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What about going for a green colored bedroom and enjoy the natural beauty!

There is no doubt that the bedroom is where you almost spend the 1/3 of your time there. Thus, when you stay on your bedroom you need to feel cozy and relaxed. The bedroom décor should emphasis this feeling. How to achieve this goal! We will talk about that in this article.

The number one basic of any room décor is how you can create a perfect look with playing with the room colors. All the scientific studies prove that the colors have a great impact on setting a specific mood inside the room. so when you begin decorating your bedroom you should think about the room colors.

As above mentioned that you need a comfortable atmosphere so what about selecting one or two of green hues! It is really amazing and popular for bedrooms which green is a relaxing color, plus it calms you and makes you feel relaxed in both aspects mentally as well as physically. Green can also bring the natural beauty in your bedroom as it is considered a color inspired of nature; Gardens, vegetables, beautiful landscapes and so on.

You can play with colors with the green color; green is an amazing color which can be combined with various hues of colors. You can combine it with yellow and add a vibrant look with a peaceful and bright atmosphere. It is also can go well with brown which can add depth and charming look.

In the modern world of designs and furniture, Green suit every style you need to consider contemporary or even traditional. Therefore, you can find different pieces of furniture in green shades or even with colors that fit the green scheme. You can go for light furniture as an example, white bedding made of wood which is your bedroom focal point.
Then, you may complete the look with accents like a curtain with floral patterns or lemon or yellow with greens pattern and so on. Don’t forget the area rug to enhance the overall look. Light fixtures are important to brighten up the overall look as well and enhance the peaceful mood you wish for.

What about going for a green colored bedroom and enjoy the natural beauty!
a green colored bedroom and enjoy the natural beauty

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