Eco-Friendly Furniture with a Mid-Century Touch

Want to grant your home a historical look? If so, opt for mid century furniture. If you are wondering that why one should opt for mid century furniture, here are the reasons:

Many mid century furniture pieces have pretty carvings on the trimming or fine lines. Mid century furniture is more durable than any other kind. Using mid century furniture in your home will make it more inviting because mid century furniture usually have the natural varnish color or oak color which gives a dramatic effect to any place.

How to renovate your damaged mid century furniture? Firstly, sand the damaged areas with a fine sand paper in the direction of the grain. The next step is to clean off the dust and residual possible old wax. You can do this by spreading everything down with the oil soap. Thirdly, use the teak oil and wet a rag and apply the entire piece.

Wait ten/fifteen minutes and with a clean rag dry off the surplus oil then rub down everything with the wax. Congratulation, your mid century piece is become ready to be part of your mid century modern house.

Here are the best collectible pieces of mid-century:

Isamu Noguchi coffee table is a remarkable sign in mid century. Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese-American designer and sculptor and his most popular piece was a coffee table.

One of the best pieces of mid century is Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair. The Barcelona chair was designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the Barcelona exposition in 1929. The Barcelona chair is distinguished with the fluid lines which make it more elegant.

Arne Jacobsen swan chair and Eames lounger are also the best collectible pieces of mid-century. A holistic understanding about eco-friendly furniture with a mid-century touch can be gained from viewing the accompanying photos.
Eco-Friendly Furniture with a Mid-Century Touch

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