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  • Romantic Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom for Valentines Day

    Romantic Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

    When you hear Valentine’s Day the first things that come to your mind are flowers, candles and chocolate. I will help you with some ideas using flowers, candles and so many other things to decorate your bedroom and spread the Valentine’s Day spirit in it. Start your valentine’s day with a romantic breakfast, try to make the food look different for example make heart shape omelet and put a red flower on the table. Try to have your breakfast in your balcony and enjoy Valentine’s Day fresh air. Let’s get inside the bedroom to start our decoration time. Make the lighting so soft using your soft light lamps or spread aroma candles all over the bedroom. Choose a good fabric sheet for your bed in Valentine’s Day; try to choose it in romantic colors like white, pearl or gold. Buy heart shape pillows and put them on the bed, or…

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  • How to Use Framed Art Prints in Decorating your bathroom

    How to Use Framed Art Prints in Decorating your Bathroom?

    Today, the bathroom has become a space of refuge where one can wash up and relax to prepare for starting the day. Just begin with your taste and your style. Then use framed art prints, which give you a variety of decorating items to choose from what you wish. Country style, vintage and contemporary can help you decorate your bathroom and improve its overall look. First, let us begin with vintage bathroom art. It is the art that gets you back to the good old days. Hence it is suited those who are looking for the original ambiance of the house. You can practice this by reusing vintage fixtures and antique design styles, which enables you to retrieve that classic feeling. Second, we can talk about Contemporary Bathroom Art, which can be displayed, with framed art sets. It would be very useful for people who have a small space, especially…

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  • Attractive Little Girls Bedroom with a Fairy

    How to Decorate an Attractive Little Girl Bedroom with a Fairy-tale Theme

    The Fairy tale theme is suitable for most of the little girls because of its light colors and magical look. Such a theme will enable you to change the decorations several times as your little girl is growing up without changing the color of the room and the basic design. This article will show you the best and easiest way to decorate your little girl room with the fairy tale theme. The color of your little girl’s room can be decided according to her choice and her idea about the fairy tales. If she is too young to choose her own design, you can paint the room a fresh bright color such as pink, yellow, or violet or even light green and brown colors. The fairy tale themed mural on one wall or the acrylic paint in a stain finish will enhance the theme and help the room look amusing.…

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  • 7 Helpful Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom

    7 Helpful Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom

    There is one place in your house that you need at sometime or another everyday. I think this place is your bathroom. Many people think that the bathroom is not so important to decorate. But it is a room like any other room in your house. Moreover, it is the most important room in your house. You can’t just pass in front of it and leave. Many people spend a lot of time in their bathroom. So, it must be decorated. With these small tips you can give your bathroom a new look. 1- Create a theme to your bathroom. It’s better to use the same theme that you have used in your rest of your house; to make your rooms connected with each other. 2- Choose suitable colors for your bathroom walls, in order to match with the rest rooms of the house. 3- If you have a space…

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  • Bedroom interior painting ideas – Decor House

    Bedroom interior painting ideas – Decor House

    Currently changing ordinary & boring life is a common wish. There are many ways, as extreme as buying a new house or as simple as repainting the house, the latter seeming more financially convenient. Bedroom, living room, and staircase are the most important parts & the paint should be correspondent. Painting your house is not a piece of cake mission; you should know some rules to be able to make your home pretty & comfortable. There are four moods of Decors: 1- Luxury Decor: Traditional, charming, original. Could be noticed in fabrics, jewelry, furnishings and accessories. 2- Calm Decor: Quiet – gives space and comfort – suitable with green, blue, light pink & light purple curtains are important parts of it. 3- Exciting Decor: Lively, active and funny . Gives a new spirit to your live, it shows clearly in yellow, red and orange but also others think that it…

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  • Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Brown is a very warm color to have in your living room. Brown is the color for security and stability and it is also a sophisticated color. You can use different shades of brown like beige, light tan, and subdued mocha. If you want your living room to look smaller, paint it brown. Your walls and furniture should be in different shade of brown so you can make a contrast between them. In order for you to balance your brown-colored walls, you should consider factors like the size, color, and arrangement of your furniture. For example, if the walls are of light brown hues, choose chocolate-brown furniture and vice versa. Note that the maximum number of brown shades you can choose for your living room is three. For example, you can mix light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Moreover, if you want to have another color for your furniture,…

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  • Home decorating interior design

    Home decorating interior design

    A beautifully decorated interior not only functions well but it creates a mood or a feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there. Decorating is more than just eye appeal — it’s making a room really work for you. You should spend some times thinking about your family and how you live. Look through magazines for inspiration and find ideas or rooms that appeal to you. Sometimes rooms have natural focal points (places the eyes travel too immediately upon entering a room) such as a fireplace, a bay window with a view, etc. if the room doesn’t have natural focal point create one. Then determine whether the furniture satisfies the functions you’ve planned for the room. If there an irrelevant piece, get rid of it. One of the most important elements of home decorating interior design is the lighting. The lighting should be selected for the…

