• Dreamy Eco-Friendly House Designs among Natural Views by Johnston Design Group

    Dreamy Eco-Friendly House Designs among Natural Views by Johnston Design Group

    Do you adore the natural views and dream with a retreat home on the cliff of a mountain? Your dreams are about to come true with Johnson design group, as they are specialized in custom interior and exterior home designs. For example, the group designed Mountain Oak house and Lane on a cliff valley with completely natural materials and eco-friendly features. The external part of the home is made of natural stone in addition to alum clad and timber to blend with the stunning natural surroundings. The home has several windows with motorized openings and geothermal HVAC to adjust the temperature and ventilation inside the home. In the Big Creek, Johnston Design Group created a natural piece of art that features a Monterey taupe lap siding with timber-bark vertical siding to blends with the outdoor marvelous views. If you will design a similar house, you will be surprised by the…

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  • What you will need to be a Qualified Interior Designer

    What you will need to be a Qualified Interior Designer

    Every interior designer whatever he is an amateur one or a student, needs the right tools. If they want to get the job done with and advance their designing skills, they must have the right tools. The usage of a color wheel is the first tool that distinguishes a designer from the other. It is used in every step of interior designing. It helps the designer to make a decision about flooring, window treatments, furniture, paint, wallpaper and other accessories. The correct way to plan an interior design will require pencils, rulers, measuring tape, graph paper, pens, protractor and a T-square and a yard stick to have the right dimensions, edges and measurements. Thumb tacks and push pins are also important tools to plan creatively. If you want to hang things on a wall, you will need plastic anchors, picture wire, needles, pins and cup hooks. You want some professional…

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  • 5 Things to Do If You Want a Designer Bathroom but Have a Small Budget

    5 Things to Do If You Want a Designer Bathroom but Have a Small Budget

    Designer bathrooms look stunning and gorgeous. However, they are extremely expensive. Well, it is understandable since they use all these expensive materials. So what can we do – “we” meaning the majority of population who has a small budget – to have a designer bathroom with the limited funds we have? Here are some few helpful tips to give your bathroom a stylish look without maxing out your credit card. 1- Replace your shower curtains with glass sheets. The old plastic shower curtains are ugly, hard to maintain and clean, and will ruin how your bathroom looks. Replace them with glass sheets. They will not develop mold and stains like glass curtains, and they will give your bathroom a sleek look. 2- Instead of getting marble tiles, which are very expensive, get Vinyl tiles for your bathroom flooring. They are quite affordable and are easy to maintain and clean. 3-…

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  • interior designer resume

    Interior designer resume

    How to make an Interior designer resume and how to enhance your career opportunities. You can’t apply for any job without a resume so it’s very important to have a good resume. The first question comes to your mind is “how to make a resume that caters specifically to interior design jobs?” Indeed, you need to follow the next instructions in order to know the answer: Firstly, you should determine the order of your resume, if you want to highlight your education and work experience, then opt for chronological but if you haven’t had a lot of experience, hence it is better for you to use a functional layout as it allows you to center your resume on the skills you have and how they meet the job requirements of the employer. Secondly, when it comes to applying for a job, you should keep in mind that work experience is…

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  • Interior Designer Salary

    Interior Designer Salary

    What Are the Factors on Which an Interior Designer’s Salary Depends? As we said before, an interior designer and an interior decorator are two different professions. If we compared between an interior designer and an interior decorator, we will find that interior designers make more money than interior decorators because interior designers have more responsibility than interior decorators. An interior decorator deals only with the cosmetics while an interior designer combine art with engineering knowledge. The interior designer’s salary depends on many factors such as the credentials, qualifications and skills that an interior designer has. Keep in mind that an interior designer’s experience plays a significant role in his salary as good and experienced interior designers produce salaries exceeding $100,000. Working with an architectural firm comes with a lot of money as a designer who works with an architectural firm can make upwards of $40,000 per year. The independent designers…

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  • How to Choose a Kitchen Designer

    How to Choose a Kitchen Designer

    It’s a great challenge to find a good kitchen designer. We will offer you essential steps that might help you in choosing the right designer. Don’t rely on the kitchen designer full dependence. You should make as many general design decisions as possible. You have to arrange some ideas about your kitchen design before you choose a designer. The best idea is to check out web sites, magazines or books that show different kitchen designs. Keep in mind the more you know, the easier the process will be. To find a good designer, you have to ask your friends for recommendations. Make time to see a kitchen designer’s previous projects and talk with previous clients. Remember to ask for qualifications and how much experience a designer has. You will spend a lot of time with the kitchen designer so you should hire someone you feel comfortable with. You should see…

