• Illuminated Furniture Pieces – Color and Design

    Illuminated Furniture Pieces – Color and Design

    The illuminated furniture is a great way to have an interesting and a dynamic home with a funky atmosphere. This furniture will add a world of colors that will amuse your kids or spread a serene feel into your room according to the type of lighting. Such a kind of technology can be used in the public areas, such as streets and stores. Having an illuminated set of table and its chairs in your bedroom will help you spend a tranquil and amusing night. This table can be an interesting decoration that will add any mood you want by pressing one bottom. To get the right mood and best decoration, you can add the lights with the colors that will match your room’s color and design. At the special occasions, you can install neutral colors and classic styles. Apart from the illuminated set of table and chairs, you can get…

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  • The Psychological Effect of Colors in your Living Room

    The Psychological Effect of Colors in your Living Room

    Colors are used usually to inspire certain emotions, give an illusion of a spacious room, and set the mood and atmosphere of the room. In your living room, this mood can affect you, your family members, and your guests in a positive or negative way. That’s why you should select wisely the exact shades of colors that will be used in your living room. You should understand the properties of the color that you will use for painting your living room. The deep tones will warm up your space during the winter nights and help to create a welcoming living room. On contrary, the cool colors such as blue and light green will refresh your living room in the hot summer days. The psychologists think that the soft shades of the blue color are calming and relaxing to the extent that they can down the bloods pressure. You can create…

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  • Bathroom Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Fashion

    Bathroom Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Fashion

    There are myriad options when it comes to choosing your bathroom paint color. While all those countless color combinations available in the market today are highly in-demand, there’s no way to guarantee their popularity for more than a couple of years. Some colors go in and out of style and others are reliably timeless no matter what. To avoid indecisiveness and eliminate the need for constant renovation in the future, you should choose colors that are known to remain in-style the longest. Neutral light colors and white fixtures are virtually your best solution. Go for off-white, ivory, beige, light tan, red, or mint green as a dominant color in your bathroom. Not only do these colors stay popular the longest, but also they lend your bathroom a larger, airier, and more relaxing and soothing look. Another advantage of using neutral colors, especially white, is that they can be beautifully combined…

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  • Change the Look of your Bathroom – Different Colors

    Change the Look of your Bathroom – Different Colors

    Three steps that will change the look of your bathroom, How often do you think of renewing your bathroom? The reason for such a question is the fact that we always leave our furniture and decorations till they collapse and this make our job an ultra hard one in means of effort and cost. It is maintenance and refreshment that most keep things together with the same elegance they had the day you bought them. Ten years ago when my mother decided that she will redecorate our house just after I got engaged, everybody wondered why! They told her that the house was still as good as new and everyone wondered how she did it. After I pursued the career of interior design I finally got it! She always told me that it was about the simple things and indeed it is. For instance, refreshing your bathroom is doable in…

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  • How to Create a Color Flow throughout a Home

    How to Create a Color Flow throughout a Home

    Some color consistency will create a matchless cohesive appealing look through your house, especially if it has adjacent rooms or an open floor plan. The challenge is to identify each place with a subtly different feeling and still create a harmonized masterpiece. The most valuable advice any expert would give you is to use one single color in each room. If brown is your favorite color, add one different unifying brown element in each room and keep the other colors variable. Thereby, you can install brown backsplashes and barstools in your kitchen, an elegant brown area rug in your dining room, a brown leather sofa in your living room, and then paint your entryway walls brown. Another way to create continuity is to paint all of the trim throughout rooms with the same color. Consider one shade of white that complement the color of your walls and apply it to…

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  • Zen Living Room Design – De-clutter, Color and Furniture

    Zen Living Room Design – De-clutter, Color and Furniture

    Stressful situations are inevitable to face in the modern mundane life whether at work, school or during a visit to the market. That is why a home should be a refuge for all family members to unwind and forget all their troubles. Choosing Zen living room design can be the first step to create an environment that anyone would look forward to be in for relaxation.Zen is a philosophy that first originated in China and is applied by the Japanese which uses clarity to attain the peace of mind required for meditation. Follow the next tips to have a soothing Zen living room design. De-clutter : The initial step to get the best of Zen living room design is to get rid of all the unnecessary items. This means that anything that stands in the face of energy flow and is rarely used must be removed for the sack of…

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  • Curtain Design Elements – Color and Fabric

    Curtain Design Elements – Color and Fabric

    The color, fabric, length of your curtain, and your personal taste are the most important elements that should be considered when you select one for any room in your home. This curtain can set the mood of every room whether it is romantic, warm, whimsical, stylish, or airy. This article will give you the outlines that you should consider when purchasing a new curtain. The color of your curtain should depend on the colors and style of the room. The style will decide if you will choose a curtain with a matching or contrasted color. The traditional styled room will need a matching colored curtain and the modern styled room will look vibrant and dynamic using contrasting colored curtain that can be considered a focal point. The printed, stripped, or patterned curtain will enhance the theme of the room giving you a unified look. The fabrics of your curtains will…

