Cozy Bedroom – Enjoy the coziness and the simplicity of the country style inside your bedroom

Your bedroom is considered your safe haven where you can relax comfortably. What can give you such comfort and freshness except the country style? The country style becomes popular nowadays because of its simplicity and the maximum coziness it could provide.

Why we recommended the country bedroom style! Simply, because this style is all about natural materials, unfussy and practical furnishings, airiness and rich color schemes which means that it will add life and comfort to your room atmosphere. This style will stay with you for a long time plus when you want to remodel your bedroom you can keep the original country style with other styles that will be charming too. So it will be an amazing investment to your home and will add value and character to it.

In any décor, the color scheme is the basic to begin with. The country bedroom style is characterized by simple and plain wall look. You can choose between the both options whether the wallpapers if you like or even go for wall paintings like light pinks, blues, and mauves or go for natural dye colors like off-white, and white. This will be ideal for your simple country bedroom look.

Then, wood is the key feature in this style. For floorings, as an example, it is preferred to use pine wood boards for your bedroom floors and decorate it with printed rug with floral patterns or any nature-inspired patterns. The furniture is also made of durable wood which can be stained or painted as you prefer. You can also as alternative to add a style and character to your bedroom to choose a traditional brass bed with the wooden furniture if your budget is enough to do so.

Remember the light is the most important feature for any decor to be shown. So you should go for a soft light which is so similar to the natural one. For country style, it is amazing to add wooden candles’ as wall lights and don’t forget the bedside tables lamp.
At last, to complete the country-style decor go for artificial flowers in glass vases and soft light curtains for the window.
Enjoy the coziness and the simplicity of the country style inside your bedroom

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