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  • Creative Ideas to Provide Your Home a Rustic Touch on Budget by Fowler Interiors

    Creative Ideas to Provide Your Home a Rustic Touch on Budget by Fowler Interiors

    Are you fascinated with nature and you wish to bring its warmth and peace to your existing home? The good news is that you can bring that feel to your modern or traditional home without spending too much money. In your traditional home, the rustic decorative touches will enhance its elegance and warmth. You can use authentic rustic elements to provide the place a powerful effect such as metal accessories, a fireplace, or candles with fire pits. In a designer home, Tracy Fowler and her team use a fireplace with a mantle along with bead board walls and beamed ceiling to create an authentic rustic look. In a traditional home, the team members use an unfinished coffee table along with upholstered and leather covered furniture to create an inviting eclectic look. The rustic stone accent wall inside or at the exterior of your home can take your home décor to…

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  • Effective Ideas to Spruce up the Look of Your Traditional Home by Katie Rosenfeld 1

    Effective Ideas to Spruce up the Look of Your Traditional Home by Katie Rosenfeld

    Using color and pattern liberally with a touch of humor in your traditional home create a lively and aesthetic look in the place. Along with Katie Rosenfeld’s creative ideas, you will bring life back to your home and improve your life. If you love the bold colors such as hot pink or purple, don’t hesitate to use them to accentuate your traditional living or master bedroom. In a historic home remodel, Katie and her team mix hot pink, red, white, and blue accents with neutral colored walls and floor using bubble-gum pink wallpaper. Katie uses bold green backsplashes with similar colored dining chairs in the kitchen of the same home along with white shaker cabinets and brown floor. Your family members’ decorative preferences and needs are the key criteria you should consider whenever you remodel your home. If you live near the beach, it will be a great idea to…

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  • How to Choose Your Wall Covering by Kathleen Newhouse

    How to Choose Your Wall Covering by Kathleen Newhouse

    The materials and colors of your home’s wall covers will define the personality of the place in addition to your mood. If you need to revolve the traditional paint colors and materials, Kathleen, who says, “It is my job to create an environment…, give a room personality and energy,” will help you find the suitable wall cover material and color for your home. It is widely known that the latex and oil based paint with flat, eggshell, or high-gloss enamel finish are the quickest and most inexpensive ways to change the look and feel of your home, as they come with a wide variety of colors and easy to clean. You can opt for vertical wallpaper to draw the eye to the ceiling or patterned wallpaper to provide your home a luxurious look. Similarly, you can cover your walls with heavy fabrics to create a luxurious look and insulate the…

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  • Interesting Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Beginners by the Gilmans

    Interesting Bathroom Remodeling Tips for the Beginners by the Gilmans

    Your bathroom is a smaller home within your large house, as it is the main space of relaxation and comfort. You will need to remodel this part of your home regularly to maintain the relaxation of both of your body and soul. When you remodel your bathroom, the key tip is to plan well for everything and purchase durable and trendy fixtures. Gilmans’ team members recommend the dramatic bathroom wall tiles with innovative patterns and materials along with big slab countertops such as quartz or patterned granite countertops. In your small bathroom, it will be a helpful idea to use lots of white with black countertops or cabinets` according to the effect you need to create. Gilmans’ team members appreciate the great effect of artificial light installing LED lighting fixtures inside the cabinets, closets, and drawers, under cabinets and countertops, above cabinets, and around the mirrors. You can add one…

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    Are you about to remodel your modern bathroom or design a new one? This is somehow hard task that can break the bank, but the result will satisfy you, especially if can your time and choose the right materials, colors, and capabilities for the place. Your bathroom amenities are exposed to humid and wet environment, thus need to be made of water and mildew resistant materials. For example, you can choose laminate, thermofoil, or veneer wooden vanity with an easy to clean top such as quartz, laminate, granite, recycled glass, lava, or porcelain countertop. Accordingly, you can choose the sink material, as you can find ceramic, porcelain, metal, Corian, and quartz sinks with different shapes such as pedestal, console, drop-in, vessel, wall-mounted, under-mount, or double sinks. The bathtub can be single or double-ended bath, roll top, freestanding, whirlpool, corner, or shower bathtub. Your modern bathroom will be more effective and…

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  • Interesting Family Kitchen Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Nancy Jacobson

    Interesting Family Kitchen Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Nancy Jacobson

    Do you have a growing family with two or more kids and intend to remodel your existing kitchen? This time, you should apply kid and family friendly ideas to be able to cook, study, chat, and congregate together. Here are a few ideas by Nancy Jacobson to consider in your coming remodel. The size of your kitchen, the number and age of your family members, your lifestyle, and the number of your expected friends are the main criteria you should consider in your family kitchen remodel. In all cases, you should choose easy to clean surfaces, accessible storage spaces, a multi-task island, a recycling center, and easy to wipe down floor option. Such features will “encourage family members to help themselves and participate in meal preparation and clean up,” says Nancy Jacobson. If your family members go to the grocery once a week, you should add modular refrigeration, refrigerator drawer,…

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  • Smart Ideas for Small Apartments

