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  • How to design your living room

    How to design your living room

    Do you have your living room dream, that both your guests and family actually enjoy? Follow the following guidelines to decorate it. 1) Clip. Assemble a clipping collection of your favorite rooms from magazines.(regardless of cost) 2) Focal point. Decide a layout for your room, conversation areas& a focal point.(see: Deciding on a Layout for Your Room Design). 3) De-clutter. Decide what you can keep in the room. 4) step away from the wall. Visit:” The Basics of Furniture Arrangement”. 5) Have a seat. Strive to sit at least 6 people even in a small room. 6) Area defined. Define conversation& seating areas with area rugs. 7) Details. Use architectural & furnishings details to delineate a space. 8) The color of drapes. It looks best in the dominant color of the largest piece of furniture. 9) Look out below. The floors should be darker than the walls. 10) On the…

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  • Beautiful Bedroom Curtains, Colors and Designs

    Beautiful Bedroom Curtains, Colors and Designs

    Spring is the most beautiful and fascinating season. It adds gladness to everything in nature. Bedroom curtains resemble spring. Decorated bedroom curtains are numerous and different. For instance, we may use the chocolate lace texture for decorating our white base curtains. Our bedroom will be more stylish, if we add some golden color to both the two bedside lamps and the dressing mirror. Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. So, we will focus on the beauty of the bedroom curtains. This requires several features such as the color, the theme of the room, correspondence with furniture of good interior design, wall decor, and room accessories. We have three patterns used for decorating our window; we display every model in detail. The first model is transparent and brocaded. The second model is characterized by a bit thick curtains which are decorated with side models. The…

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  • Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a small living room might be challenging and interesting at the same time. So make sure that you plan well before executing, and always keep in mind that an interior designer or a re-designer advice can be useful. Internet, T.V. shows and magazines can be helpful as well. When you have a small living room it is really important to keep it as simple as possible. Obviously space is the main factor to be considered while designing. However, that should not prevent you from using contemporary aspects such as rich colors and unique furniture pieces. A large mirror for example will give a great feeling of an extended area. Using creative lighting methods might also reflect the same result. Accessories are a very decisive matter when designing a small living room, walls should be almost clear of them while you can add some attractive accessories to the corners or…

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  • Creative Modern Umbrella Stand Designs to Decorate Your Home

    Creative Modern Umbrella Stand Designs to Decorate Your Home

    Umbrella stands come with creative materials and designs to blend with any home décor. Moreover, they can be pieces of art to serve as the focal point of any room; thus, you should think twice before you purchase a new umbrella stand. The traditional place for the umbrella stand is in the hallway or entryway, where you can find it easily as you are going out. However, you can still place the stand in the living room, home office, or even dining room. You may choose a small umbrella stand that will fit above a table or any surface in the room. If the stand is larger, you can place it at an empty corner or beside a large furniture piece. The durable glass umbrella stand will provide your modern home a sleek and stylish look. Instead, you can use a metal, wooden, or ceramic umbrella stand according to the…

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  • Best kitchen interior design ideas

    Best kitchen interior design ideas

    The kitchen is the hub of any home as most activities are done within it. Here, we produce best kitchen interior design ideas. Take a look! If your kitchen isn’t large enough, then you should make use of light colors like beige or off so try to accentuate it using bright colors. Before applying any paint, make sure you fix any holes or cracks in the wall. To make life easier in your kitchen, then you should have an adequate lighting in your kitchen. Besides the main lighting fixture in the middle of your kitchen, you can also place task lights under the hanging cabinets. Using lights under your kitchen cabinets will make your small kitchen look spacious. When it comes to your kitchen flooring, then nothing can beat hardwood flooring and if you don’t have enough money, opt for laminate bamboo flooring. The positions of your refrigerator, sink, and…

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  • Rustic Modern Interior Design, Rustic Style

    Rustic Modern Interior Design, Rustic Style

    Rustic interior design is country ambience that applied among the interior design. This particular interior design uses numerous natural highlights on the furniture, ground, and the walls. Wood as well as stone are normal material that commonly put on creating the rustic accent within the house. But presently, there are also a number of modern home decoration themes that combine the actual modernism with a rustic really feel on the style. A great mixture between rustic as well as modern from the interior appears harmony within this rustic modern kitchen. Pure whitened covers of rustic kitchen wall where this particular bright color reflects the current. Additionally, this whitened color result in the kitchen looks better, wider as well as cleaner. Hallmarks of rustic design are organic materials such as stone as well as wood, and comfy furnishings. Decorating the house with rustic design is related to various components and making…

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  • Modern Interior Design ideas for Small Spaces

    Modern Interior Design ideas for Small Spaces

    When designing your house, duplex, or apartment, the limitations on the size can really be a problem. The biggest difficulty you might have in designing a small space is to manage the number of items in the room. What you should do is try not to do too many things in one space. Moreover, do not think about the negative aspects about having a small space but think about the positive aspects. Small spaces are less wasteful and more cost effective. Small spaces require less heat, light and cleaning, a smaller space can actually be quite desirable. Small spaces give a sense of coziness, security, intimacy, charm and functionality. Planning is the key to success when designing your small space. So when you decorate your small space, always focus on simplicity. Choose light colors as colors can really change the look and feel of the room. The use of mirrors…

