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Create a charming and feminine bedroom for your baby girl

Decorating a girl bedroom is a fun task, you will enjoy designing your princess bedroom. You need to take care of every little detail inside your princess room; it is not just some items to pick together but it is an enjoyable process to create a paradise bedroom for your little princess.

First before deciding the room items and colors, you have to bear in mind to design a room that grows up with your child, don’t be narrow-minded. Now for a girlish bedroom, every girl prefer the pink shades which contrast well with white and green stripes shades for accents also to make a pretty princess bedroom.

The other feminine colors options are red and white, purple shades etc. The important item for a charming girl’s bedroom is to choose the right bedding. You can pick a canopy girlish bed with pink and creamy color and princess drawing or you may opt for floral designed one. Then don’t forget to consider the best fabric for the bed as cotton to provide a comfortable item for your little princess. It should be also durable and safe.

A girlish floor rugs; it is important to enhance the charming and girlish look with the rugs and accent. There are a wide collection of girlish rugs to throw them down on the floor instead of normal carpet like a Tinkerbelle rugs or any princess design. There are too pink rugs with white stripe color or a pink and brown flower designed rugs.

The lighting and accessories; as the color scheme depends on a pinky shades, so a pink chandelier adds a wonderful cozy look at every girl bedroom and she will love it while growing up. To complete the theme you can pick accents like colorful wall artwork, princess clock, butterfly toy box to serve as storage, throwing decorated pillows with light cheerful colors, pink floral lampshades, etc. After doing that’s all you now have an ideal girlish bedroom.
charming and feminine bedroom for your baby girl

Create a charming and feminine bedroom for your baby girl

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