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  • How to design your living room

    How to design your living room

    Do you have your living room dream, that both your guests and family actually enjoy? Follow the following guidelines to decorate it. 1) Clip. Assemble a clipping collection of your favorite rooms from magazines.(regardless of cost) 2) Focal point. Decide a layout for your room, conversation areas& a focal point.(see: Deciding on a Layout for Your Room Design). 3) De-clutter. Decide what you can keep in the room. 4) step away from the wall. Visit:” The Basics of Furniture Arrangement”. 5) Have a seat. Strive to sit at least 6 people even in a small room. 6) Area defined. Define conversation& seating areas with area rugs. 7) Details. Use architectural & furnishings details to delineate a space. 8) The color of drapes. It looks best in the dominant color of the largest piece of furniture. 9) Look out below. The floors should be darker than the walls. 10) On the…

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  • how to decorate a large wall in living room

    how to decorate a large wall in living room

    Decorating a living room is not an easy task, especially when it is an L shaped living room. Ranch homes in 1950s were famous for their L shaped living rooms. Its unusual shape, large picture window and large wall present a decorating challenge. However, with a few tricks, the living can be very practical and look pleasant. I will give you some tips on how to make the best use of an L shaped living room with a large picture window and wall. You can take advantage of the L shape by using the room for two purposes. You can use the smaller arm of the room as a dining room or entertainment center. Hence, it will make your guests feel more welcomed for lounging and entertaining. There is no rug that can fit both sections of the L shaped room. So, you can put an area rug in the…

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  • contemporary living room interior design ideas

    Contemporary living room interior design ideas, lighting, Coloring

    When we talk about the living room, we likely think of it as the place where we spend most of our time at home. Many activities such as watching TV, spending family time and entertaining guests usually take place at the living room. It is very important to our living room to gather both comfort and modernity to be perfect. Your personality can also be reflected in your design without ignoring your family needs. Whether you’re designing the living room by yourself or hiring an interior designer, you should know exactly what you want and be able to describe it, starting from coloring the walls and ending with the accessories with their finishing touches. Coloring and furnishing It’s easy and refreshing to begin with coloring your living room so start choosing colors of the walls and mixing colors to get the best shades. Now for the most important components in…

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  • Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Brown is a very warm color to have in your living room. Brown is the color for security and stability and it is also a sophisticated color. You can use different shades of brown like beige, light tan, and subdued mocha. If you want your living room to look smaller, paint it brown. Your walls and furniture should be in different shade of brown so you can make a contrast between them. In order for you to balance your brown-colored walls, you should consider factors like the size, color, and arrangement of your furniture. For example, if the walls are of light brown hues, choose chocolate-brown furniture and vice versa. Note that the maximum number of brown shades you can choose for your living room is three. For example, you can mix light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Moreover, if you want to have another color for your furniture,…

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  • Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    The living room is the heart of every house, so it should be well-furnished and well-lit. So, if you have a small living room does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a modern and sophisticated one as well. Here are some ideas that might help you while designing your living room. Choose light-colored furniture that is not too flashy or too ostentatious. Avoid large furniture items that can create problem in the managing space in your small living room. Moreover, by choosing the appropriate wall colors and proper lighting for your living room can really transfer it into a palace. You should also employ bigger spacing along the walls of your house to give you a sense of space. Windows can also make a big difference in your small living room. For example, big windows can bring more light and make your look bigger. The same idea goes for…

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  • Indian Living Room Interior Design

    Indian Living Room Interior Design

    Indian living room is the room where the family members actually “live”. In Indian homes, the living room is fondly termed as the ‘hall area’. It is the essence of any home. The living room is the place to unwind. There are two important factors you should take into consideration when designing your living room, budget and space. You can design your living room to the way that suits your taste, makes a statement and most importantly is not heavy on your pocket. Some living rooms may have too much of space or some may be the other way around. So, you should best utilize the space to your advantage, i.e. to make a space either look bigger or smaller. You can create an illusion for more space using wallpapers or playing with lights. Using proper light can help shed light on the things that you wish to highlight like…

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  • Modern Living Room Interior Design

    Modern Living Room Interior Design

    The living room is probably the most important room in every house. The living room is the place where you spend time with your family as well as with your guests. You can design your living room according to the style you want. The living room is the place where you can best showcase the best pictures and art work in the house as well as other accessories like area rugs, lamps and decorative lighting. You can have your own modern designer living room. Modern living rooms are not always expensive. The modern design of the living room is usually simple but it is full of meaning. Also mix and match is a distinctive feature of modern living room furniture. The furniture of a modern living room should be suitable to the family that is going to live in it. For example, people who have children or pets should choose…

