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How to transform your attic into a nice master bedroom?

With the increasing of the families and this present economic climate, there are no chances to have a new large home with expensive cost. So each of us may consider remodeling his existing home and take advantages of every corner inside your house like your attic as an example.

Why leaving this precious area without using? Your attic can be so useful for you as an extra room. You just need to decide what room you need it for! For a useful purpose, you may prefer transform your attic into a warm master bedroom and leave your old one for your older child.

First, you need to consider some factors before finishing your master bedroom in the attic remodeling. One of the important things is to check the attic ventilation, so you have to install proper ventilation for healthy life above. Then, see if there is any windows or fresh air and light available, in case, you don’t have, you need to get a window with a skylight too.

After this quick check, now start your master bedroom decor. The colors are the first item to begin with. You should choose a light color with one dark shade to have a bright room with warm atmosphere. For having a larger space, paint the ceiling with white. Then, the lights fixtures are a must. You need to select a bright light tone, and for a warm atmosphere try to install lamps or wall sconces with fabric shades. For a spacious area and light reflections, add mirrors to brighten up the whole room.

The next step, select your furniture as minimum as you could, choose the useful items and don’t overwhelm the room. A simple bed, dresser and couple chairs for a private corner will be ideal. You can add simple accessories as well like a wall art, small and bright rug. Never forget the window treatments like blinds to save yourself from the sunny days’ light.

Just keep in mind with simple features, you can convert your attic to a very nice master bedroom within your budget.

How to transform your attic into a nice master bedroom
How to transform your attic into a nice master bedroom?

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