• Decorative Kid-friendly Ideas by Cure Design Group You Can Apply in Your Existing Home

    Decorative Kid-friendly Ideas by Cure Design Group You Can Apply in Your Existing Home

    Do you love the white and glass surfaces with expensive accessories, but you need to ensure your children’s safety? Actually, your supervision, good sense, and safety devices can enhance the kid-friendly function of your home, yet you can use additional decorative ideas to let your kids spend enjoying times in the place. In your kids’ bedroom, try to install steady items with clean lines and curvy angles to withstand the kids’ assaults. You can use cabinet and closet locks, a smoke detector, window blind cord, a carbon monoxide alarm, outlet covers, and decorative hacks and organizers to keep your baby safe and the place clean and uncluttered most of the time. If your kids are younger, you can use wipe-clean paint with your favorite color, different-sized seats, durable upholstery, and washable slipcovers with your favorite patterns. Your kids will certainly love the colorful decorative art in their rooms in addition…

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  • Choose primary school furniture wisely and keep your student happy and clever

    Choose primary school furniture wisely and keep your student happy and clever

    When parents want their kids to enroll in school they always seek a good one in both aspects; learning matters and ideal classroom atmospheres. They always search for a good school that has safe, comfortable and colorful classrooms to encourage their kids to study and learn more skills. The schools’ principles have a great burden to furnish their schools perfectly. In this article, I aim to help those principles getting ideas to have ideal and wonderful classrooms for little kids. The best approach to go for when furnishing your schools is to go ergonomic furniture. This furniture will ensure you keep the essential standards for classrooms. Let’s talk in details how to design your classrooms for little kids. First of all, you have to care of the classroom colors not overwhelming them with colors not to distract the kid attention. But try to balance between the colors to make the…

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  • What you will need to be a Qualified Interior Designer

    What you will need to be a Qualified Interior Designer

    Every interior designer whatever he is an amateur one or a student, needs the right tools. If they want to get the job done with and advance their designing skills, they must have the right tools. The usage of a color wheel is the first tool that distinguishes a designer from the other. It is used in every step of interior designing. It helps the designer to make a decision about flooring, window treatments, furniture, paint, wallpaper and other accessories. The correct way to plan an interior design will require pencils, rulers, measuring tape, graph paper, pens, protractor and a T-square and a yard stick to have the right dimensions, edges and measurements. Thumb tacks and push pins are also important tools to plan creatively. If you want to hang things on a wall, you will need plastic anchors, picture wire, needles, pins and cup hooks. You want some professional…

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  • How to make a great Interior Design Portfolio

    How to make a great Interior Design Portfolio ?

    How your clients would know you without your portfolio as it considered the only mean that can give your clients an idea of the style and quality of your work. It’s hard to imagine an interior designer without a portfolio. A professional and organized portfolio can make you different from other interior designers and a good portfolio can polarize many clients. Your portfolio should be easy to use and should be well organized so you have to choose a suitable case for your portfolio to display your work. Firstly, you should write an introduction at the beginning of your interior design portfolio in order to clarify your education, qualifications experience, interests and design philosophy. You should also add information about your skills, specialties, talents that you can offer to a company and the software you are able to use. Place this introduction at the front of your portfolio binder in…

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  • How do you choose a good interior design college

    How do you choose a good interior design college?

    Choosing an interior design college is one of the most important decisions in your life so you have to think well before making a decision. We offer you some instructions that will surely assist you, take a look at them: The interior design program that the schools teach is a key factor which makes the differences between schools. Interior design requires creativity, and creativity requires imagination so if you are inspired by tranquil atmosphere, then choose a top college in a more rural area. Accredited school is a must. We will make it easy; the two major accrediting bodies for interior design colleges are the council for interior design accreditation and the national association of schools of art and design. You should think about budget, while you may want to attend the best school possible, it must be affordable. You should consider tuition, student fees and books. Keep in mind,…

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  • How to be a Famous Interior Designer

    How to be a Famous Interior Designer ?

    You can be a famous Interior designer, if you are willing to do the work. Gaining sufficient experience is an important factor as lots of experience will put you on the road to designer stardom. We will produce essential steps to be a famous interior designer, scroll down to figure out them: You should get a degree at a reputable school. You have to be a hard-working student and ask a lot of questions don’t be shy. You should make the most of your teachers’ knowledge. Get advices from older designers. Through tertiary institutions you could have the chance to meet professional designers. You should look for internship opportunities in big firms in order to gain the desired experience for a famous designer. Creating a blog about your designs is a great idea to get more popularity. Look for what motivates you to design and think about distinctive styles. The…

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  • Want to be an interior designer

    Want to be an interior designer? Here’s how!

    Now, it is not hard to take courses in almost every subject online, including interior design but all you will need are strong will and patience. First thing to consider is working to establish your basic style prescription about interior design style. Keep in mind; if you decided to take a course that includes landscape and garden design, then you would also learn about how to decorate outdoor living spaces like patios and the areas surrounding swimming pools. Keep in mind, there are many credible interior design home study courses that you can choose from but firstly you should make a list of the things that you want to get from a course. To get downloadable educational seminars and links to interior design schools, you should visit an interior design organization website, such as the American society of interior designers. You will need a degree in interior design, to get…

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  • 10 tips on hiring an interior designer

    10 tips on hiring an interior designer

    You need a good interior designer to bring your dream home to life, but the question is how to hire a good interior designer on a budget? Simply, follow the next instructions: Firstly, you should decide which existing furnishings you wish and make a list of what you want the outcome of the decorating project to be. Secondly, determine your budget for your project. Thirdly, you should collect sufficient information about designers, to be able to choose the best so you have to visit show houses and model homes or read local publications to find designers whose work you like. Fourthly, you can also check out decorating TV shows and magazines for more information. Fifthly, to evaluate compatibility, you should interview each designer and ask for fees and scheduling. Sixthly, it’s very important to ask to see the designer’s portfolio. Seventhly, keep in mind you will spend a lot of…

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  • How to Find Interior Design Jobs

    How to Find Interior Design Jobs ?

    Finding jobs in an artistic field such as interior design is not an easy task. This task requires imagination and creativity. Most firms offer part-time internships during the school year so you should make use of that and gain experience but keep in mind, an internship with a reputed interior designing firm will help you to get a rewarding job. The best way to have access to the latest products in interior design is visiting a home design showcase or warehouse. Keep in mind that many furniture stores offer interior design services as a part of their brand so try to be close to these stores. To maximize your job possibilities, then you have to use your school connections or you can post announcements in your alumni newsletter to enhance your chances. Another great way is to join a professional organization such as ASID hence; you will have more opportunities…

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  • How to Become an Interior Designer

    How to Become an Interior Designer ?

    You should use your imagination and ignite your creativity. You need to know more than how to decorate a space. Firstly, you should know the different between an interior decorator and an interior designer, simply an interior decorator does not need a specific degree to work as one, he learns the tricks of the trade through reading up and referring to books but an interior designer requires a full-fledged degree and certification program, along with a license to work in the field. To become a good interior designer you should follow the next steps: Computer has a vital role in designing; you should be able to use computers to create your space designs. Apply for internships through your school. Your contacts might lead to a future job. A bachelor’s degree is highly recommended for entry-level positions in interior design. Keep in mind that you should spend a year or two…

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