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How to make a great Interior Design Portfolio ?

How your clients would know you without your portfolio as it considered the only mean that can give your clients an idea of the style and quality of your work. It’s hard to imagine an interior designer without a portfolio.

A professional and organized portfolio can make you different from other interior designers and a good portfolio can polarize many clients. Your portfolio should be easy to use and should be well organized so you have to choose a suitable case for your portfolio to display your work.

Firstly, you should write an introduction at the beginning of your interior design portfolio in order to clarify your education, qualifications experience, interests and design philosophy. You should also add information about your skills, specialties, talents that you can offer to a company and the software you are able to use.

Place this introduction at the front of your portfolio binder in a plastic page protector. If you have any letters of recommendation from a clients or former employers, place them in the page protectors in the portfolio.

Choose the best projects of your work that showcase your qualifications as an interior designer and if possible, customize your choices for each client. You should amaze your clients with your skills in interior designing; all that you need are to compile information, diagrams and picture for each project.

Be patient and create several pages for each project that show how the project progressed from beginning to end. Keep in mind that the smallest details are required such as information about when and where the project was completed. This information should be added.

Describe the inspiration and thought process behind the project to show the efforts that you did. Remember, to gain fame, you should make your best and make sure you have plenty of business cards and resumes on hand and tucked away on your portfolio for you to hand out to potential clients. Finally, you should keep your portfolio updated.
How to make a great Interior Design Portfolio

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