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  • Colorful Living Room Interior Design

    Colorful Living Room Interior Design

    No doubt that nature is a main source of inspiration and full of many creative and cheerful ideas not only for the designs but also for the life as whole . If you are one of the people who keen of nature and want to put some natural touch to your living room in order to be full of life , this article will help you . You can begin with colors of the wall by paint three walls with light green color and the forth large one with tinted green shades . This green color will give a healthy lively atmosphere . You also can follow another design that reflect nature too by painting a neutral white color accented with small soft leaves or trees prints . For the ceiling you can paint it with sky blue color and small white stars as blue color make the ceiling look…

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  • Functional and Space-Saving Chairs for small Living Rooms

    Functional and Space-Saving Chairs for small Living Rooms

    Want to evoke an aura of glory, luxury and comfort to your small living room? If so, then you need to read this article carefully. Choosing the right seating for your small living room is a bit challenging but in this article you will find some tips that will give you sufficient knowledge about choosing functional and space-saving chairs for your small living room. When it comes to purchasing chairs for your living room, then you have to know, living room chairs have a whole different purpose from chairs in general because most of your activities are be done in the living room. You can make a discussion with your family, eat, watch TV, or even sleep in the living room. First of all, you should consider the size of your living room in order to get appropriate furniture pieces. Try out measuring your living room and take measurements with…

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  • Best Living Room Layouts

    Best Living Room Layouts

    Laying out a living room with a fireplace can be a tough task so we put many layouts in this article to choose what’s fits you. In this article, we have just shared some ideas that might help you to create a new layout for your living room and we produce you amazing furniture designs for the living room as well. If you have a fireplace in your living room, then the best idea is to mount the television on to the wall which is adjacent to the fireplace. For a comfortable living room, arrange your sofa sets and the chairs of living in an L-shape opposite to the television. Likewise, you can place around coffee table behind the seating arrangement to use it as a game table, dining table or even a writing-table. To improve your living room layout, rearrange your furniture and choose any piece to make it…

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  • Cottage Living Room Curtain Ideas

    Cottage Living Room Curtain Ideas

    Your cottage styled curtain can complement both of your cottage or contemporary living rooms. That’s because it is welcoming, relaxing, and inviting. This curtain will reflect your nostalgia and your unique personality that love the old antiques and respect all cultures. You can simply find a beautiful and simple curtain with cottage prints or patterns to decorate your window. You will find cottage living room curtains suitable for every season and home décor to pick up the curtain that will complement your decor. There are several choices for your cottage living room curtain. You can get a patterned or stripped curtain to match your compact sofa covered with cottage patchworks along with a stripped footstool for an authentic look. If you need to create a dynamic, vibrant, and fresh look, you can get a mixed colored curtain with oyster shell, taupe and grey. Your cottage living room curtain is supposed…

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  • Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

    A condo, although smaller than a detached home, is still popular with homeowners – single or married couples – who do not want or need a lot of space and landscape to take care of. However, decorating it can be somewhat challenging as the space of a condo is usually smaller than a house and storage space is usually hard to come by. In the following section are some ideas and tips that might help you to decorate your condo, make it seem bigger and add storage. Paint your walls a light neutral color and the ceiling a shade lighter. A light color will make your living room feel more spacious. You can go for a blue-gray color if you want a calming effect or a pale yellow if you want a warm and cozy feel. You can also make your living room seem bigger by hanging mirrors as they…

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  • Victorian Living Room Curtain Ideas – Victorian Style

    Victorian Living Room Curtain Ideas – Victorian Style

    Your living room is the formal part of your home that will reflect your own personality and show your abilities before the strange people. Designing this room in a Victorian style will show your unique and tasteful style and let people respect your views. One of the most effective touches that should be considered greatly when designing this room is your Victorian curtain That will add the needed privacy and allow the fresh air and light give your room its own life. The fabrics of your Victorian curtain vary according to the needed privacy and light.You can install a Victorian curtain with rich fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and cotton to give your living room a luxurious look.If you don’t prefer the heavy fabrics, you can install a violet, dull blue, or peacock green cotton or polyester curtain to enhance your Victorian theme. You can add a Victorian curtain with…