    Smart Designing Ideas for Small Apartments

    The first rule you need to follow when you design a small apartment is to keep the clutter to a minimum. When you choose the painting colors, always go for the bright colors like white, light sand, butter yellow, pastel peach and beige, because these colors will help to give the place the feeling of an extra space. Choosing the furniture pieces for small apartments will be a little bit different, because you need to look for the pieces that take small spaces and contain enough storage places. For example, when you choose your living room set, make sure to buy a sofa with a storage place or that converts to a bed if you need additional sleeping places. Look for the coffee tables that have drawers to store your books and magazines in and follow the same steps when you choose your bedroom set. Always place the furniture pieces…

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  • The Amazing Designs and Uses of the Bookshelves

    The Amazing Designs and Uses of the Bookcases

    Before we dig deep in our subject, let me tell you first about some factors that you should consider when you buy a bookcase for your home. First you need to decide on how you will be using the bookcase, whether you will use it for storing books, storage place, room divider, decoration piece, window seat, etc. Bookcases come with many shapes and kinds like wall mounted, corner bookcase to fit the different home designs, so you need to consider your home space first and you need to decide on where you will place it. For example, if you have a small space, the wall mounted will be the best choice for you and don’t forget to choose a bookcase that is made from durable and high quality materials. Ok, now it’s time to talk more about the different designs, so you can make the best choice. The first design…

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  • Elegant Classic Furniture Pieces for a Classy Design

    Elegant Classic Furniture Pieces for a Classy Design

    Classic design has some special furniture pieces that distinguish it from the other designs so, adding one of these pieces to your home will make a huge decorative difference. You can start by having a camel back or Lawson sofa in your living room, they never run out of beauty and you will feel so comfortable when you sit on them to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Leather couches are also considered as one of the most stunning classic choices; you can place it in your living room or in your office and you will enjoy a durable piece of furniture and a beautiful design. We can’t talk about classic furniture without mentioning the amazing arm chair that we grow up with and shared our special reading and relaxing times with. You can bring these unforgettable memories back by making the arm chair part of your home design,…

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  • Stylish Decorating Ideas Using Mosaic Glass Tiles

    Stylish Decorating Ideas Using Mosaic Glass Tiles

    Mosaic glass tiles come with many different options to choose from like colors and patterns arrangements so, you will always be able to achieve the design that you dream of. For example, you will find some mosaic glass tiles composed of a unified color and some others are composed of contrasting colors, you will also find both simple and complex pattern arrangements, the right choice will be up to your personal taste or the place’s design whether traditional or contemporary. Adding a mosaic glass tiles in any room of your home is like adding a special touch of beauty. It’s so durable, resist water, stains and heat and so easy to clean and maintain as well which makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. For example, you can install it on the backsplash area in your kitchen and in the bathroom you can install it in shower room,…

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  • Quick and brief guidelines to distinguish between the different design styles

    Quick and brief guidelines to distinguish between the different design styles

    When you are going to furnish your entire home or even to add few items inside your home, you may feel so confused what to choose and you may also need to choose first the furniture style and then finish your décor according to it. That’s why we concern to write about the different styles to help you pick the one that will fit your taste and need. There are various styles from traditional, classic and to modern and contemporary and all these styles have other branches too. Let’s take a look and talk about each of them in few details and then you can pick the ideal one for you. Tradition style is popularly known for the warm and homely feel that it spreads inside any home. Wood is the basic material of this style which is rich and warm as cherry or mahogany. The fabrics are also characterized…

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  • Who Says That a Classic Home Means a Boring Home?

    Who Says That a Classic Home Means a Boring Home?

    If you think that you can’t be creative in decorating your classic home, this article will help you reconsider your opinion. Here are a few classic home décor ideas by Gil Walsh to let you find what your home exactly needs. The classic home décor focuses mainly on the natural colors and patterns, elegant fabrics, comforting furniture, and elegant architectural details. In a Jupiter and a Palm Beach homes, Gil highlights the architectural details such as moldings, coffered ceiling, antiqued wood columns, simulated limestone floor, and hand painted walls with natural patterns. You can still display your favorite collection of books, paintings, sculptures, and unusual furniture pieces in your family room to enhance the personal touch of the place. It will be a great idea to provide your dining room a French touch using a delicately ornamented dining table, an antique head chair and smaller side chairs, bold orange-colored walls…

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  • Amazing Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Spacious Haven by Kristy and Martin Kropat

    Amazing Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Spacious Haven by Kristy and Martin Kropat

    Whether you have a small or a large living space, you can still create a spacious heaven, as you use innovative storage spaces, less furniture, and personal elements. Kristy and Martin Kropat will share you a few tricks to turn both of the large and small spaces into a spacious heaven professionally. “Small-space living forces you to be organized… and not a pack rat,” says Kristy Kropat who prefers the innovative designs, materials, and colors. For example, Kristy uses blue and cream large-scale patterns and a platform bed with large drawers below to serve as a complete closet. Now, you can place the bed with its storage space at the center of the room and let your kids play in such a spacious space. In the living room of the same home, Kristy and her team members install a double duty corner bookcase and a coffee table with pullout shelves…

