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Make your dream kids room with innovative beds for small space

Furnishing a kid room is a fun task. It can probably be little hard to decorate your child room with his/her own taste and with saving more space for him/her to play. The master piece in the kid’s bed room is the bed so you should the best bed to grant your child with comfortable and enjoyable feel. There are many various beds style which can suit your kid’s personality and the narrow room space as well.

The captain beds are perfect choice for child and they have more storage space as well. So they match well with the kids who have many stuff. They also inspired from the sea as theme therefore they will be so adorable for kids who love pirates or anything related to the sea.

Now trundle bed is so ideal for the kid’s room, it is so functional and cozy bed. It is unique and innovative bed which is known as a couple bed, it is save more space, and it is so useful if you have more than one kid or your kid loves to invite his/her friends.

Since the lower bed is pulled out when you need to use it and it offers an additional bed as needed. You then put it back when it is not in use and that is an advantage feature of this design.

The Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk design is another funny, comfortable, functional and innovative for narrow kid’s room. It also is colorful and joyful for kids, allow them to play and save their stuff. The most popular choice of kid’s bed is the Bunk bed design which fit perfectly with narrow room and it also is great design if you have twins. This bunk bed design is functional and comfortable which the lower bed can be transformed as a couch. But you should be sure of the safety of your child when choosing this design.

At last never forget, whatever the bed design you choose, to match the theme of the bed with the room theme.

Make your dream kids room with innovative beds for small space
dream kids room for small space

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