Masculine kitchen design according a male taste

As it is popular the kitchen is the best room in your house where all the fun and the actions happen. The kitchen is no longer for women only, it becomes a family place and its strange popularity extends to be a masculine place.

Nowadays, the best chefs ever are males; they are the master in the cooking field whether in popular restaurants or the popular ones in TV. This matter requires the designers to invent new trends to fit every male taste.

Because of the increasing of the presence of male chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and so on, the increasing of masculine kitchen designs dominates the market in these present days. The masculine kitchens are simpler, modular and sleek than any others. The male usually prefers the plain designs and darker shades.

For a masculine design, you should create an attractive and open space as possible. The first thing to consider is the color and the style of your kitchen. The masculine kitchen should have contrasted wall colors with a combination of pale and dark colors as examples, blue, gray, maybe black, fiery reds. You can pick the basic dark color and use its different pale tones.

Then, the kitchen furniture is the key feature of any design. You need to choose what suit your taste from the various materials, styles and designs available online or in actual stores. Some males love the metal surfaces as it is simple and durable, while some others prefer the dark wood furniture as it has warm tones and inviting atmosphere. The granite countertop is the most popular one for a masculine kitchen because of its dark shades and durability. The appliances are always with high-technology and stainless steel frames.

The floors and lights have to complete the overall look of a masculine attractive kitchen. The tile floorings are preferable than wooden floors. The variety of tiles will give you great options to pick from and you can use the same tiles for the backsplash too. Then the lights have to brighten up the kitchen and give you the proper shade of lights to cook perfectly.
Masculine kitchen design according a male taste

Masculine kitchen design according a male taste

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