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  • Fabric and Corner Sofas for your Bright Living Room

    Fabric and Corner Sofas for your Bright Living Room

    Your living room is mostly the main indicator for your family’s psychological mood. If you could arrange this special room regardless of its space in an elegant way, you would be able to have a deep rest or amusement whenever you want. The fabric and corner sofas could help you in this task because they are comforting, space-saving, and decorating. To have your comforting and specious living room, you need to take the accurate measurements and define the available spaces of the wall and floor taking into consideration the door and windows ways besides the foot flaw. Try to leave a space for a central table in front of your sofa. Now, you are ready to decide the size of your new corner or fabric sofa. Consider the shape and color of any existing furniture to decide the possible design you need for the new sofas. You could opt for…

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  • Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

    Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

    The living room is the heart of any home. The living room is the place where you and your family members spend most of your time, whether watching TV or having delicious meals. Likewise, you can host your visitors in the living room. That’s why getting the most out of your front room interior design project is crucial to having a space everyone can enjoy. Here are various ideas for your living room window treatment: First thing to consider when choosing your window treatment is the size of the window as there are numerous living room window treatment available which you can select as per your choice and as per the size of the window. If the windows of your living room are small, choose coverings that tend to blend in with your living room and if your window of your living room is large, then you will need to…

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  • Perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached

    Perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached

    If you have a condo with a combined living room and dining area, then decorating a living room with a dining area isn’t an easy task. Here, we generate you perfect ways to decorate a living room with a dining area attached. There are a lot of questions about decorating these two areas but you should first determine if you want the two areas to be similar or different. The next step is to create a nice visual balance. Keep in mind that the walls colors of two areas should complement each other. To give a perfect look to your living room with a dining area, utilize a main color on the walls that run seamlessly from the one room to the other and then add a second accent to a shorter wall. Take into account, all items in the two areas should blend well with each other. In other…

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  • modern interior design for living room

    Modern living room furniture

    No doubt that living room is a place that we do our best to show it in a highly elegant appearance . And when the furniture plays very important role in highlight the room’s decor , here you are some ideas which may help you during choosing your living room furniture . Choosing living room furniture depends upon many factors ,among them are the size of the room , the wall color, the purpose of using the room , do you have children and pets or not , your taste and desire ………. etc . Firstly the furniture must go match with wall colors in order to give harmonious appearance . Then you can choose either wood or metal type , but many people tend to have metal furniture especially for dinning table as it more fit to modern design and give newly shiny look . If you look for…

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  • How to Decorate a Big Living Room

    How to Decorate a Big Living Room

    Decorating a large room can be as challenging as decorating a small one. However, decorating a large room can be fun since a large room isn’t as limited as a small room is in regards to furnishings and color palettes. But the downside is that living rooms that are too large may not always feel cozy and inviting. However, with the right color choices, clever furniture arranging, and a few other decorating tips and tricks you can make your living room feel more comfortable and more welcoming than ever. Stay away from cool light colors as they naturally enlarge the look of a space and go for warm hues instead. Choose a color or a grouping of colors that will make the room feel cozy and inviting. You can choose to either paint the entire space one color or break it up with multiple shades. Moreover, in order to have…

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  • interior design living room colors

    Interior Design Living Room Colors

    Choosing the design for your home definitely will make you aware that tastes have changed over the years, so it is important to modernize your apartment with the latest designs and colors that reflect your taste by looking through magazines of design and discussing ideas with other family members. Decorate your living room: We spend a lot of time adorning our living room with fine decorations to leave a good impression when guests visit us. While doing that try to make your living room comfortable, stylish and friendly as much as you can. Plan your design: Look at what you already have at hand. Consider both the effect you want to create and architectural elements of the living room. Make a list of activities you intend to use in the living room. Then think about the kind of furniture required for the suggested activities. Get inspired: Back to the magazine…

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  • Outdoor living space more beautiful and comfortable

