• Modern Accent Color Touches to Provide Your Home a Breathtaking Look Inspired from Art D

    Modern Accent Color Touches to Provide Your Home a Breathtaking Look Inspired from Art Design Build

    Are you bored with the neutral colors and afraid to use bold colors? Actually, you can paint an accent wall a suitable amount of your favorite bold color or use accessories to accentuate the place. Let’s make use of the colors used by the team of Art Design Build. Creating an accent wall in your bedroom needs a creative plan. If the room is small, you can create colorful round or oval shapes on a light background to create an accent wall. The team of Art Design Build tries to make use of the large master bedroom space in Nebraska home to create a complete royal blue accent wall with white curtains behind the headboard. To complete the accent look, the team designs the bathroom with black counters and floor tiles in addition to white walls. Don’t afraid to use black accent wall in a neutral colored home, but try…

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  • Peaceful Modern Beach House Design Tricks through the Designs of Brittney Fischbeck

    Peaceful Modern Beach House Design Tricks through the Designs of Brittney Fischbeck

    The beach house can be your vacation or second home where you spend peaceful and lovely times. Several designers around the world such as Brittney Fischbeck create lovely beach houses depending on their experiences and the homeowners’ visions, and you can make use of these designs for your own beach house. The marvelous view of sunset from Laguna Beach can remove all of the life stresses from your mind. The Rembrandt Drive designed by Abodwell Interior Design team has a peaceful modern look with its combination of glossy beige and brown colors, Solistone entrance, matt Peruvian walnut and beige limestone floor, and quartz slab tops. The focal point of such a peaceful beach house is the modern electrical fireplace surrounded by luminous mosaic Capac tiles with leather lounges and a set of artful collection to provide the place a personal look. If you enjoy cooking and having your food alone…

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  • Unique Mix of Modern and Traditional Designs by Bruce Palmer Design Studio

    Unique Mix of Modern and Traditional Designs by Bruce Palmer Design Studio

    Are you dreaming with a visually appealing home design and searching for the professionals who will make your vision a reality? If so, you will be certainly interested with the designs of popular designers such as Bruce Palme who designed several interior and outdoor projects with unique creativity and talent. In Naples Villa in the United States, his team created a luxurious traditional interior with marvelous architectural details and ornaments, especially in the ceilings and focal points. The luxurious cream and brown colors along with natural stone surfaces provide the place a warm feel. The Beach House in Bethany Beach has stunning and unusual elements using a mix of modern and traditional designs combined by the coastal theme. You can see beach-themed ironworks on the stairs, wave-like patterns, and accessories in the living room. In this house, Bruce Palmer Studio team used natural and simple elements and materials along with…

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  • The Best Ways to Create Classic and Primitive Homes with a Modern Touch by the Artistic Designs for Living

    The Best Ways to Create Classic and Primitive Homes with a Modern Touch by the Artistic Designs for Living

    Finding the best designing team that understands your wishes and vision and then turn them professionally to reality is a confusing issue. Actually, you can trust the team of artistic designs for living whether you intend to build a new home or renovate the existing one. If your home needs a renovation and you are eager to keep certain features, you have to tell your designers what you need exactly. When the Artistic Designs for Living begin the updating project of Edwardian Flat, the homeowner asked them to keep the Edwardian features such as the high ceilings and giant moldings. Accordingly, the team used classic designs in the internal and external settings such as grey and cream wooden cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, granite and marble surfaces, and a warm fireplace made of stone. You may dream with a simple primitive life into your modern home, but unable to…

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  • Modern Bedroom design for a better sleek life

    Modern Bedroom design for a better sleek life

    In this busy and industrial life, we need to feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s why the new design trend “modern” arises to enable the persons nowadays to catch up with the busy modern life. As your bedroom is the most important room in the whole house. You may prefer to go modern for your décor. Modern means clean, sleek, comfortable and yet elegant, and for a bedroom design, it will be also warm and you can set the mood you love. To be more specific, the Modern trend reflects the simplicity with functionality “The simpler it is, the better”. When you will go for modern bedroom design, you have to consider some feature to get the best of it. The modern bedroom is related with keeping your needs, practical items with an elegant look but without overdoing too many decorations. So, determine your needs and what mood you want it to…

