Mirrored Furniture: Not Just Candy, but Handy!

Instead of paying too much attention to size and colors of furniture for the space and to the types of decoration, why do not you try the mirrored furniture? This kind of furniture may be the answer to all your needs and even to the diverse tastes. Wherever it is used, it is loved by all the surroundings in different styles and different colors.

Just one piece of mirrored furniture is the glittering gem that conveys its shining effect to each item in the room and reflects whatever color facing it. Further, mirrored furniture makes small places look spacious and gives any room a warm atmosphere when reflecting the sunlight. Now, let’s discuss two different styles of mirrored furniture.

The first style is the Cot D’Or which features the partial use of glass along with the rich wood. This style is the most suitable choice if you have children or pets, and moving, running, and jumping are daily nonstop activities. For example, in your kid’s room, you can get a Cot D’Or crib made mainly of the wealth wood, for safety, and one vanity mirror surface on the top, for beauty.

Also, a chest of drawers, a bedside table, a dresser, an accent table, a writing desk, etc. in the Cot D’Or style will give you the functionality of wood and the shimmering touch of glass. That is, while this reasonable use of mirrors provides safety for children, it is preferred by many grownups who do not want to be confounded by or apprehensive of living in glass houses.

The second style is the Art Deco. The key word in this style is the artistic value of innovative shaping. Unlike the Cot D’Or which mixes sparing glass elements with wood, Art Deco makes the utmost use of glass. So, it is much better used for decorative elements than for the functional items. For instance, almost totally mirrored furniture like end tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, etc. exists in different geometric shapes: circular, oval, or cubed, which look so inviting, but less practical. On the other hand, Art Deco mirrored decorative elements such as wall mirrors, clocks, frames, table lamps, and other ornaments exist in different shapes. To illustrate, there are the skyscraper-, cloud-, or leaf-shaped mirrors with some lines, waves, and curves making them more beautiful and stunning.

Mirrored Furniture Not Just Candy, but Handy!
Mirrored Furniture

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