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  • Affordable Designs – Wonderful Ideas and Tips for Designing on a Budget

    Affordable Designs – Wonderful Ideas and Tips for Designing on a Budget

    We can’t deny that designing a house could cost a lot of money, but we also can’t deny that achieving a successful design isn’t all about the money. A nice and neat design could be achieved by using simple and affordable ideas and the results will be more than amazing. If you are interested to know more, then it’s time to read this article. Planning is the first step in achieving success in life is and that is exactly what you need to start with to achieve a successful design on budget. The plan should include every detail about the design. For example, you will need to choose the style or the design you want to apply, the furniture pieces you need to buy, the accessories you need to add to your house or room design, the tools you will use, the number of the handy men you need to…

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  • How to Achieve the Perfect Shabby Chic Design

    How to Achieve the Perfect Shabby Chic Design

    Shabby chic furniture is a combination between old and new that create a funny and warm style.For those who want to get themselves out of traditional home decoration and indulge in a unique and glamorous home style,shabby chic style would be a perfect choice. Shabby chic style merges between originality and elegance.Sheer curtains, printed rugs, soft fabrics, vintage furniture and distressed accessories are the essence of shabby chic style that allows you to savor the life of the British countryside. Mixing materials such as iron for curtain rods and wood or ceramic for the floors would be good to create a comfortable ambiance where you can relax. It is easy to turn your home decor into shabby chic style. Using old-fashioned furniture with many cracks and light colors will give the impression that these items have been utilized for years. Decorating rooms with chandeliers, rustic lamps and antiques creates a…

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  • How to Get a Wonderful Tuscan Interior House Design

    How to Get a Wonderful Tuscan Interior House Design

    If you love the house style that makes you feel warm, living in a fantasy and vintage era with unique textures, Tuscan style is the perfect choice for your house style. Tuscan style reflects Tuscany with its rich olive groves and vineyards that are dotted in its landscapes. This style is rare; it is hard to keep up with its new fashion! However, today and here, you will know how to make your own house a piece of the charming Tuscany. The key of Tuscan style is its colors. Whether in walls, floors, furniture or even lightings, it doesn’t matter if it’s the living room or the kitchen! It would still be a nice place to stay in. Talking about living rooms, paint the walls with either texture paint or cover with tiles like textured terracotta tiles. The way you allocate the tiles will express this style. Choose vintage furniture…

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  • The Advantages of Choosing Wooden design

    The Advantages of Choosing Wooden design

    Interior design has many aspects that are based on innovation and practical solutions alike. There are so many wooden interior designs that most people would like to try. Wooden design is an essential decorative element these days, it gives you a nice and warm look, and relief as well. It makes your home more exciting and lively. Wooden decor can be used along with stony design to give you a rustic style, but at the same time, it can make a modern one. Details like using a stony fireplace and a fur rug in a room full of wooden decoration will make the most out of this style. This design gives your room a warm impression, making it so attractive. Many people get confused while choosing the suitable living room, because everyone is looking for luxury and classiness. There are many ideas for that, for example; what about a classic…

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  • Minimalist Home Designs – 10 Fashionable & Chic Ideas to Seek Perfection

    Minimalist Home Designs – 10 Fashionable & Chic Ideas to Seek Perfection

    Have you ever wondered what minimalist homes means? It is simply to reduce your home’s elements while keeping only the necessary ones regarding their function not the form. I’m pretty sure that many homeowners, including you and many like to have a clean, free of clutter look to make our homes free of stress, disturbance and trouble. Here are 10 ideas to represent and express minimalism in many various ways.  A theme of black and white colors has such a great, chic and stylish impact on any apartment. Oh wait, what if you consider the same for furniture and accessories? Enjoy the combination of the colors scheme, the clean, maintained and harmonious look.  Grey and black tones participate immensely in creating the whole apartment’s feel. In order to give the living space that sleek and shining look, make sure you set those tones against the cement walls and…

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  • Romantic Bedroom Features by Raymond Jimenez to Impress You