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  • Get a creative look in your bathroom with nice modern curtain

    Get a creative look in your bathroom with nice modern curtain

    The bathroom is an important room as any other room in your house or it may be even more important than others. So you have to pay more attention for your bathroom decorating and you should create a stylish and functional modern bathroom as well. One of the important accessories for your bathroom is the bathroom curtain. The bathroom window curtain is a type of accessories that provide practical use and charming atmosphere. You may think that it is like the other curtains in the house. But you are completely wrong; it is so different in functionality and environmental condition. When you are going to buy your bathroom window curtain you should consider various factors to select that right one that match your bathroom décor and enhance its beauty with functionality. Here are some factors to consider: above all, you have to choose the style you want; do you want…

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  • Be creative with a catchy modern and minimalist black & white kitchen

    Be creative with a catchy modern and minimalist black & white kitchen

    Do you think about having a new kitchen designs? Do you need something attractive and simple? This article is the right solution to begin with. Your kitchen is your kingdom, you need it to be catchy and at the same time functional with simplicity. The modern minimalist kitchen is the solution for your needs and desires. The minimalist and modern kitchen is about simplicity, elegant look, functional and open. To get the right combinations, you need to consider your kitchen items carefully; a backsplash, a cabinetry, shelves, countertop, appliances and even simple accessories. You should pick the perfect quality materials and designs to get your desirable look and don’t even forget that the contrast of colors is very important factor to get whatever you want especially the simple modern look. The perfect achievement of this design is to have simple clean lines of the items and plain catchy colors like…

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  • Wood cladding for enhancing and modernizing the bedroom look

    Wood cladding for enhancing and modernizing the bedroom look

    Is your bedroom still the same? Do you need to update it and give it a beautiful look? Nowadays, with a simple touch like wall cladding, you will get a bedroom completely different. What is the wall cladding? The wall- cladding is to cover the wall with other materials. The wall cladding is not only a decorative element to create a stylish and eye-catching look, but it also is a functional item to use. It serves as a practical factor to control the room temperature and it can be useful either as a soundproof item. When this wall cladding panel installed behind a bed, it draws the attention toward this trendy decor and it can also add height and width for the bed area. This wall-cladding becomes now popular and stylish, it is available in the market with a wide variety to fit everyone taste. It is a type of…

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  • Pick your ideal minimalist bed for an elegant modern room

    Pick your ideal minimalist bed for an elegant modern room

    Minimalist style means to keep your room simple; your bedroom has to be practical and comfortable, and at the same time should be elegant and pretty. So you need to keep just the things you need, you don’t have to overwhelm your bedroom with unnecessary items. The minimalist design aims to keep the basic items with functionality and good looking. First of all, the focal point in every bedroom is the bed, so you need to choose the one that fits well with the minimalist bedroom design and satisfy your needs and taste. The minimalist bed becomes popular nowadays because it is simple, comfortable, and stylish, and it can also have multi-purposes as a bed with storage. The ideal minimalist bed for your stylish modern bedroom is the Platform bed. The Platform bed is simple bed, has to be with clean and comfortable design. It is available in the market…

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  • Enjoy cooking in a minimalist modern kitchen

    Enjoy cooking in a minimalist modern kitchen

    A cooking process is a funny and enjoyable for all the family members. A mom will enjoy cooking with her kids help or with her friends and other family members. So the kitchen is considered the important room ever inside every house. When you want to create a stylish and cheerful kitchen you may prefer to go for a minimalist modern kitchen. Minimal means no clutter and provides you a large free space with elegant and stylish look. The Minimalist kitchen is about keeping the necessary items only with few elegant accessories. In other words, the minimalist design is associated with this simple concept; the less you can get the best you can achieve. The first thing that can enhance the look of the minimalist modern kitchen is the recessed lighting. This lighting is the best to add cooler and attractive atmosphere and give a perfect shadow and effect to…

