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Modern Home Interior Design Ideas – Colours, Materials and Lighting

Every day in life people see the new and newest and will see more and more, but in my opinion nothing is more exciting than designing the decoration of a home. Nowadays there is a great change in the decoration field as the impressive way of using marble stone and granite in many ways which are considered so expensive and rare to obtain. The most perfect thing about marble is that you can use it without having deep knowledge about it. It gives a contemporary look to a house and that is all we search for. Contractors help you find the perfect place to do it.

Generally, there are many things that must be accurately chosen anywhere around the house like:

Colours: If we choose shades we should get the shade graph of colour. If you are from the people who like the white colour and see that it is clean you should not choose other things in mild colours, and you should also accurately choose vivid colours.

Second: The materials and accessories in decoration like the TV set and the stereo must also have a designated area. Stone or timber can be used as decoration. As for the floor, you can cover it with granite, linoleum, blanks and rugs.

Third: Lighting. You should choose high lamps or lighting with dichroic lamps in ceiling. The living room will be a very special picture of modern style if you avoid traditional curtains. It is sure that you want your home as a picture so you will want it beautiful picture .

To achieve a modern luxury home interior design, make sure that it is covers everything from marble pillars, crystal collections and oil paintings. A beautiful life style appear where nothing is lacking .

For furniture your choices must be simple and not complicated. Benefit from glasses in most things like at the side where there is a coffee table with bottle top andableboard chairs.

At a modern luxury home,there are a lot of rooms other than the bedroom or living rooms. There is a gym or dance studio and entertainment areas like a theatre and a large game room which has billiard tables, poker tables and arcade games.

For the kitchen, it is another world, it should be full of marble and granite. This will make it perfect because marble and granite last forever. You may also like a section for dried herbs along with a large drawer for pots, a wine refrigerator, and a wood burning pizza.

For the bathroom, it should be a place where you can relax and spend a comfortable time. Choose a special design for you and for your partner. Make it so personal and make everything double like a shower. Choose a large tub that has jets. Select a large shower stall with multiple shower heads so you are cascaded with water from many directions.

For the bedroom: It is a really personal sanctuary. Hence, make sure that everything in it makes you comfortable. You can also put a TV and DVD device for entertainment.

Whatever your decoration was for home, office or bedroom, you should find perfect ideas to design homes. There are many types like: traditional, modern or African. Decoration consists of three parts: lighting, walls and floors and furniture, so you must make sure that the three parts connect with each other.
For example, if you choose white and black furniture you must choose wallpaper and floor that are very cheerful and colourful to merge with the overall theme. Finally, do not forget painting and photos and the best source for them is the internet.

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