Useful information about leather types before buying your furniture

Leather furniture is such a charming luxurious addition in any home. But its prices could be little expensive and be beyond your expectations. At the same time, it could be a wise investment for a lifetime if you get durable items which mean good quality leather.

There are different leather types which vary from each other according to the manufacturing process. As we all know the leathers can be natural “from animals” or artificial. The natural leather goes through many processes till we get the manufactured one. Now we will know more about the natural leather types:

Top grain is the outer part of the animal hide which is the best one. It is durable as it is the finest quality leather ever. It could be the most expensive one, but it is ideal for you if you need furniture last for a lifetime.

Split is the underside of the skin which is considered the inside part of the animal’s hide. The split is less durable than the top grain. This type generally needs to be dyed more heavily, so it is not as good as the top grain. But it is your choice if you search for unusual colored leather.

Leather Dye process:

Aniline Finish: the leather dye for only one time regarding it is top grain leather. Thus it is durable and with no buffing, but it dye only for repairing any imperfection f the natural animal hide. The result is having a real beauty of the natural leather.

Semi-Aniline Finish: the leather here is going through many dye and surface treatment processes. These processes are for having coloring leathers in many colors and the colored leather is supposed to be protected against the stain and wears. Therefore, the semi-aniline finish leathers are the best choice if you have children or pets.

This was a quick look around the leather world, but you need to check online to know more about the leather furniture not to be deceived from the salesman in the stores.

Useful information about leather types before buying your furniture
leather types before buying your furniture

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