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  • Tips for Living Room Design

    Tips for Living Room Design

    The living room is where you host your guests, relax or watch TV so it should be fashionable. Simple designs could give you the modern look that you aspire, just read the following ideas carefully: Try to use vanity strips and ornament lights in your living room and you will see big difference. You don’t need to purchase new furniture in order to create a contemporary look, by using some accessories that are fashionable, glossy, and patterned in subdued colors such as silver, grey, or black you will gain a look of the modern world. To add an elegant touch to your living room, use bright window curtains. Everyone needs to be comfortable especially at the end of a busy, stressful and feverish day hence; all you need to make your living room more comfortable are couches and chairs that made out of plush fabrics. An effective way to create…

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  • Minimalist living room design ideas

    Minimalist living room design ideas

    A minimalist design is the best in particular when you want to open up a space and make it look bigger. In this article, we produce you some ideas that will surely help you to create a minimalist living room. Have a look! First of all, you should determine the purpose of the living room. Will you use your minimalist living room for entertaining your guests or for gathering with your family and watching TV? Choosing the right colors for your living room is a challenging so we recommend you to use whites and natural browns and greens for painting the walls of your living room. If you want to use dark colors, then you should use them as accents. How to choose the right furniture for your minimalist living room? Indeed, when it comes to choosing furniture, then you should opt for only the furniture that you need and…

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  • The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2017 by Ruth Livingston

    The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2021 by Ruth Livingston

    Your childhood memories certainly include your old home with its white or blue wallpaper and bold colored horizontal striped curtains. Such memories shape your early experience with color before you discover the fixed colors such as blue sky and sea and green land. Now you can shape your kids’ view of life outside their own rooms defining the perfect color combination for your living room. The number of colors used in one room is a confusing decision, but you shouldn’t exceed five different colors in one room. However, you can use more than five different and balanced shades of green or brown to highlight the deep and sophisticated look of the place. At the same time, you can use just one color such as white, off-white, or cream along your living room along with accessories or pillows with a pop of color. There are fixed or optional color schemes that…

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  • 5 Tips to Cozy Up Your Living Room

    Every year, we spend our winters regretting that we didn’t make proper plans to make our homes warmer and cozier and each year, we spend our summers trying to come up with easy ways to prepare our home for the coming season. We spend most of our time with our families and friends in the living room. To make sure that everyone doesn’t freeze to death in cold weather and feels comfortable in the room, we have to make some crucial adjustments. The tips and tricks you will find in this article will help you organize your living room and add warm tones to it so that it becomes a lot cozier. Allow Natural Light to Come in The thing you need to understand is that a cozy room isn’t all about the warmth; it’s also about how inviting it is and how lively it looks. By allowing natural light…

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  • Refresh Your Living Room with One of Such Floor Options Presented by Rayna Marz

    Refresh Your Living Room with One of Such Floor Options Presented by Rayna Marz

    Every element of your home design should reflect a certain part of your personality and participate in creating your desired mood. If you need to create a real and deep change in the look of your living room, just choose a trendy and functional flooring option from the coming list and let the work begin. For a smooth and relaxing feel in your living room, the fiber floor is an amazing option, as it is available in different colors, textures, and finishes and combines the benefits of vinyl, carpet, and laminate flooring. Such a floor option is perfect if you are a change lover, as it is easy to change the finish or the fiber floor just like changing your paint color. If you love the wood floor option, Adura floor with wood molding or vinyl cove and the certified bamboo will be your best options. As a social space,…

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  • Simple Ideas to Incorporate Metallic Accents into Your Living Room and Kitchen on Budget Inspired from Cynthia Masters' Projects