    Outdoor living space more beautiful and comfortable

    How to make your outdoor living space more beautiful and comfortable? Indeed, your outdoor living space is a reflection of your personal taste. If you want to enjoy having your dinner outside on your patio, then you should add a patio dining set. If you love making parties in your patio, then getting a patio bar set may be a great addition to your outdoor furniture. If you want to grant your guest a comfortable seating, opt for a sectional sofa as it can be separate into several pieces which you can place in various areas that you want and will provide you with the desired comfort. If you intended to buy patio furniture, then you should get ones that are made from materials that can resist various outdoor elements so it’s better for you to opt for outdoor furniture made of wicker or plastic coated steel. The sofa sets…

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  • Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

    Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

    Living in a small home or apartment does not mean that you cannot have a stylish and comfortable home and that you fell limited when it comes to options of designing your home. There are several ideas that you can use to make your home, particularly your living room, look larger and also make use of every space you got. Here are some of these ideas. Choose soft and light colors on the walls, such as light blue, yellow, and other pastels. They will make your small space look bigger. The same goes for the flooring, choosing light hardwood for the floors will look great in a small space and it will beautifully match with your light-colored walls. However, if you live in a rented house or in an apartment where you are cannot change your flooring, then apply the same principle on the carpets. Choose carpets that are in…

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  • Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a small living room might be challenging and interesting at the same time. So make sure that you plan well before executing, and always keep in mind that an interior designer or a re-designer advice can be useful. Internet, T.V. shows and magazines can be helpful as well. When you have a small living room it is really important to keep it as simple as possible. Obviously space is the main factor to be considered while designing. However, that should not prevent you from using contemporary aspects such as rich colors and unique furniture pieces. A large mirror for example will give a great feeling of an extended area. Using creative lighting methods might also reflect the same result. Accessories are a very decisive matter when designing a small living room, walls should be almost clear of them while you can add some attractive accessories to the corners or…

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  • 11 Coolest Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design ideas

    11 Coolest Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design ideas

    Many householders prefer a minimalist living room as it looks calm, relaxing, without mess and quietly refined. Using minimal furniture and accessories in your living room will surely make it look light and calming. Enjoy your life inside your minimalist living room and notice the difference; it would even be a lot easier to clean it. Here are 11 coolest modern minimalist living room interior design ideas: 1. Using simple and strong furnishings is a must in the minimalist living room. 2. Take into account, the sofa needs to be simple yet elegant and make it a clear rectangular shape. 3. Always go for furniture pieces and accessories that aren’t too grand or too flashy in appearance. It’s advisable to opt for foldable furniture as that kind of furniture is easy to store when not in use. 4. To make your living room comfortable, buy couches, sofas or chairs that…

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  • How to decorate a living room with brown furniture

    How to decorate a living room with brown furniture

    Everyone wants to have a nice and elegant looking house. People take so much time deciding on colors of furniture, floor and wall for their houses. Usually choosing colors for the living rooms takes about the same time spent on choosing colors for the whole house. Most people spend a fortune on decorating their living rooms and still end up disappointed in how it looks in the end. But you don’t have to be disappointed. Unlike what most people think, there is actually a color that looks comfy and simple yet elegant and fancy to impress your guests and make them feel at home at the same time. This color is brown. Brown is comfortable for the eyes. Brown furniture offers comfort, warmth and elegance. It will also look good with traditional living room wooden decoration like tables and chairs. Brown will not limit your choices for colors of decorations,…

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  • living room interior decorating ideas

    Living Room Interior Decorating Ideas

    Your living room is where you would spend most of your waking hours when you are at home. It is the common room for all the members of the family and so when decorating or furnishing it, it must include the needs of everyone in the family. The design of the living room must be aesthetically appealing and the design and décor must be made in such a way that it fits a particular theme, whether it is in the colors, the materials used or even a recurring motif. Themes can be traditional like plants, flowers, and animals or modern with abstract designs. While decorating a living room, you should work out a total estimate of the costs before you even start on the decoration. This will make all the various aspects like furniture, fixtures, furnishing, paints and lighting to get equal importance. As you need to be balance them…

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  • Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

    Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

    There are numerous interior design secrets to a stylish and comfortable small living room. Use the following interior design ideas which allow your living room to look larger while still making use of every inch of space possible. 1. Avoid the Clutter Clutter can sometimes become a part of your design, thus making the room appear smaller. Hide the items you need to use every day by some creative storage options such as a pretty box that matches your decor or a decorative basket. 2. Colors A dark color is not the best idea if you want the room to appear larger. Soft and light colors, such as light blue, yellow, and other pastels are great for small living rooms. 3. Fabrics Fabrics can also make the living room look smaller. Thick curtains that block light give the impression of narrowness. If you hang the curtains several inches above the…

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