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  • Get a modular kitchen design for your small kitchen area

    Get a modular kitchen design for your small kitchen area

    As the kitchen is the heart of every home and it also is the busiest room. You need to get a suitable kitchen design in your kitchen to enjoy your daily tasks and be happy with it. Gone are the days where you are worried about how will you create a stylish and functional kitchen design in your small space. In this article, you will be satisfied with our recommended design for your small space. You will get your dream kitchen look within your limited area and with your favorite items too. What is this design and why we especially recommended it? It is the modular kitchen which will be ideal for small spaces and will provide it with the functionality you need with a beautiful look. The modular kitchen design is all about the well planning, useful wise use and beautiful look. In other words, the modular kitchen offers…

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  • Best Sunroom Design, Colors Ideas

    Best Sunroom Design, Colors Ideas

    When spring has come you start to dream about a sunroom and you will know the value of your sunroom when you feel cozier. In this article you will find the best sunroom designs and colors ideas, scroll down to figure out them: If you want to enjoy a view, read a book or meet with friends, then opt for conservatory sunroom. If you love glass rooms, go for solarium design as solarium design is associated with curved glasses and edges on the roof glasses that enable you to view skylines. For an elegant sunroom look, try to place a small coffee table in the center of the room. To make your sunroom look absolutely stunning, opt for double glazed windows or triple glazed windows. If you want to relax in your sunroom, then you should use soft living room furniture. If you will use your sunroom for luncheons or…

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  • Ten Key Kitchen Design Elements for 2016-2017 by Jan Hulman Goldman

    Ten Key Kitchen Design Elements for 2020-2021 by Jan Hulman Goldman

    If you are a trend hunter, you will certainly admire the Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Report’s results. Jan Hulman Goldman, the leader of Kitchen Elements team applies most of such design features in her designs to create up-to-date spaces. The transitional kitchens with neutral colors and innovative storage spaces are on the top of trendy kitchens for 2020-2021. Jan Goldman and her team create these features in an Olney kitchen installing glossy off-white cabinets and drawers, colorful glass backsplash tiles, and high-end appliances. For more excitement in such a transitional kitchen, you can install a folding countertop made of stainless steel and laminated plywood or even funny cartoon character backsplash tiles, especially if you have kids. Otherwise, you will choose such tiles to reflect your personality and create a theme in the place. In such a transitional home, it will be trendy to use quartz or granite countertops, built-in…

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  • Curtain Design Ideas

    Curtain Design Ideas

    The right choice of curtain design will help you out to create an inviting environment. Explore your creative side with the following innovative ideas for curtain design . Firstly, you have to consider that the type of your window plays a vital role when choosing your curtain design. Likewise, you should take a look at your window and see, is it rectangular? Is it a large bay window? Consider the amount of light streaming into your room that you want. Remember, accessories are a good addition to curtains as they play an important role in the overall presentation of the curtains. If you want to achieve the pinnacle of elegance, go for proper accessories. Accessories for curtains can include hardware pieces such as hooks, tiebacks and split rings. These pieces can enhance curtains design. For instance, without tie backs on curtains you can’t enjoy sunshine as pull the curtain pieces…

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  • Tips for Living Room Design

    Tips for Living Room Design

    The living room is where you host your guests, relax or watch TV so it should be fashionable. Simple designs could give you the modern look that you aspire, just read the following ideas carefully: Try to use vanity strips and ornament lights in your living room and you will see big difference. You don’t need to purchase new furniture in order to create a contemporary look, by using some accessories that are fashionable, glossy, and patterned in subdued colors such as silver, grey, or black you will gain a look of the modern world. To add an elegant touch to your living room, use bright window curtains. Everyone needs to be comfortable especially at the end of a busy, stressful and feverish day hence; all you need to make your living room more comfortable are couches and chairs that made out of plush fabrics. An effective way to create…

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  • Be smart by designing your kitchen with multi-functional cabinet

    Be smart by designing your kitchen with multi-functional cabinet

    In these days, almost the majority of homeowner lives in small size apartment due to the economic climates. One of the important rooms inside the house is your kitchen where you need to have enough space for your daily functions and your gathering with family and friends. So when you are designing your kitchen you need to consider multi-functional items to enable you save space. So let’s talk about how to be smart while getting your kitchen masterpiece which I meant your kitchen cabinet. As the cabinet is your masterpiece and it will catch the eye when anybody enters your kitchen, you need to care a lot about getting an innovative one with multi-functional purposes. You have to keep in mind that you need a free space and never create clutter look inside the kitchen. What to consider before making cabinet purchase! Above all, you need to get the right…

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  • New elegant 2016 studios ideas to please every homeowner

