high gloss – Have your kitchen À LA MODE!

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Do you want to design it according to the latest fashion? Search no more, now we are bringing you the hot stuff for your new kitchen design. One of the most important things is to pick materials and colors that will not get outdated early as you do no want to ask yourself later “what on earth was I thinking? “. To avoid asking yourself such a question and feeling such a regret you are advised to go with basic and elegant choice yet not much of a bizzare one.

One of the most trending ideas right now are the high gloss designs, as a style it could never get outdated because of their shine and elegance. If you want to have an outstanding kitchen that would dazzle your friends and family and make them want to stay forever in that exquisite kitchen then the high gloss design is the one for you. If you like to have strong colors in your kitchen, try mixing them with black or white so that you have the elegant look in it.

The good thing about high gloss kitchens is that they are totally affordable and won’t need a heavy pocket. Another thing is that they totally match a variety of floor tiles, wall tiles and backsplashes without ruining the overall look. For the floor, the best choice in matters of elegance and affordability is linoleum tiles. When it comes to the walls and the backsplashes the hottest trend is metro brick tiles, they come in two awesome finishes beveled edges and high gloss or with smooth finishes. They can be organized in multiple patterns like the brick-laying pattern or the herring bone pattern.
high gloss – Have your kitchen À LA MODE!

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