Dark Furniture for a Dramatic Look

Using dark furniture is an indication for your refined taste and elegance. Such furniture items will add a dramatic look and serve as durable furniture that will last for long years. However, this kind of furniture will need special care and regular cleaning to look new every day.

To use the dark furniture, your home shouldn’t be too small. That’s because dark colors always give allusion of a smaller space. To solve this problem, you can let the natural light enter the house all the day, and to install an illuminated artificial light. This kind of furniture will need regular cleaning because it becomes dirty very quickly. In addition, the dark furniture need to be polished well to avoid peeling out and scratches.

The dark furniture will attract your guest’s attention and look new all the time. A piece of dark furniture along with wall arts and matching area rug will achieve the versatile appeal that will add a dramatic and dimensional look to your room. This furniture can be made of mahogany, mango, or rosewood. It can be stained or painted dark colors such as dark grey, brown, or blue.

Try to balance the colors into your room using lighter shades or colors with the dark furniture. Try to use light colors in the walls, ceiling, fabric, accessories, or other furniture items. You can balance the colors into the room using the light and dark shades of the same color. For example, your living room will reflect a dramatic look if you can use a dark table with matching ceiling and floor boarders and one wall along with light colored sofas and the rest of your walls, ceiling, and floor. The brown colored room, for example, shall has dark shades such as walnut or umber surrounded by light shades like khaki or coffee brown or lighter shades such as beige or tan.

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