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  • LOCZIdesign Kitchens By Paige

    LOCZIdesign Kitchens By Paige

    Kitchens are considered the hearts of homes which spread energy to all family members and invited guests. Investing in a warm kitchen decoration requires relying on someone as gifted and reliable as Paige to save you time, money and energy and give you perfect results. Paige has a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley, a certificate in sustainability from UC Berkeley ext., and 10+ years of global project management. She also attended the Interior Architecture and Design professional certification program through UC Berkeley ext. Moreover, she is a certified green building professional through (CGBP) Build It Green. This appetite opener kitchen stands as a focal point in the house. The decoration of this kitchen merges beautifully with the surrounding environment by the help of the colors of the tiled backslash and the continuity of the hardwood flooring. In addition to being in style and appearing in modern kitchen magazines, hardwood…

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  • How to be a Famous Interior Designer

    How to be a Famous Interior Designer ?

    You can be a famous Interior designer, if you are willing to do the work. Gaining sufficient experience is an important factor as lots of experience will put you on the road to designer stardom. We will produce essential steps to be a famous interior designer, scroll down to figure out them: You should get a degree at a reputable school. You have to be a hard-working student and ask a lot of questions don’t be shy. You should make the most of your teachers’ knowledge. Get advices from older designers. Through tertiary institutions you could have the chance to meet professional designers. You should look for internship opportunities in big firms in order to gain the desired experience for a famous designer. Creating a blog about your designs is a great idea to get more popularity. Look for what motivates you to design and think about distinctive styles. The…

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  • Amazing Childern's Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

    Amazing Childern’s Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

    Our children comprise the most important parts of our lives and we want only the best for them. That is why we must refer to an interior designer as fine as Pamela Jaffke to design a perfectly amazing bedroom for our children. Pamela’s passion for art started since her childhood when she spent hours drawing pictures. Destiny and her persistence toward doing what she loves, lead her to be a prominent interior designer with about 25 years of experience. A mother of her own children, Pamela is capable of relating to you as a parent and your child’s needs when it comes to bedroom interior design. Not only did Pamela complete a four year program at UCLA’s School of Interior & Environmental Design, she’s also a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a CCIDC certified interior designer in California. Being a client of Pamela gives…

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  • Elegant Interior Design by Marie

    Elegant Interior Design by Marie

    Whenever design is sought, elegance is sought. When getting interior design from Marie, you don’t only receive elegance but also the advantage of prices that match your capabilities and have eco-friendly furniture. Marie is professionally specialized in interior design with B.A. Interior Design (Cum Laude), Washington State University. Marie is a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California, a professional member of the American Society of American Designers, and president of the ASID California Peninsula Chapter (2009-10). She is also a GREEN accredited professional with expertise in sustainable home furnishings. Since we spend most of our time in the living room, we need this time to be as cheerful and comforting as possible. This elegant living room interior design has all aspects of brightening up your day. The focal point of this living room is the wall with the fireplace, the entertainment set and the joy inducing yellow painting.…

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  • Modern Kids Bedrooms by Jennifer and Joanna

    Modern Kids Bedrooms by Jennifer and Joanna

    With about 17 years experience in interior design and the launch of J & J Design Group, Jennifer and Joanna represent an iconic interior designing team. Jennifer and Joanna both graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design which makes them professional designers. Being a mother of her own two boys, Jennifer’s love of bringing in elements of nature, she’s capable with the help of Joanna’s creativity to make stunning modern kids bedroom designs. Over here Jack’s nursery can be noticed with its stylish interior design. The horizontally striped wall behind the crib stands as an awesome focal point with Jack’s name fixed on it. Horizontal strips have the ability of giving the room extra dimensions and widening it visually. Introducing green in the bedding, carpet and chair throw pillow brings a relieving sense of balance to the baby and anyone who comes to visit. The…

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  • Contemporary Interior Design by Jennifer

    Contemporary Interior Design by Jennifer

    Contemporary interior design is attracting more attention nowadays for its convenience and style. However, if contemporary design wasn’t left with someone as creative as Jennifer, the interior design can be very dull. Jennifer’s residence in the UK for 4 years, living in different states in the USA and working closely with multi-skilled designers throughout Latin America and Europe, made her professional experience very rich about variable decoration. She is capable of mixing, matching and refurbishing furniture to produce the best combination of contemporary designs. In this fascinating room, a blend of luxurious and bold accessories combine to result with perfect contemporary interior design. Draperies are completely neglected to stay with the minimalistic characteristic of contemporary windows. As the space is roomy, black furniture with the luxurious luster fill up the space in a very sophisticated manner. Matching the furniture with chandeliers that are adorned with black crystals adds light with…

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