Dress your Family Room in a White Merry Christmas Style

Hey! It is the Christmas jingle bells ringing. Have you got ready for the occasion? It is time to give your home the decoration that creates the atmosphere. The best celebration of Christmas can be made when all of the family members and, maybe, some relatives or close friends gather at the living or dining room. Now, we will tell you how to dress such gathering room all in white to get the sweet cold feel of snow, mingled with the cozy warm feel of merry Christmas with our family.

To show the beautiful effect of an almost white room, use different textures like wood, fabric, marble, clay, etc. and different shades of white from pale to bright, and even add few neutral-color elements to break monotony. You can dress your dining table in white cotton or polyester tablecloth and skirt, and the chairs in shimmering white satin covers and pale pink organza sashes embroidered with glitter.

Also, white dishware, napkins, vases, and flowers will create some variance. Adding a rustic white burlap table runner will give you the relaxing feel of the country. Moreover, you can mix this white palette with natural tones through accent items of glass and silver. For example, crystal glasses, goblets, and jars embroidered with silver glitter will give the white palette a shiny look and help to convey the icy atmosphere of Christmas.

Then, you should get the specific decorations that make it feels not just a cold winter, but an icy Christmas. The Christmas tree is a basic element in your decoration. Get your tree dressed almost all in white as if covered with snow, with some greenery to look natural and some shimmery silver and red embroidery to look festive Christmas.

You can make stars out of sticks and embellish them with white lights. Also, there are endless Christmas shapes that you can make, such as the bells, bows, snowman, candy canes, snowflake chains, reindeer, etc. These shapes are made of paper, clay, wood, rocks, or natural material. Such shapes and patterns can be scattered everywhere in your family room: put a large Christmas tree on an accent table and two small ones along with candles with their holders on the dining table. Also, the fireplace should be adorned with stocks, wreaths, and Christmas gifts, and the walls with stars and bells.

Dress your Family Room in a White Merry Christmas Style
Family Room in a White Merry Christmas Style

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