will provide your living room an eye-catching look. In Santa Monica, Andrea Putman of JAC Interiors chooses an accent wall in each room to display a bold and fresh color providing the place a cheerful look. If your home is already painted neutral colors, you can provide the place a cheerful look using tiny decorative elements such as orange fresh…

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  • Inspiring Color Choice Techniques by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

    Inspiring Color Choice Techniques by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

    The psychology of colors is the first criteria you should consider when you intend to decorate a new or an existing home. Such colors will affect your family members’ activities and reflect your personalities at the same time. In this article, Jennifer Pacca Interiors team will share you a few techniques to choose the perfect colors for your home. Every room in your home needs a special decorating way as per its function and formality. Jennifer Pacca and her team apply this technique in a Spring Lake residence painting the living room light pink ceiling with cream and light grey Furniture and walls to enhance the welcoming look of the place and painting the bedroom soothing shades. Even if you will choose only white and black colors, you should use the perfect accent colors to provide your home a unique personality. In a Montvale house, Jennifer’s team members choose the…

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  • Interesting Warm Colors for Your Modern Home by Friedman and Shields

    Interesting Warm Colors for Your Modern Home by Friedman and Shields

    Color is a powerful way to set a certain mood or style in your home; so, try to use it carefully. The warm shades are restful and somehow stimulating, yet you can enhance such a look using the right lighting options. The decorative elements of Traci Shields and her team’s projects will certainly inspire you to find the best color pallet for your home. The neutral colors with their light and dark shades can provide your home an incredibly calming look. Traci Shields and her team create a luxurious look in a modern home using monochromatic shades of brown walks, floor, and furniture. Above the custom gas fireplace, the designers install a combination of brown textural wall panels and walnut strips- looking panels to create the focal point of the living area. Friedman and Shields team members enhance the warm look of the place using cove lighting, spotlights, and warm…

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  • Professional Color Inspiration Ideas by Kelly Guinaugh for Your Home Décor

    Professional Color Inspiration Ideas by Kelly Guinaugh for Your Home Decor

    The color has unmatched effect upon your home and your family members’ moods and life; so, you should choose the main and accent colors carefully. The color inspiration can be a piece of furniture, fabric, accessory, an outdoor flower, or even an item out of your imagination. Thanks to the latest technology in different fields, you can find almost anything you need with whatever color you choose. This way, you can incorporate your favorite shades easily to your home decor. Whenever you see a picture including your favorite shade, try to screenshot it and save it using a photocopy app to your coming decor date. Using such picture, you can coordinate three or four contrasting or matching colors that will match your topic whether it is sports, fashion, feminine, or elegant. Getting your home color inspiration from an interior designer’s project will let you see the same color in different…

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  • Funny colorful kid’s furniture

    Funny colorful kid’s furniture

    Having a child into your home is a blessing. Decorating your child room is so funny and creative task. You should consider picking functional, safe and colorful furniture. You have also to be sure that the room theme is so joyful and enjoyable for the kid and reflect his/her personality. It is common for a girl room to choose pinky color or light red to have a princess feeling while for the boy room you may choose blue or brown and design the room in sportive style. But you need to make the kid’s room more lively and colorful to be eye-catching and enhance your child energetic feel. So what about to consider the animal themed furniture for the kid’s room and it can be ideal for both genders. This theme is of course designed for the children to be safe and functional. There are so many pieces of animal…

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  • Fresh and Colorful Furniture Set that enhance the one’s creativity and imagination

    Fresh and Colorful Furniture Set that enhance the one’s creativity and imagination

    Every day we always seek to know more and more about the newest items in the world around us in our daily life basics. The most important thing that you as a person care about is your home sets, where you want it to be funny, colorful and charming. For these purposes, the contemporary companies are always inventing new items and features to match everyone needs and taste. They care about providing you funny and colorful sets for your home in general and especially for your kid’s room and your beautiful garden. The contemporary sets are usually simple and attractive; the manufacturers everyday invent charming and elegant items to fit your living room, bedroom, kitchen and, of course, your kids room and so on. The contemporary items are all about a simple design, smooth lines, and nice decorations. The contemporary designs are now inspired by the geometry and the living…

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  • Color inspirations to create specific mood and to beautify the overall look

