Creative Ways to Maximize your Space

When designing your new small apartment, the main problem that would face you may be the shortage of space. You will need adequate space to place your furniture and to hide any possible clutter at any room. Here are some tips to maximize your space and make use of every inch in your small apartment.

The activities made in your living room will need many furniture items and create more clutters. So, you will need to make a lay out to define a certain space for every item of furniture making your ultimate use of the corners. The corner cabinet can hold your TV with its belongings or it could be used as storage space for your staff or clutters. You may use light furniture as possible as you can. The glass and slim looking furniture will give spacious look to the room. You can make use of the vertical spaces mounting wide and decorative shelves, cabinets, or bookcases to free the floor. The over headed light will give spacious look to the room along with framed mirror and art works.

To maximize the space of your bedroom, you may opt for the loft bed, bunk bed, or stack bed. The loft bed is usually elevated with space below for a desk or computer. If you have more than one kid, you can select a durable bunk bed with two layers of mattresses, the upper layer is going horizontally and the lower one is vertical. The stake bed has twin size at the top and full size at the bottom. Any one of these beds will give your bedroom an additional space to be used for other basic furniture items. Wall mounted bins or baskets may be a hiding place for your stuff to find your items easily.

Choose white sink, shower, and toilet with ceiling spot lights and big mirrors to make your bathroom look spacious. Then, you may hide all the clutters and use sheer window treatment or glass blocks to let the light in and have privacy at the same time. For decoration, you can use warm colors and light tones to go with the light colors in your bathroom.
Creative Ways to Maximize your Space

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