Modern Green Furniture – ecofriendly wood

“Going green” is an increasingly prevailing trend in almost every side of man’s life. It means that you can save the whole elements of the environment using ecofriendly products including furniture. The ecofriendly furniture is a great means to maintain a healthy life in and out your home.

There are many ways to help the environment. One of them is to buy modern green furniture which has the forest stewardship council (FSC)’s seal. This formal organization certifies the homelands and forests that have enough trees to be cut to achieve some sort of balance in the green areas. You can find various designs with silver, gold and platinum finishes that have the FSC’s seal. If you couldn’t get certified wood, you may opt for the reclaimed second hand, or recycled wood. The recycled materials are ecofriendly because they will save the emissions coming from factories; however some recycled materials like foam could harm the environment.

Bamboo is one of the green kinds that could produce wide range of modern furniture. It is considered as an ecofriendly wood because it can grow quickly and easily. Since you got the ecofriendly wood, you can learn the art of furniture building from some well written programs such as Ted’s woodworking. It would be better if you could use locally manufactured bamboo to save the gas produced during the delivery process.

The modern green furniture will keep your home healthy, because they don’t produce harmful emissions while any wrong furniture may increase the level of pollutants. The volatile chemicals in the glue, paint, and varnish could find their way to man’s lung causing asthma, allergies, or even cancer. As for the environment, cutting the trees will increase the level of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leading to a climate change. As a result, some iconic species such as tiger, panda, and clouded leopard may be led to extinction.

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