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  • Ideas for Decorating a Modern Kitchen

    Ideas for Decorating a Modern Kitchen

    Sleek and uncluttered define the modern style of decorating. Since the kitchen is a focal point at any home so you should make it appealing and stylish. To get a wonderful kitchen, just explore the following ideas: These ideas will help you to make your kitchen the most admired one in the neighborhood. First thing to consider is to look for areas of your modern kitchen that don’t fit the modern style or that are plain and need some decoration. The challenge in a modern kitchen is making it feel comfortable and inviting so to accomplish that, utilize stainless and black. Likewise you have to look for sleek, fluid lines, as opposed to ornate or traditional appliances. Try to choose finishes with little detail. To get a modern style, you should paint your kitchen walls with neutral colors and install a backsplash of slate or glass tiles. Avoid traditional ceramic…

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  • Perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached

    Perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached

    If you have a condo with a combined living room and dining area, then decorating a living room with a dining area isn’t an easy task. Here, we generate you perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached. There are a lot of questions about decorating these two areas but you should first determine if you want the two areas to be similar or different. The next step is to create a nice visual balance. Keep in mind that the walls colors of two areas should complement each other. To give a perfect look to your living room with a dining area, utilize a main color on the walls that run seamlessly from the one room to the other and then add a second accent to a shorter wall. Take into account, all items in the two areas should blend well with each other. In other…

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  • How to Decorate a Big Living Room

    How to Decorate a Big Living Room

    Decorating a large room can be as challenging as decorating a small one. However, decorating a large room can be fun since a large room isn’t as limited as a small room is in regards to furnishings and color palettes. But the downside is that living rooms that are too large may not always feel cozy and inviting. However, with the right color choices, clever furniture arranging, and a few other decorating tips and tricks you can make your living room feel more comfortable and more welcoming than ever. Stay away from cool light colors as they naturally enlarge the look of a space and go for warm hues instead. Choose a color or a grouping of colors that will make the room feel cozy and inviting. You can choose to either paint the entire space one color or break it up with multiple shades. Moreover, in order to have…

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  • Have a ‘Fun’ time Decorating with the Kids their Room!

    Have a ‘Fun’ time Decorating with the Kids their Room!

    It is normal to get a bit clumsy and anxious when it is time to decorate your child’s bedroom. However, do not let it get to you, it is fun and easy. Let it be an experience of bonding between your child and yourself. Involve your kids in choosing how they like their room to be like and at the very same time teach them about money, decor, and life. Let them feel your love and know how much you appreciate them and how much you pray for them. Start by playing a game with them, the game is about taking the room measurements and tell them that they have to be accurate to the last centimetre. Then tell them about the budget that you have set for this and teach them that you will not be able to exceed this amount in order to be able to always get…

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  • Home Theater – How to Build and Design

    Home Theater – How to Build and Design

    With the decreases in price level of technology products, home theaters ceased to be just a luxury for the wealthy. They’ve become an affordable choice for almost any homeowner and a popular one as well. If you’re considering having one at your house, then read this article for some important tips you should know and would definitely need. First and foremost, dedicate an empty room or basement for the home theater. Then paint the ceiling and the floor black or cover them with black acoustic tiles. And if affordable, you can also lay some dark colored rugs for a warm feel. Then start purchasing the basic features which include a projector, a large screen, acoustical curtains, lighting fixtures, surround sound systems, and some comfortable seating. Try looking on e-bay or following some auctions for good used instruments. You can get a great deal with a decent projector and it wouldn’t…

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  • best tips for decorating a Baby Girl’s Room

    best tips for decorating a Baby Girl’s Room

    Babies often need a special care so that they can enjoy a calm sleep. If you intended to decorate your baby girl’s room, at first you should consider some essential rules: Firstly, you have to keep your baby away from any noise, to achieve that you have to place the crib in a corner furthest from the door and away from any windows. But keep in mind the crib should be placed in the most airy part of the room. When choosing furniture for your baby girl’s room, it’s better for you to choose pieces of furniture in order not to congest the room. If you have a large baby girl’s room, then you can easily add a dresser for clothes and storage for toys and books. Why don’t you set up a safe area of the room for playing, and allocate another easy access area for diaper changes? To…

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  • Creative Modern Umbrella Stand Designs to Decorate Your Home