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  • The Influence of Most Popular Color Palettes

    The Influence of Most Popular Color Palettes

    Colors we choose for our interior have a huge impact upon our subconscious mind. They are deeply associated with how we feel at home and in order to choose a color palette for each room, we have to be familiar with the basics of the color wheel. Here are some of the most attractive interior paint color combinations that you can play around with. Red: It’s a powerful color that radiates vitality and vibrancy and for that reason, pure red shouldn’t be used in large proportions. However, darker shades of red are known to stimulate appetite and create a comfortable atmosphere; that’s why they’re recommended in dining rooms. There are numerous other shades of red such as watermelon, pinks, and burgundy. For a great color scheme, consider painting one accent wall in burgundy red and others in off-white. White: It’s a timeless neutral color that reflects light in a beautiful…

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  • Experts’ Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

    Experts’ Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

    Hans Hofmann was more than a genius when he said “It is not the form that dictates the color, but the color that brings out the form.” It really is a color scheme that boosts tranquility in your bedroom and what could also manage to eliminate it. From soothing greens to invigorating reds, you could create any atmosphere you want. Read on to learn how to choose the right color combinations. In order to choose a proper color scheme, you have to take into account the kind of look you aim for, the use and placement of the room, what kind of lighting – natural & artificial – is allowed in your room, its furniture, and last but not least, your preferences in terms of color & style. You have to think a little beyond colors you love though, because not all colors you like would sure match your interior…

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  • Designing Kids Bathroom – Colors and Themes

    Designing Kids Bathroom – Colors and Themes

    Most people when they plan to design a bathroom for their kids the first thing that come to the mind is using bold and bright colors , choosing a particular theme for the kids that suit their tastes and interests now can become boring for them later on when they grow up and have different interests , so you should carefully make the choice of the theme of your kids bathroom . Choosing a theme that will be interesting for your kids as they grow up and also interesting for them in this age they are on now will save you a lot of money , effort and time that you will spend in the future to renovate their bathroom to suit their new interests . Colors like blue , red , gray , green catch the interest of boys on the other hand colors like pink , purple ,…

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  • Designing A Tropical Bathroom – Colors, Accessories and Theme

    Designing A Tropical Bathroom – Colors, Accessories and Theme

    If you want to have a tropical retreat in your own house i would like to tell you that your dream can possibly come true even if you are restricted by a small budget , you can have a tropical theme for your bathroom just by changing a few elements in the bathroom such as floor covers , light fixtures , shower curtains , towels , cabinets colors and walls colors . A very important factor that have a huge effect in the general ambiance of the bathroom is the wall colors and floor tiles , use warm earthy colors for the tiles or tend to use shades of blue , orange pink and purple for the tiles to enhance the tropical feel , use wall murals to decorate the walls with a bit of a bold color , or paint a wall theme on the wall but if you…

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  • Bedrooms Window Curtains Colors

    Bedrooms Window Curtains Colors

    Your bedroom is the place where you will spend nearly half of the rest of your life; so, you will need to design every piece of the room carefully. Your bedroom window curtain will help you set the right mood and create a sense of harmony into the room. In addition, curtains are responsible for controlling the amount of light entering the room to help you relax and sleep deeply. The color of your bedroom’s curtain should be suitable to the size, style and design of the room. If you have a large room, you can use a patterned or contrasted colored curtain to create a dramatic and warm feel into the room. However, the small bedrooms will need complementary shades of the same colors used in the room. You can use these contrasted colors in the modern bedroom, but the classic room will look harmonized using one matching color.…

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  • Colors Make a Room Look Bigger – Limited Space

    Colors Make a Room Look Bigger – Limited Space

    Make a room look bigger: learn more about what colors can do to your room. What can I do to make a decoration overlook certain space defau? There are always new tricks to apply here and there to trick your guests’ eyes away from the limited space you have. One of the coolest tricks of all time is an intelligent usage of colors. Colors can be the difference between the looks of two spaces of the same dimensions. If you apply colors correctly you win yourself extra space to your room and avoid the suffocation feeling you had the last time you thought of changing the color of your room. It does not have to be tragic; just with some simple knowledge you will gain it all. The oldest and most simple trick ever in the book is the fact that light colors give space and dark colors need space.…

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  • Kitchen Cabinet Design – Different Colors

