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How to Become an Interior Designer ?

You should use your imagination and ignite your creativity. You need to know more than how to decorate a space.

Firstly, you should know the different between an interior decorator and an interior designer, simply an interior decorator does not need a specific degree to work as one, he learns the tricks of the trade through reading up and referring to books but an interior designer requires a full-fledged degree and certification program, along with a license to work in the field.

To become a good interior designer you should follow the next steps:

Computer has a vital role in designing; you should be able to use computers to create your space designs. Apply for internships through your school. Your contacts might lead to a future job. A bachelor’s degree is highly recommended for entry-level positions in interior design.

Keep in mind that you should spend a year or two working in the field after graduation to gain enough experience, prior to taking and passing the NCIDQ qualification exam. You will need to learn computer aided design software.

The best way to transform an old room into a new one is to put in a skylight. You need to look at things the way designers do. You have to become aware of the trends that are popular and the latest trends in the industry.

You should practice a lot and try making some changes around your own home or living space. In the beginning, you will have to volunteer to help friends and family members update the interior decorating in their homes.

If you have to design a small room, choose small pieces of furniture and go for bright colors. You should choose the right color combination and opt for the proper furniture, window style and floor covers, lights and especially the artworks.

Finally, don’t forget you need to be patient and discuss with your client and try to amaze him with your designs.

How to Become an Interior Designer
how to become an interior designer in nc

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