Ideal Lighting for your Room to Rest and also have Style

Lighting is a very important aspect in your decor and yet a lot of people overlook it or don’t understand its importance. Lighting provides focus on your space so focus on that also it should consider the function of the space. Lighting has a great impact on the style of your room. So you should choose a suitable lighting to match your space.

Every room has its own function so choose the suitable lighting for each one. Your bedroom for example if its lighting is wrong you will have trouble in relaxing and sleeping so choose it wisely. The following part is about 3 considerations you should focus on when you choose your lighting; I will use a bedroom for an example.

Firstly, space is what you want to focus on. Measure your space perfectly to know the needed number of fittings to lighten your room. The size of the lighting changes with the size of your room. Low tone subtle lighting is great for a small bedroom but glaring overhead lighting is good for bigger ones. You can use wall scones in your bedroom as mood lighting but not as a main source.

Secondly, your lighting fitting styles are very important it have a lot of types starting from classic to contemporary style. Chandeliers are an example of the classic style they give a classy atmosphere to your room. But if you want simplicity and a clean geometric look go for modern fittings.

Thirdly, consequent decoration and color are important. The purpose of any bedroom is to relax and sleep. For sleeping and relaxing it’s favorable to go for the yin not the yang.

Red and yellow are very bright colors which are an example of the yang that make your room very active which is too yang and that is bad for your bedroom. Purple and dark black are sober colors they are an example for the yin. They will make your room a very good place for sleeping; but it will make it very hard to wake up which make it too yin.

Neither of the previously mentioned choices is good. The ideal one will be pastel earth tones; for example magnolia and beige. Use them as the predominant color. The earlier ones can be used as a component for the predominant one. Emotions can be affected by designs and colors. So choose them wisely so that your body can have its rest.

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