    Color inspirations to create specific mood and to beautify the overall look

    Every homeowner when designing his house seeks the perfection and wants to get the best as he could. The designing is all about setting a perfect plan of combining the matched items together from the colors of everything to how to place your items according to the size and the beautiful style. But the color scheme will always remain the number one basic when you select a prefect color you will be sure to get matched items colors and you can easily set your desirable mood. When you go to choose your colors you have to choose from the interiors color wheels which will enable you to match more than one color together. But you need first to get everything clear about the colors. The colors are divided into three basic groups; first, the active colors are including red, yellow and orange, then, there are the passive colors like blue,…

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  • Create your elegant and romantic bedroom with red color scheme

    Create your elegant and romantic bedroom with red color scheme

    Every newly married couple is seeking to get the best décor for their home especially their bedroom where they will relax and sleep. When they are thinking about designing their bedroom they need something new and creative within their taste too. What about having an elegant and romantic red bedroom design! There is no doubt that red is a strong color which will add warmth and depth to your bedroom. But when you are about creating a red bedroom theme you need to consider some features. First, red is romantic but it is also strong color and you can’t overwhelm your room only with red. Then, here arises the question how to get the best red bedroom theme? You need to choose the red shade you prefer as a wine red, dark red, cherry red and so on. After choosing the basic red color for the wall, you have to…

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  • What about going for a green colored bedroom and enjoy the natural beauty!

    What about going for a green colored bedroom and enjoy the natural beauty!

    There is no doubt that the bedroom is where you almost spend the 1/3 of your time there. Thus, when you stay on your bedroom you need to feel cozy and relaxed. The bedroom décor should emphasis this feeling. How to achieve this goal! We will talk about that in this article. The number one basic of any room décor is how you can create a perfect look with playing with the room colors. All the scientific studies prove that the colors have a great impact on setting a specific mood inside the room. so when you begin decorating your bedroom you should think about the room colors. As above mentioned that you need a comfortable atmosphere so what about selecting one or two of green hues! It is really amazing and popular for bedrooms which green is a relaxing color, plus it calms you and makes you feel relaxed…

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  • The Art of Using Natural Colors and Materials with Bates Design Association

    The Art of Using Natural Colors and Materials with Bates Design Association

    The natural colors and materials create a timeless, powerful, and relaxing home. Such natural elements will blend perfectly with the classic, cottage, contemporary, and high-end home styles. The designs of Bates Design Association can inspire you with different ways to use such natural elements in your home. The timeless classic colors and materials are still trendy and inviting because of their natural elements. In a 90’s home, the team members of Bates Design Associates create a remodel using the shades of beige and brown along with natural color accents including blue, white, gold, and green.An elegant French touch with natural materials creates a fabulous look in a formal home. The team use framed paintings of natural views, fresh green plants, natural stone surfaces, and wooden furniture to provide such a formal home a timeless and vivid look. The natural colors along with natural light and air create a fabulous look…

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  • Colorful Bedroom Decorating Ideas for enhancing your kid creativity

    Colorful Bedroom Decorating Ideas for enhancing your kid creativity

    Decorating your kid’s room is a challenging and enjoyable task too. You seek the best for your kid and you want to decorate his/her room perfectly in a way that enhance your kid creativity and make him/her love life to be more energetic. The way you decorate your kid bedroom will impact on your child life and actions. So here is a critical question how to design your child bedroom and what are the available choices in the market. The best thing you can ever know is that the designing ideas for a kid bedroom is endless and there are many and many items available in the market to suit everyone taste and needs. Plus the budget is for sure concerns everybody, so there is also milliard of items and decorative elements that vary in prices to fit your budget. Above all, you have to keep in mind your kid’s…

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  • The 4 Spells you Need to Learn When Dealing with the Magic of Colors

    The 4 Spells you Need to Learn When Dealing with the Magic of Colors

    Have you ever looked at something that has no colors? This seems somewhat hard to imagine so let me rephrase it: Have you ever looked at a picture or a design of a room online or in a magazine with and without colors? What do you think now about the effect of colors? Isn’t it magical? Colors are a wondrous magic that – when used carefully- could make your place look a whole lot better. You will learn here a few spells that will let you use the magic of colors effectively to make your house look better. 1- The first spell is the spell of enlargement. The right colors enlarge small rooms and make them look a lot bigger. White, yellow and pale accents of most colors make your rooms seem more spacious. Use soft shades and light bright colors to give your room a spacious look. 2- Another…

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  • 3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Colors