    Romantic Bedroom Features by Raymond Jimenez to Impress You

    The romantic bedroom can help you forget the whole world and remember just beauty smoothness, and cleanness around you. To create this look, you should co-ordinate the lighting with texture and color and use soft fabrics, mirrors, and use relaxing decorative elements. The romantic designs don’t mean necessarily red fabrics and candles, yet you can achieve such a look using balanced neutral colors, grass-cloth wallpaper, a large mirror behind the headboard, metal and glass furniture, fluffy and luxurious bedding, crystal chandelier, and LED hidden lights just like this mid-century feminine bedroom designed by Raymond Jimenez of RS3 Designs. Jimenez and her team apply the same neutral idea in a transitional bedroom in Miami making use of the marvelous views of the outdoor beach, the spotlights above the headboard, and the luxurious rug. To combine the romantic look with a clean modern space, Raymond Jimenez utilizes white leather bed, similar porcelain…

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  • Creative and Luxurious Entry and Hallway Design Ideas by Sandra Oster Interiors

    Creative and Luxurious Entry and Hallway Design Ideas by Sandra Oster Interiors

    Both of the entryway and hallway provide your visitors an impression about your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. That’s why you should brows different entryway online designs with your expected guests’ eyes and define the perfect design for your home. Sandra Oster and her team will help you define the perfect materials, design plans, and decorative elements for such entry and hallway. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, your visitors will form their first impression from the entrance door or gate. There are metal, wooden, and even glass entrance doors with simple, geometric, or complicated shapes to express what is inside your home. In all cases, you should create a simple pathway to the entrance door, a certain type of greenery at the two sides of such a door, and a bold statement lighting system to provide your home a luxurious look. To create an inviting, pleasing, and comforting look…

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  • 4 Easy DIY Ideas for Making Tuscan Window Treatment

    4 Easy DIY Ideas for Making Tuscan Window Treatment

    Tuscan style is the most accurate definition for simple elegance. There are no expensive materials or lavish extravagant designs that deplete natural resources and burn a hole or more in your pocket. There are just simple beautiful pieces and accessories, most of which you can make yourself. Window treatment is one example as we will see in these lines: 1- First example we have is curtains embroidered with Renaissance cutwork. This cutwork is done entirely – including the little bars that bridge the cut-out gaps in the fabric – in buttonhole stitch. Even are covered with buttonhole stitches. This type of stitch is intricate and takes a good while, but the results are well worth it. 2- Another fine example for a Tuscan style window treatment is simple crochet pictures. To make them you need two types of stitches: the basic chainstitch and the plain treble. These are very simple…

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  • 6 Fabulous Ideas for Decorating Your Place in Indian Style

    6 Fabulous Ideas for Decorating Your Place in Indian Style

    Decorating with a different culture in mind is a fun and creative idea. Indian décor style is one great example of such idea. Moreover, you might have been to India before, and got some beautiful Indian ornaments, and you want to create the best setting for showcasing them. Here are some ideas for decorating with Indian style. 1- First if you are having trouble finding suitable pieces for your Indian theme, look for things at flea markets, hippie yard sales, ebay. Maybe you have some qualms about buying second hand stuff. But chances are, you will not find many Indian pieces if you are not living in India, Indian food, maybe, Indian furniture and ornaments, no. Remember to look for oriental, Indian, bollywood tags when surfing ebay. 2- Decorating your whole house or even your living room with Indian style can be overwhelming. So start with one corner or one…

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  • 6 Fabulous Ideas for Using The Much Practical Yet Underrated Pegboards

    6 Fabulous Ideas for Using The Much Practical Yet Underrated Pegboards

    What are Pegboards? They are sheets of hardboard made of different materials, and they have holes drilled next to each other at even length. Usually they are used to pin notes or papers using pigpens. However, they have many uses you don’t know about which you are going to discover in this article. 1- Your backsplash kitchen tiles usually do nothing but look pretty. Therefore, Instead of wasting that precious space, Install a backsplash pegboard. A backsplash pegboard looks beautiful in a kitchen and it will give you a lot of wall space for hanging kitchen pots, pans and utensils. 2- With a Pegboard, you can make a picture or photo gallery. You can place and replace any photos of any size to make your own gallery and you will not need to ruin your wall with punctures in the process. 3- in the kitchen, you must have one wall…