    New elegant 2021 studios ideas to please every homeowner

    Do you purchase a tiny space “studio” because you don’t have enough money to have a larger apartment? Do you feel that you can’t be comfortable with this tiny space? let me prove that you are completely wrong you can live happily and cozily in a studio but you need only to follow these great 2021 ideas in decorating your studio! Let’s begin this interesting task; first of all, bring brightness and airy feel inside your own studio by color. Add one color to paint your walls but this doesn’t mean that your studio look has to be dull, of course not; you can use another brush of color in accents and on one wall only. The white color is a good color to paint your studio which is bright and adds happiness as well. all the colors go well with white so you can reflect your personality with colors.…

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  • The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2016 by Sharon Olsen Designs

    The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2021 by Sharon Olsen Designs

    Are you a home trend hunter or a stylish look lover? In both cases, you will certainly admire the kitchen trends of 2021, as they are timeless, stylish, functional, and inviting. Most of such designs tend to make use of the existing space, incorporate a seating area, utilize high-tech appliances, and utilize multiple natural and artificial materials. The thin and neutral colored countertops that have high resistance to moisture, heat, and shocks is on the top of the hottest 2021 kitchen options. You can install large and small drawers with sleek facades and stainless steel handles instead of the base cabinet to provide the place multiple types of storage spaces. Sharon Olsen of Designer’s Edge Kitchen and Bath uses glossy natural stone countertops in addition to manmade white or black options such as Corian and quartz in her trendy kitchen designs. The kitchen with an integrated seating area is still…

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  • 2016 interior design home décor will pop up your entire world

    2021 interior design home decor will pop up your entire world

    We are now already in 2021 and you may want to know what is next in 2021 interior design decor world to enhance your home look and satisfy your taste. Let me tell you honestly that the 2021 interior design home decor will amazingly pop up your world and will help you to create your dream home elegantly and functionally. 2021 interior design home decoration focuses on functionality, minimalist and simplicity with a stunning look as well. this means you will have all what you want just like that. What are the 2021 new trends for interior design home decorating? Bring the outdoor inside! What does this mean? Simply, this means that the new trend for any interior design home decoration is to decorate your home with plants and flowers as greenery whether it is artificial greenery or a real one. Each one has its beauty and functionality depending on…

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  • Enhance your 2016 home with Wonderful Illuminating Glass Furniture

    Enhance your 2021 home with Wonderful Illuminating Glass Furniture

    2021 comes with its new trends and approach for home designs, designers seek to add a beautiful and modern touch inside every home in this New wonderful Year. Let us make you cheerful and satisfied with this new trend available now in the design world to keep up to date with the new 2021 stylish looks. Glass furniture is now the new significant trend inside the new 2021 home decor. Glass as a material is uniquely beautiful and durable and when it is used for manufacturing furniture it gains more uniqueness and benefits. Glass furniture has risen in popularity in the modern decor world of 2021 due to its appealing look and its advantages of making any home look brighter, more spacious and vivid. As, if you have a dark room look you can make it seem to be most cheerful, illuminated and bright by adding a piece or two…

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  • Minimalist living room design ideas

    Minimalist living room design ideas

    A minimalist design is the best in particular when you want to open up a space and make it look bigger. In this article, we produce you some ideas that will surely help you to create a minimalist living room. Have a look! First of all, you should determine the purpose of the living room. Will you use your minimalist living room for entertaining your guests or for gathering with your family and watching TV? Choosing the right colors for your living room is a challenging so we recommend you to use whites and natural browns and greens for painting the walls of your living room. If you want to use dark colors, then you should use them as accents. How to choose the right furniture for your minimalist living room? Indeed, when it comes to choosing furniture, then you should opt for only the furniture that you need and…

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  • Modern Designs – Creative Ideas to Add Classic Pieces to Modern Designs

    Modern Designs – Creative Ideas to Add Classic Pieces to Modern Designs

    Mixing features like sleekness and simplicity with elegance and luxury is such a creative idea to apply to a modern design, but what is more important is to achieve this mix in a successful way, wondering how? The answer is in this article, so join me here to know how to add a classic touch to a modern design. The first rule you need to follow here is not to choose randomly, you should be so selective and choose only the pieces that can match the modern design like pieces that have less carvings and sleek surfaces. It’s so simple and easy, just try some different ideas and mix between the two styles, looking for some inspirational ideas? Ok, start with this one and look for a simple classic piece like an old chest blanket and turn it into a modern seating by covering its surface with a colorful fabric…

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  • Shabby Chick Design – Creative and Simple Shabby Chick Design Ideas

    Shabby Chick Design – Creative and Simple Shabby Chick Design Ideas

    If you are looking for a design that depends on using old and cheep materials and still looks amazing, then you are in the right place. The shabby chick design is one of the simplest designs that you can ever apply to your house. It’s a very valuable design as well, because it mainly depends on using the old valuable stuff that we love. The shabby design may sound a little strange for you, because however it depends on using old stuff, it can look fashionable in the same time. The things that you will use will look old, but they are brand new and stylish. Using brand new furniture pieces doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and use any old furniture piece you have to add to your shabby design. The main colors that fit the shabby design is the pastel and light colors like, white, ivory, pink, light…

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