    Simple Ideas to Incorporate Metallic Accents into Your Living Room and Kitchen on Budget Inspired from Cynthia Masters’ Projects

    The homeowners might see the metallic accents as an old fashion option that can harm eyes or a perfect decorative option that can create a shimmery, glamorous, and iridescent look. Whether you adopt the first or second point of view, Cynthia Masters will provide you a few inspirations to choose the perfect spots and amounts to incorporate such accents into your kitchen and living room. The versatile and glamorous silver finishes create a unique sophistication and sparkle in your living room. Cynthia loves to draw attention in a certain contemporary room surrounding the frames of ceilings and moldings with metallic silver paint along with neutral colored surfaces and a pop of colorful and natural elements such as the eclectic Charleston living room. To create a textured and layered feel in your traditional living room, the coppered tone sofas with terra cotta table lambs and the textured golden and bronze glass…

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  • Helpful Tips to Combine Features of Different Styles in Your Living Room Inspired from Susan Bednar Long's Projects

    Helpful Tips to Combine Features of Different Styles in Your Living Room Inspired from Susan Bednar Long’s Projects

    Your love for change is a common human need, especially if you love travelling and celebrating the cultures of popular cities around the globe. You may need to apply this idea in your living room inspiring different colors and textures from different cities, but you should combine such elements perfectly to keep the clean and uncluttered look of the place. Decorating with greenery is the best way to bring life to your home and combine the essence of different styles together. Susan Long loves the fiddle fig leaf trees, as they will provide your living room a unique visual interest and a dramatic height. You can choose such greenery to match the styles you are using like the Fiddlehead ferns and succulent branches that match the modern look of such Tribeca apartment. If you will get your inspiration from Miami Beach, you can cover your living room’s accent wall with…

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  • Incredible Tricks You Can Achieve Through the Color of Your Living Room by Karista Hannah

    Incredible Tricks You Can Achieve Through the Color of Your Living Room by Karista Hannah

    The color is a fun and tricky item that can turn your home into a dreamy space, but if you utilize the wrong colors, it will end up with a catastrophe. In this article, Karista Hannah of Set the Stage will share you a few tricks to play with such colors professionally and change the look of your living room regularly on budget. The widely known and most effective color trick is to use light, fresh, and pale wall colors to provide your living room a wider and spacious look, as the dark colors will create a limited look in the place. Similarly, the light colors and the long curtains with the same color of the room will highlight the room’s high ceiling and airy feel. It is an incredible trick to reshape your living room using just two colors. For example, you can create a square look in a…

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  • Dramatic Philadelphian Living Room and Garden by Leslie Hayes

    Dramatic Philadelphian Living Room and Garden by Leslie Hayes

    The modern Philadelphian homes feature relaxing designs with little dramatic, artistic, and personal touches. If you will remodel your home for spring, such Philadelphian homes designed and remodeled by Leslie Hayes and her team will be your ideal inspiration. The combination of old and new elements such as metallic accents innovative materials, and geometric shaped mirrors in the Philadelphian modern living spaces create sophisticated and dramatic interiors. Leslie Hayes and her interior design team members create such a unique combination in a main line residence using rustic doors and rugs with crisp white fabrics and clean lines in both of the indoor and outdoor living spaces. Using warm and radiant colors such as old and stain brass along with neutral colors will provide your Philadelphian living room its unique personality. For example, Leslie and her team create an amazingly warm look in the living room of a Haverford home using…

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  • Impressive Open and Eclectic Living Room Designs by Sylvia Beez