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  • Have a stunning kitchen with a modern Italian decor

    Have a stunning kitchen with a modern Italian decor

    Kitchen is considered for many as the heart of the home, the place where all the family gathers and it should be full of life and coziness. When deciding to decorate your kitchen, you may prefer have a stunning kitchen where functionality and the elegant look should actually be applied. So you need to consider the modern Italian kitchen design which meets already these two essential factors. Italy is popular for its hospitality and its great delicious cuisine, moreover it is the country of elegance and beautiful style. Therefore the modern Italian kitchen is recommended which combine with attractive look, modern feel and efficiency as well. The modern Italian kitchen still keeps the basic elements of the traditional kitchen and modernizes them by adding other features, that’s why it have the advantages over others designs. The modern Italian kitchen consists of the basic items like center table and countertop to…

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  • Beautify your contemporary bedroom with a modern wardrobe

    Beautify your contemporary bedroom with a modern wardrobe

    In these modern days, every homeowner wants to bring this modern feel inside his home especially the bedroom. The contemporary bedroom doesn’t be complete without a modern wardrobe. So we will help you in this article to choose the best modern wardrobe for your bedroom. In the market nowadays, the wardrobe is available with different sizes, shapes, materials and colors. There are different sizes to fit every home needs; they are numerous from the single, double to triple doors with full or half-length individual drawers. The materials are also various wood, metal, fibre, etc. but the wooden wardrobe is the best choice ever. The wooden wardrobes are popular with various types of wood like; oak and pine. Mahogany, mango, and beech are also available for making a good wardrobe. The neutral shades of pine and Oak are incredibly amazing to match everyone decor. For choosing the best modern wardrobe for…

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  • Ultra modern and cool kids’ bedroom design

    Ultra modern and cool kids’ bedroom design

    Decorating a kid room is not as some expected a difficult task; it is completely an interesting and funny job to do with your little kid. When the kid grows up, he/she needs something cool and different to fit his/her new taste and ambitions. So with the improving of the modern world, the designers care about inventing ultra modern and cool kids’ bedroom designs. But when you decide to redecorate your teen kid bedroom, you have to take into considerations the kid personality and reflect it well inside his/her room. Don’t forget to integrate your child into this funny task because it will be his/her own paradise. First of all, you should pick his/her favorite theme and color scheme. You need to add a color splash which brightens up the whole room. For boy may prefer space, or train theme or any other crazy theme. Whatever he chooses, you need…

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  • Set a wise plan to pick a Modern fantastic bedroom wardrobe

    Set a wise plan to pick a Modern fantastic bedroom wardrobe

    he bedroom wardrobe is an essential element which needs to be picked carefully. You need something to combine between the functionality and the fantastic look. The built-in wardrobe is the best choice you would ever make. Because it allows you to use every free space you want. There are some tips to consider before choosing your wardrobe. First you should measure the area you want to place the wardrobe in, the actual size and height. Then what is the wardrobe capacity you need. Next tip is to choose a good quality wardrobe material and what color to choose to match your bedroom décor. The modern wardrobes nowadays are available with wide range of sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Moreover you can make your own built-in wardrobe to satisfy your needs. So whatever you want in the external appearance or internal capacity you will get and it will be wonderful to…

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  • Amazing Modern Cooktop Design Ideas

    Amazing Modern Cooktop Design Ideas

    Your modern kitchen needs to be spacious and inviting to be able to entertain your guests and spend relaxing times there. You can reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen using the compact and top appliances to save more space in the room. The cooktop can be incorporated to different parts of your kitchen such as the countertop and island. This article will give you an idea about the different designs of the modern cooktops. You can find portable or folding cooktops to be placed at any free surface in your kitchen. Such contemporary cooktops can be operated with gas or electricity, but the modern trend uses the electric cooktops as they are safer andmore energy efficient. Some of these electric cooktops have touchscreens to let you control your cooktop rings and others have internet screen to let you check up your social sites or find the recipes for…

