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Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

A condo, although smaller than a detached home, is still popular with homeowners – single or married couples – who do not want or need a lot of space and landscape to take care of. However, decorating it can be somewhat challenging as the space of a condo is usually smaller than a house and storage space is usually hard to come by.

In the following section are some ideas and tips that might help you to decorate your condo, make it seem bigger and add storage.

Paint your walls a light neutral color and the ceiling a shade lighter. A light color will make your living room feel more spacious. You can go for a blue-gray color if you want a calming effect or a pale yellow if you want a warm and cozy feel.

You can also make your living room seem bigger by hanging mirrors as they create the illusion of open space and also reflect light, especially if placed opposite a window. Placing the mirror in such a way will make the room larger and brighter. You can also place the mirror over a fireplace.

To bring more light into the room keep the window treatments simple. Use sheer curtain panels instead of thick, heavy fabrics or nothing at all if privacy is not an issue.

The furniture should also be chosen while keeping the small space in mind. For instance, choose an armless sofa or an apartment chair instead of a love seat. Moreover, choose furniture that is versatile. For instance, choose a futon that can be used also as a guest bed, a coffee table with drawers underneath or ottomans that lift up to store items in.

For the floor put two small area rugs instead of one large one as this will also help your room appear larger.

The following breathtaking pictures illustrate clearly how you can benefit from this arrangement of decor.

Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

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