    Impressive Open and Eclectic Living Room Designs by Sylvia Beez

    The eclectic design approach combines different cultures, historic periods, styles, and colors to provide your home a fresh and dynamic look. Sylvia Beez of m.a.p. Interiors will show you different ways to create an open and eclectic living room with a modern influence. Combining the design features of two historic periods such as the midcentury and modern will keep the precious value of your home providing it a timeless and up-to-date look. For example, the remodel of a traditional ranch house in southern California by Sylvia Beez will inspire you. Sylvia removes the facades of several walls to create accent walls and floor to ceiling windows to enhance the open and eclectic look of the place. Along with the open design plan of your home, don’t forget to provide the place a personal look like such a Tivoli apartment with bookcase-like wallpaper covering the accent wall of the living room.…

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  • The Principals of Choosing Your Living Room Furniture by Martine Perri Interiors

    The Principals of Choosing Your Living Room Furniture by Martine Perri Interiors

    Purchasing new furniture for your living room can be a time and money-consuming project; yet, it will be- certainly- an exciting and overwhelming task and change the look and feel of your home. Martin Perri and his team will show you the principles of choosing such furniture pieces yourself or with the help of your interior designer. Hiring a professional interior designer will help you choose your new furniture pieces to reflect your true personality within your available budget and limitations. Such a professional can save your money when he reminds you with forgettable considerations such as the effect of architectural details or geometric shaped corners on the size and style of your new sofas and longue chaise. To purchase the furniture of the living room yourself, you should fully understand the differences among furniture types and define the perfect spaces to find such furniture. Additionally, you should qualify the…

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  • Enjoy the Beauty of Outdoor Living by Michael Nash Designs

    Enjoy the Beauty of Outdoor Living by Michael Nash Designs

    If you haven’t an outdoor living, you will miss too much of life pleasure and family intuitive happiness. If you have an American style home with an outdoor garden, it will be a great idea to add a sunroom, a screened porch, a large deck with a grill area, a complete outdoor kitchen, or even a pergola to practice a part of your daily life in the fresh air and amongst the green plants. Your outdoor living space can be an extension to your interior design especially if you will use indoor furniture in the deck or sunroom. In a Clifton VA house, Michael and his team create multiple outdoor spaces including an outdoor screened in porch with a farmhouse gas fireplace covered with field stone, upholstered rattan chairs, and porcelain floor. In the outdoor second floor, Michael installs a deck for grilling, cooking, and entertaining with the owners’ family…

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  • The Secrets of Brining Beauty and Comfort to Your Living Room by Michael Abrams

    The Secrets of Brining Beauty and Comfort to Your Living Room by Michael Abrams

    Decorating your living room is an amusing and sophisticated process that creativity and inspiration. Such a comforting room shouldn’t be necessarily a retreat or a waterfront home, but you should know exactly what you need love. Additionally, the dreamy designs of Michael Abrams will inspire you with the suitable touches for your living room. When you decide to decorate your living room, you dream with a luxurious space to entertain the formal and informal visitors, a comforting space to have a snap whenever you come back tired from work, and a casual space to spend amusing times with your kids. Actually, the white and grey walls with a simple gallery of artworks, paintings, and sculptures in Delaware Place decorated by Michael Abrams and his team will certainly inspire you to combine elegance and simplicity at the same time. Bring the eye outwards and make use of the architectural details to…

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  • Simple Decorative Touches to Refresh the Look of Your Living Space Inspired from the Designs of Michelle Lynne

    Simple Decorative Touches to Refresh the Look of Your Living Space Inspired from the Designs of Michelle Lynne

    Are you waiting for the next remodel to change the décor of your living space and enhance the entire look of your home? Actually, most of the interior designers including- Michelle Lynne- recommend a regular maintenance and refreshment to the movable elements of your living space to keep your home up-to-date all the time. The clean and well-organized space doesn’t need too many decorative elements, as it can help you spend comfortable and peaceful life. To maintain such a look, you can try Lynne’s ideas such as installing drawer organizers to store your paper and mail and hiding your clothes and supplies back in the closet or laundry room. If your living space includes a media center with closed or open shelves, try to display the existing functional elements in a decorative way to enhance the personal look of the place. If you love a specific theme or style, you…

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