    3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Colors

    Choosing suitable colors for your bedroom is an important step of your bedroom’s remodeling process. There is a wide variety of colors you could choose from which can be problematic at times. Choosing the right color might be all you need to have a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere, while choosing unsuitable colors may be the definition of disaster. Here are a few tips on choosing bedroom colors. 1- Choose the atmosphere you wish to invoke. Bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. It is where you shed off the tiresome worries and responsibilities of your everyday life to have a peaceful time to yourself. Thus, you need to choose colors that convey a sense of relaxation. Soft accents of blue and green work best especially if you live somewhere hot. 2- Consider the lighting of your room. If you were living in a place that does not get much…

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  • 4 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Colors for Your Living Room

    4 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Colors for Your Living Room

    The living room is the center of action in your house. You sit there with your family members to chat and watch TV, founding by this the tight family bond over years. You also receive and entertain your guests there. Sometimes you even get your afternoon nap there when you feel like changing the view from your bedroom. Therefore, it is given that it is an important place and thus should be decorated carefully. You will learn here a few tips on choosing the perfect colors for your living room. 1- Choose colors for your living room that match with the colors in the rest of your house. Colors should have harmony. Choosing colors that are not suitable with the rest of your house will draw attention to flaws. 2- Consult designers if you are hesitant about what colors to choose. You can even consult them online. Just take pictures…

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  • Colorful and Whimsical Nursery Decorating Ideas

    Colorful and Whimsical Nursery Decorating Ideas

    Designing a colorful nursery will be your own task as your baby doesn’t have the ability to choose or express his feels. This will be your first chance to form the character of your future children in the right way. You can give the room a whimsical feel using different decorative and designing ideas like what will be discussed in the coming lines. The ocean theme will be perfect in your boy nursery as it may include an open-mouthed predator bed or a small bed on the shape of a boat or a dolphin. The glassy off-white and black nursery with an acrylic crib, pillows on the shape of cute animals, cubic pendant lights, and fur furnishings will let you add the whimsical decorative pieces that will match the theme of the room. The bright colors will be a motivation for happiness and activity for your children if you can…

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  • The Importance of Decorating a Colorful Kid’s Room – Blue and Pink theme

    The Importance of Decorating a Colorful Kid’s Room – Blue and Pink theme

    The kid’s room is a very special place in your house. It should be well-decorated and designed. It should be colorful to enhance the kid’s imagination. Color is a vital part in the kid’s environment and improves his/her creativity. Every parent has the desire to give their kids the best as they could. Decorating a kid bedroom can be a very funny task, you can do it yourself to fill it with cheerful atmosphere. The first thing to do is to select the proper theme to fit with a girl or a boy’s room. Then choose the wall color or put colorful wallpapers. These themes and colors will help you then to choose the right furniture and accents. The theme: you choose the themes according to the kid’s gender. A girl’s room is preferable to be themed in pink or red, while blue and green are more ideal for boys.…

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  • Colors that you should Paint your House in & it’s Psychology

    Colors that you should Paint your House in & it’s Psychology

    “Green with envy” , “seeing red” , “feeling blue” . Those are examples for associating your mood with colors. Color is capable of affecting your mood whatever it’s your clothes or the paint of your walls. So take notice of choosing colors that makes you happy. When you want to paint any room in your household; choose a color that accomplish the purpose of the room; say you want to paint your office then paint it in vibrant, deep ocean blue as psychologists say it a great productive color. Give your little girl a safe, comfortable and optimistic atmosphere when she wants to play or sleep by painting her room in petal pink; which is calming, warm and gives a girly style. Yellow is wonderful for your kitchen it provides energy and increase your metabolism. It is great for family gatherings and for cooking. Now for your living room it…

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  • Gorgeous Ideas for Small Bedrooms

    Gorgeous Ideas for Small Bedrooms -The Correct Choice of Colors, Mirrors, and Lighting

    Small spaces always create a kind of challenge in decorating them and bedroom is no exception. Here we offer you a number of simple ideas that would help you to decorate your bedroom no matter how small it is. • Say Goodbye to clutter : Cluttering will actually narrow the small space you have. You have no choice, you must get rid of all sorts of clutter, whether they are old receipts, magazines, newspaper, toys, bundle of papers,…etc. Remove any sort of clutter or keep them in a suitable place and let this action be a kind of habit that you should be committed to. • Not all furniture work for any space: Avoid putting wide and short wardrobes or dressers in your small bedroom. Go for slender yet high pieces of furniture that look so simple and contain few ornaments. The choice of such furniture will not only offer…

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