English Baroque and Rococo Furniture Antiques

With such a vast array of styles and historical periods, English antique furniture is admired by many antique collectors and ordinary people as well. Although English antique furniture is precious, many people tend to own the antique pieces for their own beauty rather than for making profitable deals. Here we take you into a journey through the Baroque and Rococo times to enable you identify English antique furniture styles of these historical periods.

Baroque Styles (1660-1727):

The Baroque style embraces three distinct furniture periods: Restoration or Carolean, William and Marry and Queen Anne.

During the Restoration era, mahogany and walnut replaced oak furniture. Furniture was influenced by the Dutch and French immigrants who transferred Dutch and French Baroque to England. Furniture was characterized by symmetrical decorated designs, wood carvings and engravings, twisted or spiral turned legs, ornate details and colourful motifs.

During the reign of William and Marry, furniture manufacturing soared. A great emphasis was given to decorative effects such as lacquer, veneering and marquetry. Square-back chairs were upholstered and made more comfortable. The grandeur of the Baroque was manifested in William and Marry furniture.

Through the reign of Queen Anne, English furniture evolved into a mature original style. English Baroque became distinct from the Italian or French Baroque. Furniture was made less heavy. Wing back chairs and cabriole legs were presented. Besides, certain feet designs were introduced like the scroll feet, club feet and claw and ball feet. Later in Queen Anne’s era, furniture became more refined and humane.

Rococo Style (1760-1790):

Rococo style flourished in Britain after the Baroque era. Influenced by Gothic, French and Chinese styles, Rococo designs were more delicate and lofty. Being associated with Chippendale, Rococo was famous for its asymmetry, C- and S- scrolls, naturalistic motifs such as flowers, plants, leaves and birds as well as rock and shell designs. Chippendale Rococo mirrors, chairs and cabinets are remarkable pieces of English Rococo furniture. Chinese Chippendale or “Chinoiserie” continued to inspire furniture designers for a long time.

Finally, whether it is a dining table, a disk, a chair or a cabinet; English Baroque and Rococo antique pieces add a unique touch to your décor. English Baroque and Rococo furniture are considered phenomenal antiques. It is time to catch a glimpse of the English history and grace your home with Baroque or Rococo antique pieces.
English Baroque and Rococo Furniture Antiques

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