    Kitchen Cabinet Design – Different Colors

    Your kitchen cabinet is one of the largest items in your kitchen that function as a storage space to organize your appliances and utensils in. This cabinet’s designation will depend mainly on your kitchen needs, objectives, and preferences. So, you will need to think well about your ideas and priorities to come up with a flawless design. Your kitchen cabinet should be made of the material that will go with your kitchen style. The traditional kitchens will need a wooden cabinet with different colors from the golden yellow to the black or dark colors in general. The standard traditional cabinets can be made of a combination of solid hardwood and plywood to create a durable and well looking cabinet. If you need an inexpensive solution, you can make your cabinet of plywood or pine with exterior panel made of more expensive hardwood. The modern kitchen will go with a stainless…

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  • Kitchen Color Designs

    Kitchen Color Designs

    The color of your kitchen should be your own choice because you will spend most of your time cooking, preparing food, or having this delicious food with your family and loveable friends. This time is supposed to be an enjoying and useful time to come up with creative ideas for delicious food. You can choose the colors of your kitchen according to your personality, your hobbies, or the colors that will remind you with someone you love. Your kitchen should have a special way of dealing. Its colors and decorations should be changed regularly, regardless the colors used in the rest of your home, to avoid the boring look. You can amuse yourself by whimsical shapes made by the tiles of your island or backsplashes. The most important thing is to remodel the color of your kitchen whenever you feel that there is an interesting idea that will create a…

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  • Modern Bathroom Design – Tiles and Colors

    Modern Bathroom Design – Tiles and Colors

    What do you need more from a bathroom design than the ease to clean, functionality and a refreshing look?! All these characters exist in a modern bathroom design which is distinguished by all the sleek details needed from a bathroom. When you get to understand a modern bathroom design, you will be able to have the best bathroom to freshen up in the morning and wash down the tiredness after a stressful day for an affordable budget. Maintaining a bathroom cleanness are of utmost importance. Modern bathroom designs are covered from the top to the bottom in tiles that are easy to clean and that don’t retain water otherwise they will soak to the lower layer and get ruined. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very common in bathroom designs but perhaps the most modern type of tiles is the glass tiling. The only disadvantage about glass tiles is that they…

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  • Bedroom Color Schemes that offers Ethereal Beauty

    Bedroom Color Schemes that offers Ethereal Beauty

    A big part of color psychology goes like this; when warm and rich colors as red and orange are applied in a room, they add limitless energy and vibrancy but would make your room look kind of closed up. Cold colors such as blue and green offer a tranquil relaxing effect on your mind, whereas neutral colors like beige, brown, and cream lend a stable delicate background which gives you a great opportunity to use bold colors with accessories and fabrics without compromising mental comfort. Whilst choosing your favorite colors in your own sanctuary is a must, maintaining its harmonious calm atmosphere is equally important. Here are some color combinations that would hopefully help you achieve both. Scroll down, would you? As your bedroom is a place to retire and unwind from tiring lives, it’s evidently no place for bright colors. Although they are vigorous, stimulating and what nots, they…

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  • Curtains For Your Bedroom – Colors and Light

    Curtains For Your Bedroom – Colors and Light

    The bedroom represent for all of us that Peaceful place where we relax and recharge our energy level to be able to face new challenges in the next day , the bedroom curtains have a direct effect On your mood , hence you have to be careful while choosing your bedroom curtains . As agreed about some colors generate negative energy and some others generate positive energy in the ambiance of the bedroom which directly affects you . Colors a like beige, different shades of white, light purple, pink or nautical colors such as light blue or gray gives a charming and a harmonious peaceful effect on your mood ,besides these colors mainly goes well with most bedroom sets and designs , on the other hand avoid dark colors as they make the bedroom more depressing ,and super bright colors increase the negative feelings . Curtains play an important role…

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  • Living Rooms Wall Colors

    Living Rooms Wall Colors

    The colors used in your living room will affect not only the mood of your family, but also that’s of your friends and guests. That’s why you should choose the colors that will give the required results exactly. There are many ways that will help you choose the needed color that will reflect whatever mood or idea you want. It will be a great idea to choose the color of your living room according to the color of the biggest piece of furniture. The color wheel will help you decide the exact colors or shades you will need. Just try to compare the color of your furniture pieces to the different shades in the wheel to reach the exact color. If you need an easier way to achieve this task, you can use the virtual interior painting that will help you see how the color will look on your walls…

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  • Bathroom Color Designs

    Bathroom Color Designs

    Defining the mood and look of your bathroom depends mainly on the combination of colors used there. You may want to create a special retreat in your bathroom to relief your soul from the burdens of life; thus, you can paint this room your favorite color regardless the colors and designs used at the rest of your home. Otherwise, your bathroom will need to be unified with the design of your home. Your bathroom should be decorated according to its style and design. The modern style bathroom will look sleek and elegant to help you overcome your distress and enjoy the beauty of life. To achieve this style, you can paint your walls a chocolate brown or dark red color with one of the pastel colors. You can use the royal colors, i.e. silver and golden colors, as accents for your white bathroom. You can give your white bathroom a…

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