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  • Inspiring Ideas for French Country Design

    Inspiring Ideas for French Country Design

    French country design is one way of spreading rustic chic magic in your house décor. It has the type of simplicity and elegance you find in old manors in Camargo in southern France. Even though it is some sort of an old look, its admirers are rapidly increasing. Here are some ideas for using this type of décor in your house. 1- Best thing about French country decor is that you mostly do not need to spend a fortune to apply it in your house. In your bedroom for example, you do not need a headboard with elaborate carvings and heavy patterns. you don’t even need an armoire in the room which is most suitable for places with tiny space. Moreover, you do not need anything more than a simple quilt in solid colors (preferably white). 2- Alter your shower curtain a bit to get a fabulous French country look.…

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  • Clean and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas to Impress You by John Starck

    Clean and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas to Impress You by John Starck

    Displaying most of your kitchen’s functional and decorative items near the sink or workspace is no longer a trendy option, especially if you intend to create a simple and clean look in the place. The online inspirational photos to the projects of talented interior designers such as John Stark of Showcase Kitchens will certainly help you define the perfect clean design for your kitchen. The clean kitchen design is not necessarily a futuristic space, but it should include several features you love in addition to innovative storage ideas to keep the simple look of the place most of the time. In a New York apartment, John Starck of Showcase Kitchens team create a contemporary look using glossy walnut cabinets and oak floor, clean lines, well organized cabinets and pantries, and open design plan. To add a sense of balance in the place, the team members set the exposed brick wall…

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  • Useful Tips by Tanya Shively to Consider Before Designing Your New Home

    Useful Tips by Tanya Shively to Consider Before Designing Your New Home

    Your decision to build or renovate a new home is an exciting step in an amusing yet toilsome process that needs a good plan and deliberate decisions. If you will take such a step, Tanya Shively will help you arrange your ideas and begin the process with the right steps. Your home construction, design, or renovation process should begin with an exciting idea, a lot of daydreaming ideas, and limitless imagination without fearing from the unknown. Such dreams will help you define the main features of your design providing it a powerful and personal touch. Now, you can get a pen and piece of paper and right down the realistic and applicable ideas that match your expected lifestyle and the personalities of your family members. If you will construct a new home or renovate the whole space, you can choose an entire team at an early stage of your project…

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  • 6 easy ways to use the internet for design ideas

    6 easy ways to use the internet for design ideas

    Are you planning to redecorate your house? you should know that there are many professionals and consultants out there who can help you make the right choices but most probably will end up costing you a lot of money. if you want to save yourself from the hassle of extra fees you can become your own designer and consultant if you just read the following useful tips on how to use the internet to find ideas for your own home by yourself easily! The first thing to do is to search for images it’s the easiest solution for finding thousands of ideas with a mouse click in the comfort of your home A large variety of results are quickly, from the extravagant to the fun and basic.If you type interior design ideas you will find millions of results and you might feel like you are lost. at this point you…

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  • Have you ever thought about Oriental Furniture Design for your home?

    Have you ever thought about Oriental Furniture Design for your home?