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  • The Greatest Electric Ovens for Modern Kitchens

    The Greatest Electric Ovens for Modern Kitchens

    Many of us eat their meals at home because it is cheaper and healthier. Therefore, we all have kitchens for preparing meals. The Kitchenware and appliances we need are different depending on how much of the talent of cooking we have. There are those who are satisfied with having salads and microwavable meals. Moreover, there are those who are highly skilled cooks, so they need many appliances in their kitchen. Here we will show you different types of electric ovens no matter how much of the cooking talent you have in you. Those who live alone and those who do not like or do not have to cook a lot should have single or double burner ovens. They will need them for preparing and heating simple meals. They are easy to clean and use, and they will not mess up your kitchen. They also do not consume much space so…

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  • Decorate your kitchen with stylish Modern chairs and table

    Decorate your kitchen with stylish Modern chairs and table

    The kitchen is the heart of your home, is the place where all the family and friends gather and have fun with each other. When creating your kitchen, you should choose the modern kitchen style and one of the important items in the kitchen is the table and chairs that bring all the family together. So you should care well about selecting the right and creative chairs and table. The contemporary designs offer wide range of bright kitchen chairs styles, sizes, shapes, material (wood, metal, etc) and colors like yellow, red, orange, beside black and azure. It is important to pick chairs and table that give you warm and comfortable sense, you choose them also to match your kitchen theme. Here are some modern creative chairs and table designs: Modern tables now are made of variety of material from wood, metal and glass. One popular table is the glass one…

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  • Beautify your bedroom look with modern stylish design

    Beautify your bedroom look with modern stylish design

    Bedroom is very essential room at home where you seek to have rest and relaxation. It is your shelter after along stressful day. So you need to take a good care when designing it. The simplicity of the modern bedroom makes your bedroom so elegant and comfortable as well. Nowadays the modern bedrooms don’t need much money. You will have your dream bedroom within your budget and it will satisfy your taste. Here are some tips to get a modern and stylish bedroom by simple ways: Choose inspirational theme and the color scheme: you can pick your favorite theme as your personal preference. The modern bedroom style consists of many different theme you can choose what admire like Asian-inspired theme, Fantasy, Romantic or Fun and Light-hearted theme etc. while the color scheme you may go for neutral shades “green or grey” or you can combine some catching colors together ”…

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  • Modern wall paper is a creative way to decorate your Kitchen

    Modern wall paper is a creative way to decorate your Kitchen

    People sometimes think that wall paper is an old way to decorate your home. But they don’t realize yet that it is now a creative and decorative way to design your home. It is a new design trend that comes with variety of shapes, pattern, colors and materials. When you decide to choose a wall paper, you have first to decide which room you will design, and what this room size is. The wall paper is easy to install and brings nice look and light up your home atmosphere. The material of the wall paper will vary according to the room it will be installed in; living and bedrooms any wall paper material is great but bath room and kitchen you should choose the material carefully; easy to clean, and for the entryway should select very washable design. The kitchen wall paper is one of the stylish wall papers with…

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  • Add glamour to your kitchen by modern design ideas

    Add glamour to your kitchen by modern design ideas

    In our modern time, Modern kitchen becomes a priority and appealing. Kitchen is the heart of home, the gathering area of the whole family. So we have to pay attention to our kitchen and be updated by adding modern kitchen into our home. Here are some ideas to modernize our kitchen and add an attractive look to it. First functionality: Modern kitchen design helps you to arrange your area well, and matches your lifestyle and routine as you wish. Then how to get the appealing look? The modern kitchen designs provide attractive styles and shapes, there are different shapes and layout; L-shape, G-shape, U-shape, you can choose the shape that fit your kitchen and your style. The modern kitchen designs have a plenty of beautiful decoration for your kitchen items so we provides for your some ideas to pick your items; * Lighting: there is nothing important as the lighting…

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