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Have fun with cleaning your kid’s bedroom with your child help

How difficult could be the cleaning task? For every mom cleaning a kid room is such a disastrous mission. In this article, we will help every mother to have fun with her child while cleaning his/her bedroom.

With the following few tips you and your child will enjoy cleaning: first write a list of the items that should be cleaned and organized and hang them on the mirror or on the wardrobe door. But be creative and draw some colorful shapes in this list to be attractive for your child. Then don’t forget the items which will make the cleaning task easier and quicker; various colorful baskets for picking different items, shelves and boxes.

To push your kid for cleaning the bedroom, you need to be a good model example and funny as well. He/she needs to follow your steps when watching you clean with them. Tell them softly to pick every item and put them in its proper place like you already did before. Then you need to make this task funnier by singing a song about cleaning or any loveable song.

Next you have to take advantages of your kid’s help and educate them for having intellectual skills according her/his age, as example pick every single item and tell them to put it in a yellow basket and so on. So they will learn more about colors. Then how to make this task so loveable for them? All the kids love the rewards and the challenges; therefore the best thing to do is make a competition with your kid who will complete his task first.

Then when he/she do their tasks properly give he/she an enjoyable reward or you can make a trick with the competition; you can hide under every item needs to be organized some coins and tell your kid that when she/ he clean every corner, he/she can get these coins as a reward.
After all of that your kid will be organized and enjoy cleaning the bedroom.

Have fun with cleaning your kid’s bedroom with your child help
Have fun with cleaning your kid's bedroom with your child help

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