Efficient Laundry Room Designs

Your laundry room is one of the most important, yet neglected rooms that can serve as a craft room and a homework space. Such a room has to be well-organized and illuminated, have relaxing colors, and have some entertaining methods. If you can keep this room clean and tidy all the time, it will be the ideal laundry room.

Your laundry room’s appliances should be regularly arranged in a proper way to have an easy access to your items. Different means are found to help you in such tasks, like the floor-to-ceiling cabinet that will organize both of dirty and clean clothes. Instead, you can get pretty looking baskets or hanging baskets, to serve as storage spaces and accessories at the same time. You can get a hamper with separate storage spaces in a pretty steel frame to save your dirty or clean, but not the ironed clothes.

Designing the laundry room doesn’t short on getting the right appliances. Arranging these appliances in the right places is another story. You can arrange the staff used for washing clothes- such as the detergent soups and chlorine- in a small wall cabinet near your washer and the drawers’ hungers along with the folding or hanging table near the dryer.

The folded drying racks can be installed onto the wall to be pulled out when needed. It would be an excellent idea if you can place the functional accessories, such as the waste baskets near the washer to empty the lint trap.

One of the most efficient criteria is to install adequate light fixtures into the room. At morning, the natural light will renew the air and light in the room, but you may use the laundry room for more than six hours. That’s why you will need to install overhead and wall-mounted lights. The warm colors will add a relaxing feel into the room. Besides, you will need to amuse yourself using a radio or CD player to keep yourself amused all the time.
Efficient Laundry Room Designs
Efficient Laundry Room Designs

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