    Who would want to have a mess of cluttered and space occupying furniture? maybe its time to make more room for comfort and relaxation in your home. If you decide on doing that then oriental design is right for you. Oriental furniture can do a lot to relieve stress and turn your home into an oasis of calm. In fact, many interior designers use oriental inspired furniture in hotel lobbies, restaurants and office spaces because it instills a sense of calm and serenity. How can you decorate your home in an oriental style ? The dark colors of black, gold and red, the pattern of leave, bamboo and rice paper are the main highlights of oriental design. Another way is to display collections of oriental vases. Decorating a wall showcases prized oriental pieces or collectibles which have been gathered over the years, Bonsais can accent a side table or entry…

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  • Enjoy your vacations by getting new 2016 designs of mobile houses

    Enjoy your vacations by getting new 2021 designs of mobile houses

    Vacations are the best times to spend with family, friends and all your loved ones. Therefore, you have to plan well to your vacations to enjoy your time wisely and joyfully. Do you ever think of having a vacation mobile house? if your answer is no, thus, you need to begin thinking of this incredible solution for 2021 vacations. We are in a modern world, so the modern new solution for everything is the ideal answer. When one of us is planning to spend a funny time, the first thing comes to your mind is to camp and enjoy the beautiful landscape and enjoy barbecue parties with beloved ones. For this purpose, the new 2021 interior design world seeks to provide you with the latest trend of recreational vehicles. What are these recreational vehicles! They are the new solutions designed for the travellers and camping lovers. These incredible vehicles are…

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  • Wonderful Guide for the Variety of Interior Design Styles

    Wonderful Guide for the Variety of Interior Design Styles

    Are you about designing your new home? Do you want to make it the best as possible? Everyone always seeks to apply interior design home décor because of its beauty and functionality but not everyone knows how to do it perfectly or what are the various styles available. The interior design world has many styles that we will list here in this article to give you enough information and then choose what suit your taste, needs and personality. Let’s begin with The Modern Style; Modern means functions and elegant. It is characterized by clean lines and simple decorative elements which are supposed to be few. The color scheme is neutral with a simple pop of colors. While the overall look is decorated by strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. 2. Contemporary; many may think contemporary is the same like the modern interior design. It may seem similar but there is a…

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  • How to design your homely fish aquarium by yourself and enhance your home tranquility

    How to design your homely fish aquarium by yourself and enhance your home tranquility

    We as homeowners seek to imitate the same look of oceans by a simple fish aquarium. Why! Because it also is an easy and simple way to make you calm down after a hard and stressful day by only a simple look at this amazing fish aquarium. What you really need to design your homely fish aquarium by yourself! In this article, I aim to help you design your own one perfectly. Above all, there are some items you will really need to get your dream home fish aquarium. The needed equipment for aquariums as follows: Aquarium Tank, Hood, Filter, Substrate, Water conditioners, Test kit, Thermometer, Heater if you want (Tropical aquarium), Decorations and Stand. Aquarium tanks vary in sizes and shapes but, to be honest, the best one is the rectangular shaped one and a large size is always preferred to keep your fishes comfortable as they are in…

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  • How to be your own home interior designer!

    How to be your own home interior designer!

    When it comes to decorating a new home there are two options to follow; whether hiring an interior designer or you can do it yourself. If you prefer doing your home interior design yourself so you may find this article useful for you. Here are some tips to know what exactly to do. Above all, you need to take a wide look at magazines, websites and galleries to get enough ideas, knowledge and inspiration of how to be your home interior designer. This look will also allow you know what are the latest trends of the year? And how to apply them perfectly! Then, you should set your budget to work around its limit and don’t be afraid even if you have a tight budget you could design your home perfectly by going to thrift stores, or even get quality products at good prices. The next step is to decide…

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  • Some amazing interior design ideas to have enjoyable and comfortable car ride

    Some amazing interior design ideas to have enjoyable and comfortable car ride

    The car is an incredible invention that makes our life easier and cozier. It is now considered the popular and comfortable transportation for individuals. That’s why every day there are always new and new cars brands and ideas for decorating your car to get the maximum coziness and entertainment. Therefore, your car is a reflection of your personality and taste, you need to care for its inside and outside look. In this article, we aim to help you with some ideas for interior car design which will give you what you always dream for your car. Above all, you have to get your desired comfort for you and your family while driving your car. One of the easiest and simplest ideas is to have covers for your seating which not only will provide you with the comfort you wish but it can also add a decorative look inside your car.…

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