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kid’s room – How to manage the organisation and storage

How to manage the organisation and storage in a limited space kid’s room, Limited space is falsely considered as an issue for house owners. We all love spacious houses like the ones we see on television, however not all of us have this kind of space. This is exactly why we should practice space management which, in return, will teach us that havens come in all sizes. If you are having the same problem with your kid’s room, just remember ‘kids are already small’.

To start of executing the tricks offered to you by design experts, take accurate measurements of the kid’s room and play it as a game with them. So, now our goal is to furnish this room smartly and lovely. We need to avoid cluttering the room and at the same time have sufficient storage areas for their toys, books and other stuff.

So the question is how to organise a Kid’s room? A great idea to start off your design is to firstly choose the bed. The bed is the centre of any room but since we already want to manage our space differently, you might want to consider getting a loft bed. Loft beds are great space savers and they also give the feeling of a tree house.

You know what is better than a loft bed? A loft bed with a desk, now you have created a fixed studying area for your kid, great! For the storage, a nice tall boy will suffice for the kid’s clothing and for the toys a nice basket will be a great idea. What if you have two kids? A bunk bed will be a great alternative in that case.

Another smart idea will be having a dual function pieces of furniture, like a bedside table with multiple storing drawers. Shelving is also an excellent idea for storage as well as an opportunity to keep most important things handy. Useful use of corners is also one way to organise the room and provide it with more and more storage places.

Worth knowing also is that the maket now provides corner shelvings which are great for managing limited spaces. Of course this kind of organisation will be perfected by the use of vibrant light colour for paint. Yellow is one energetic colour that is recommended for kids rooms.
kid’s room – How to manage the organisation and storage

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