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  • Beautify each room in your house by pretty plants as decoration

    Beautify each room in your house by pretty plants as decoration

    Do you ever think of decorating each room or even your living room by plants? If your answer is no. thus, it is time to rethink again, it is an easy way to decorate your indoor and have the same feeling of the outside atmosphere. Let’s talk about this wonderful issue in few details to help you experience a new décor way. The house decoration with plants has many ways to accomplish, it depends on your preferences and your time. if you are a busy homeowner who has no time to care of the plants, in this case, the best way for you is to add an artificial plant. This type of plants is made of many materials but the popular one as being beautiful and adding very rich look so close to the real ones look. The silk plants have also many colors and shapes, there are silk plants…

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  • Pick Creative Furniture Solution for your Small Apartment

    Pick Creative Furniture Solution for your Small Apartment

    In this economic hard time, most of the people have forced to buy small flats to fit their budget because the cost rates nowadays become so high. This may lead the homeowner to feel unhappy but with the right furniture, every homeowner can get his dream house decoration. Every one of you should be wise, creative and innovative to design his home. Every home has many rooms to be decorated and at the same time, these rooms need to look stylish, organized and comfortable. The basic rooms even inside a small flat are a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. So, how to decorate your house so as to look organized, free of clutter and beautiful! Here are some useful items for each room that can help you to have your dream look. If we are talking about a living room there are many furniture solutions that make the most…

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  • 25 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Photo Frame

    25 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Photo Frame

    The old photo frames may clutter your home or consume a considerable space in your precious available space. Instead, it will be a great idea to paint the frame a suitable color to your home décor and use it as a functional or decorative piece. After fixing the defects of your old photo frame and giving it a new splash of color, you can utilize the frame as a functional piece as per its size and your needs. For example, the large frame can serve as a decorative headboard frame. You can fill such frame with a similar colored wooden panel or upholstered filling. The smaller frame with a decorative wooden panel can serve as a dessert tray or a small side table surface. Using special hooks or strings, you can use the old photo frame as a key holder, an accessible storage space for the useful menus and invitations,…

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  • How to feel comfortable and enjoyable inside your laundry room

    How to feel comfortable and enjoyable inside your laundry room

    A laundry mission seems always to be stressful and boring, especially when you have a messy laundry room. To feel comfortable and enjoy this mission, you should organize your own laundry room. The reason is because when you have an organized laundry room you will feel cozy and have spaces to rest or even move. Let’s begin this article telling you what to do for accomplishing this goal. First, you should remove any clutter and have a free floor and then the task will begin. In many cases, you have a bad laundry experience due to the lack of enough illumination and there is no storage space which will lead to an unorganized area. So, when you are going to create a laundry room you need to keep these previous features in mind to solve the problem. There are many ways for having an ideal laundry room for your need.…

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  • Stylish Inflatable Furniture is a good choice for many nowadays

    Stylish Inflatable Furniture is a good choice for many nowadays

    Inflatable furniture becomes a popular type of furniture that everyone can use daily or in homes. It is considered new solutions for many people who have space problems or seek for new things. This inflatable furniture is involving now in every aspect in our life and we can find in many places when we are going out for a picnic, bars and more. Why does the inflatable furniture gain this popularity? It is simple because the first thing that may concern every one of us; the cost. This amazing furniture is cheaper than any other furniture types and at the same time, it can fit well with every home and place décor and needs. These inflatable furniture pieces come in the market today with various shapes, designs, colors which make them marketable. The inflatable furniture is a flexible and mobile furniture which easy to move and transfer and it a…

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  • Enhance your office functionality and productivity with ergonomic furniture

    Enhance your office functionality and productivity with ergonomic furniture

    Are you going to start a new business? Do you need new office furniture? Do you need to have the best for your employees and get the suitable furniture that fits your needs and budget? Have you ever heard about the new trend of furniture called ergonomic office furniture? Honestly, the answers of all these questions will really help you design your working area well in both aspects; stylish feel and comfortable functional atmosphere. If you a new business owner or even want to remodel your working area in your own office or company, it is now time to know well how to do this important task. When designing a new office or company, there are many factors you have to consider if you desire to do it properly for getting prosperity in your business. The ergonomic term is a new way in furniture designing aiming to reduce pains, illness…

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  • Get a modern touch inside your home with mirrored piece of furniture

    Get a modern touch inside your home with mirrored piece of furniture

    The mirrored furniture was at the past an addition for a traditional or classic feel, but, nowadays, it becomes a touch of modernization. The mirrored furniture becomes today popular and showers the market with various pieces to enhance every home beauty and elegant feel. The mirrored pieces are a better way to enhance any area size, brighten up the whole space. In addition, to the elegant atmosphere inside your home that will reflect your good taste. These mirrored furniture pieces are numerous not limited to be added in one room or with one element. The uses of this mirrored furniture are endless you can get them to beautify your bedroom, kitchen, living room and more. There are also various elements and pieces that are included among the mirrored furniture to provide you with almost everything you may need as follows: mirrored tables top, countertops, desks, jewelry boxes, vanity units, night…

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