    Creative Modern Umbrella Stand Designs to Decorate Your Home

    Umbrella stands come with creative materials and designs to blend with any home décor. Moreover, they can be pieces of art to serve as the focal point of any room; thus, you should think twice before you purchase a new umbrella stand. The traditional place for the umbrella stand is in the hallway or entryway, where you can find it easily as you are going out. However, you can still place the stand in the living room, home office, or even dining room. You may choose a small umbrella stand that will fit above a table or any surface in the room. If the stand is larger, you can place it at an empty corner or beside a large furniture piece. The durable glass umbrella stand will provide your modern home a sleek and stylish look. Instead, you can use a metal, wooden, or ceramic umbrella stand according to the…

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  • How to Decorate Dining Room Tables

    How to Decorate Dining Room Tables

    The dining table is the most integral part of dining room. It’s hard to imagine a dining room without a table. Decorating your table will produce a pretty look to your room. Dining Room table types diverse between trestle tables, rustic, modern, round pedestal and traditional oval tables. If you want a practical type go for traditional oval tables as they often made of mahogany or cherry, they are classic and beautiful as well. The most popular style is the rustic modern dining room. Another very popular look right now is the mix of wood and metal. Are you seeking for relaxation, comfort and beautiful appearance at the same time? Simply, farmhouse style dining room tables will help you achieve that. Trestle tables are feasible especially, if you have a lot of visitors. They are made of two or three trestles that make up the table base and support a…

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  • How to decorate a living room with brown furniture

    How to decorate a living room with brown furniture

    Everyone wants to have a nice and elegant looking house. People take so much time deciding on colors of furniture, floor and wall for their houses. Usually choosing colors for the living rooms takes about the same time spent on choosing colors for the whole house. Most people spend a fortune on decorating their living rooms and still end up disappointed in how it looks in the end. But you don’t have to be disappointed. Unlike what most people think, there is actually a color that looks comfy and simple yet elegant and fancy to impress your guests and make them feel at home at the same time. This color is brown. Brown is comfortable for the eyes. Brown furniture offers comfort, warmth and elegance. It will also look good with traditional living room wooden decoration like tables and chairs. Brown will not limit your choices for colors of decorations,…

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  • girls purple bedroom decorating ideas 2

    Girls’ Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    People interact and react to different colors in different ways as certain colors can give a certain and strong impression depending on their psychological impact on people. When you are decorating a girl’s bedroom, you should do while keeping in mind the age, likes, talents, interests, and hobbies of the person who is going to stay in the bedroom. The color purple is one of the interesting colors that can represent elegance and femininity. That is why it is very appropriate to use it in a girl’s bedroom as it transforms the atmosphere in the bedroom and make it more comfortable and calm. Moreover, the color purple can be used with different styles, whether modern or classic and the color can also be mixed with other colors, such as white, pink, soft blue, green, orange and yellow. There are also several themes that you can choose from when decorating your…

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  • living room interior decorating ideas

    Living Room Interior Decorating Ideas

    Your living room is where you would spend most of your waking hours when you are at home. It is the common room for all the members of the family and so when decorating or furnishing it, it must include the needs of everyone in the family. The design of the living room must be aesthetically appealing and the design and décor must be made in such a way that it fits a particular theme, whether it is in the colors, the materials used or even a recurring motif. Themes can be traditional like plants, flowers, and animals or modern with abstract designs. While decorating a living room, you should work out a total estimate of the costs before you even start on the decoration. This will make all the various aspects like furniture, fixtures, furnishing, paints and lighting to get equal importance. As you need to be balance them…

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  • Baby Girls’ Nursery Decorating Ideas

    Baby Girls’ Nursery Decorating Ideas

    Decorating a nursery for your baby girl can be exciting as well as an overwhelming task. But before you go shopping for your baby girl’s nursery, do some research to see what styles you are interested in and what color schemes that best suit your room and make a list of things you are looking for as that would help you when you start make decisions regarding the decorations. Colors play an important part in your baby’s vision development. For instance, brightly colored toys and wall hangings will capture your baby’s attention and develop her ability to distinguish colors and shapes. So keep that in mind when you are decorating your baby girl’s nursery. Colors that are commonly used in baby girls’ decor include pink, lavender and white and colors that are considered gender-neutral include shades of brown, yellow and green. You can also wallpaper the entire room or wallpaper…

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  • Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

    Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

    You can easily decorate your bathroom wall with some techniques. For making the process a lot smoother, we offer you some adorable ideas for your bathroom wall decor: To grant your bathroom wall an artistic touch, go for stencils as you can choose from scroll designs to animals, flowers and letters. Apply various shades by layering colors to add dimensions to your design. Adorable way to decorate your bathroom walls is to create murals as you can apply murals on all four sides of your bathroom walls as well as the ceilings. For your kid’s bathroom walls, it’s adorable to add mural on the wall showing baby animals taking a bath. To make your bathroom walls more brilliant, all you need is applying Venetian plaster. To add depth and texture to your bathroom walls, apply sponge painting on walls of your bathroom. Likewise, to decorate your bathroom walls, you can…

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