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Go green and have a healthy bedroom design

We spend a lot of time inside our bedroom, where it is the place to have a good rest, so we should care of its design. The bedroom is required a healthy design to enable us to get deep rest so going for a green bedroom is the solution.
The ordinary bedroom painting contains many of toxins that you could smell during your sleep time and affect on your health. And also the ordinary bed materials are made with fire retardant chemicals.

Here are some tips to consider while designing your green healthy bedroom to have a sanctuary that makes you comfortable and have a deep sleep:
First you should buy comfortable, and toxin-free bed, you have to look for bed made from natural materials produced organically such as Cotton, wool, natural latex and horsehair.

The healthiest thing to consider for the wallpaper is Natural fiber wallpaper or as alternative you can look for natural finishes wall paint like plaster and milk or limewash paints.

The flooring is an important element to consider. Organic flooring is best choice as using a wool carpet or you can choose wood or stone flooring. Wood is a great eco-friendly flooring finish for the whole room.
A few things to consider about lighting; you choose the light style as your taste, but you have to look for eco-friendly light bulbs made of organic or healthy material. As we all know that darker room is the better way to sleep so you barely can see your hand after turning off the light before sleeping.

To complete the healthy room design, you should also care of the windows treatment and make sure that the curtains are made of natural material like organic cotton, hemp or bamboo, or as alternative unpainted wooden. You can get also some plants to filter the air inside the room and make it healthier.
Your health is a gift from God you should keep it always in a good state. so your bedroom should be healthy and clean.

Go green and have a healthy bedroom design
healthy bedroom design

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